A Comprehensive Guide to Enjoying a Relaxing Vacation with your Family or Loved Ones in Poland during the Summer of 2023!

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Weather During Summertime in Poland

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If you are considering a trip to Poland during the summer months of June, July, and August, be aware that this is the perfect time to plan your visit. Get ready to be greeted by festivals, pleasant weather, and fantastic outdoor concerts. In this country, you can savor refreshing beer, delightful Polish ice cream flavors, and bask in the sunshine amidst historical sites. In addition to the rich historical places, Poland offers a plethora of festivals and annual events. If you are planning your summer vacation in Poland, there are numerous exciting activities to engage in for fun and entertainment. Take a look!


Summer Weather in Poland

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You may be wondering about the timeframe for summer in Poland. Let us provide you with some information. The average daily temperature in Poland during summer is around 19 degrees Celsius. This country enjoys a moderate climate zone, allowing for warm and pleasant weather that invites you to make the most of the sunny days. The highest temperature in the summer months reaches around 25 degrees Celsius, while the lowest temperature hovers around 12 degrees Celsius. The coldest months in Poland are January and February. The best time to visit Poland is during March, April, and October, when the colorful transitions of spring and autumn adorn the landscape.

Top Destinations to Explore During Summer

Here is a compilation of the must-visit places in Poland for your summer vacation. Continue scrolling down to discover more!

1. Inowrocław (Graduation Tower)

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This city is often referred to as the salt city due to its history of salt mining, which dates back to the 2nd century. The most prominent landmark in this area is the graduation tower. Over time, this place has gained fame as a spa town. The tower is a source of pride as it not only infuses healthy minerals into its surroundings but also offers a breathtaking view of the city from its terrace. Moreover, the surrounding parks provide amenities such as mini-golf, swimming pools, and tennis courts for your enjoyment.

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Bialowieza Forest

2. Bialowieza Forest

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The Bialowieza share the boundary between Poland and the Republic of Belarus. You have the option to cross the boundary on foot or by bicycle. This is the sole woodland where the European Bison still roam freely and resides within the forest. Alongside the Bison, other creatures such as the wolf, red deer, wild boar, and Elk also inhabit this jungle. However, the Bison are confined to a fenced area, and tourists can observe them on foot or by horse-drawn carriages.

Tatra National Park

3. Tatra National Park

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If you desire to witness the natural picturesque beauty, it is essential to plan a visit to this location. It is situated in the south-central region of Poland. This place was established in 1954, and the park is predominantly covered with woods where you can delight in the 650 caves that are accessible to the public. Additionally, you can also behold 30 alpine lakes and a waterfall towering 70 meters in height.

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Top Things To Do In Poland

Seeking an alluring trip? Take a look at the list of activities you can engage in during your summer holidays in Poland. Let’s explore!

Copernicus Center in Warsaw

1. Copernicus Center in Warsaw

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If you and your children have an inclination towards science, the Copernicus center in Warsaw is an ideal destination to visit. Here, you can engage in both play and learning activities with your family. The entire center takes approximately five hours to explore, but you can visit specific areas such as the Buzzz gallery, which is dedicated to children aged five and younger, where you can explore their senses. Similarly, the Re: Generation Zone showcases the world of emotions. High Voltage Theater, robotic theater, and the planetarium are a few other places that provide an intriguing perspective on science, allowing you to experience a complete universe on Earth.

Location: Wybrzeze Kosciuszkowskie 20, Warsaw, Poland

Tatry Mountains

2. Tatry Mountains

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If you have a passion for hiking, the Tatra Mountains offer numerous small valleys that are suitable for both you and your family. So, if you wish to continue your hiking adventures with your children, the Tatra Mountains are the perfect destination. Additionally, you can also visit Tatra National Park to explore environmental education, where interactive games and goat jumping experiences await you.

Location: Kuźnice 1, 34-500 Zakopane, Poland

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3. Termy Maltanskie

Termy Maltanskie

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On a scorching summer day in Poland, water is the sole element that can conquer the sweltering heat. You can explore the water park called Termy Maltanskie in Poznan, Poland, which boasts 16 pools of various sizes and depths. It also features a wave pool and 11 slides, promising complete enjoyment. Additionally, there are 14 dedicated sauna sections, saltwater pools filled with geothermal water, where you can unwind and relish various delightful moments of your life.

Location: 60-101 Poznań, Poland

Best Places To Stay In Poland

Here is a compilation of ideal summer vacation destinations in Poland where you can choose to stay for a tranquil trip. Have a look!

1. Malbork

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Malbork is renowned for its castle, which was constructed in the 13th century by the Knights of the Teutonic order, serving as their headquarters. This castle was named after the Virgin Mary, the patron saint of the castle. It is the largest brick castle in the world, with a construction period spanning 230 years. Unfortunately, a significant portion of the castle was destroyed during World War II. However, the remaining parts have been converted into a resort. The accommodation offers spacious rooms, complimentary Wi-Fi, an in-house restaurant, a bar, and a complimentary breakfast. It is indeed a pleasant place to stay, making it an ideal choice for your summer vacation in Poland.

Location: Starościńska 1, 82-200 Malbork, Poland

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2. Queen Boutique Hotel

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Queen Boutique Hotel View

This hotel boasts an exquisite and fashionable design, situated in the heart of Krakow. All the major attractions of the city are conveniently located near the hotel, making it an ideal choice for your summer getaway in Poland. The unique interior and breathtaking garden views, along with the friendly and courteous staff, have earned this hotel a great reputation among its guests. Their aim is to make you feel like a friend during your stay and ensure that you return as a part of their extended family.

Location: Dietla 60, 31-039 Kraków, Poland

3. Hotel Bristol, Warsaw

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This hotel is positioned adjacent to the Presidential palace and at only a brief distance from the historical center. It has been in operation since 1901 in Poland and is now renowned as a landmark and distinguished destination. This place is a marvelous fusion of history and contemporaneity. With an outstanding interior, this hotel houses the eatery and two bars in addition to the swimming pool, steam room, sauna, gym, indoor pool, 165 rooms, and 41 suites blending with classical style.

Location: Krakowskie Przedmieście 42/44, 00-325 Warszawa, Poland

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Pointers For Summer Journey To Poland

• You can organize your summer vacations in Poland in the month of June, July, and August. As most of the visitors from all over the world come to Poland in summer, this augments the crowd in the sightseeing areas which attracts the pickpockets so be cautious of them.

• Carry a water bottle with you and keep yourself hydrated as the temperature will be warm constantly.

• If you desire to explore the culture of Poland and want to delight in festivals like Wianki, prior planning is required. Plan your trip in such a manner that you can attend these festivals without a shortage of time.

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