8 Exciting Winter Activities in Edmonton to Ensure an Unforgettable Canadian Vacation in 2023

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Edmonton City: A Sprawling Metropolis

Edmonton City is an expansive metropolis with a wealthy political history and a multitude of breathtaking locations. During the summer season, this city comes alive with its grandest festivities, while in winter, it transforms into an adrenaline-filled wonderland. Winter in Edmonton is filled with a plethora of exciting activities and festivals that will keep you overjoyed throughout your stay. Here is a list of enjoyable things to do in Edmonton during the winter season. But first, let’s explore the best experiences you can have here in winter.

Winter In Edmonton

Climate in Edmonton During Winter

Edmonton experiences an elegant layer of white snow covering its streets and structures during the winter season. The temperature in winter can range from 5 degrees Celsius to -35 degrees Celsius. It is distinct and may vary, but Edmonton still offers sunny days despite the significant drop in temperature. January to March is the ideal time to visit Edmonton due to the festive season.

8 Exceptional Activities to Enjoy in Edmonton During Winter

From fun-filled adventures to tantalizing culinary experiences, Edmonton will constantly surprise you. If you are looking to explore this city with your partner, there are numerous romantic activities to enjoy in Edmonton during the winter that will enhance your love and strengthen your bond.

1. Ice Castle – Embark on an Icy Journey

One of the marvels in Edmonton is the Ice Castle, a breathtaking world made entirely of ice. It is a major winter attraction that mesmerizes visitors from around the globe. This magnificent site is adorned with icicles, frozen waterfalls, and caves, creating a dreamlike atmosphere. You can easily explore this enchanting sight with your family, friends, or that special someone. It also provides the perfect backdrop for capturing stunning photos during your trip.

Brave The Chills!

Cost of Activity: $10 to $20

Location: Hawrelak Park, 9220 Groat Road, 14 KM South-West

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2. Strathcona Wilderness Centre – Embrace the Great Outdoors

Within reach of Edmonton lies the Strathcona Wilderness Centre. It is an exceptional location that offers unique experiences throughout the four seasons. During winter, it is an excellent spot for family skiing, snowboarding, and other snowy activities. You might have the opportunity to participate in the world snow day and indulge in moonlight skiing, among other exhilarating activities. It will also captivate you with its picturesque scenery and the sight of wildlife.


Schedule: 9 AM to 5 PM

Area: Eastern part of Edmonton

3. River Valley – Embark on a Hike

Go Hiking

The river valley trails are one of the prominent Edmonton winter attractions as it falls under the city’s maintenance. There are a plethora of activities, from snowboarding and skiing to picnics and hiking. You can explore the trails or take the Funicular to witness the river valley sparkle in the sunlight with the snow-covered landscapes that will uplift your spirits to the gentle breeze of the city. There are several winter birds to spot and recognize. You will come across different trails and numerous popular spots, or cozy areas to engage in family bonding activities like picnic, or spend a delightful day with others. Re-connect with the beauty offered by the fusion of humanity and nature.

Activity Cost: Free, unless you take a tour

4. Northern Lights – Marvel at the Night Show!

northern lights

Edmonton is acclaimed as one of the best places to witness the extraordinary northern lights. Northern lights occur due to an atmospheric condition when the tiny particles emitted by the sun strike the Earth’s atmosphere. During this phenomenon colorful lights dance across the sky and provide a magical spectacle to the people. It is one of the most romantic things to do in Edmonton in Winter because it offers an opportunity to create cherished memories. Get mesmerized by witnessing this remarkable light display that might also revive the lost allure in your love life.

Schedule: 10 PM to 2 AM is the optimal timing

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5. Candy Cane Lane – Wander Through

Candy Cane Lane is a renowned tradition where numerous homeowners and tourists stroll along the historic lane of Candy Cane to partake in awe-inspiring activities and delicacies. There is a showcase of lights, embellishments, and numerous treats for individuals to relish. You may have the opportunity to contribute food to the Edmonton Food Banks or savor some of the finest delights. Individuals dress up and adorn costumes; there are various one-of-a-kind stalls and such. It resembles a local fair and extends throughout Christmas. Sleigh rides are also available for you to enjoy with your family or a special companion.

Stroll Through

Activity Cost: Mostly complimentary, Ride costs approximately $17

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6. Bars And Pubs – Delight In The Live Music

Several artists from all around the globe travel to the capital city of Alberta during winters for an extraordinary tour. The primary Edmonton winter attractions are the theaters where you can relish live performances by renowned stars and music artists. Justin Timberlake, Come from Away, and A Midsummer Night’s Dream are some of the most notable instances of these live shows. So check your calendars and make reservations to attend these events. It is also a wonderful way to surprise your special someone.

brewed beer

7. Ice Fishing

Edmonton is brimming with rivers and other water bodies that fill you with awe due to their serene and pleasant ambiance. There are also several parks and sanctuaries in close proximity to Edmonton that you can visit at any time. Overall, you can enjoy some quality time with your family or be an adventurous individual as you learn the art of ice fishing. Pigeon lake also offers breathtaking landscapes and settings ideal for ice fishing. Now that you’re in Canada, and specifically in Edmonton, ice fishing becomes one of the activities you simply must try in the region. Feast your eyes on the scenic wonders of Sylvan and Gull lakes.

Ice Fishing

Activity Cost: As per the rentals

Timings: 10 AM to 5 PM

8. Participate in Winter Festivals In Edmonton

Edmonton is renowned for its events, particularly Canada Cane Lane, during the winter season, and it is unavoidable to be a part of one of these enchanting events. Numerous locations and the whole city host various events throughout the year. However, from January to February, the city experiences a series of grand festivals that enhance the liveliness of the city to the maximum. Even during the other months, the atmosphere of this place is truly spectacular as you can witness the most vibrant events here all year round.

Attend Winter Festivals In Edmonton

Edmonton transforms into a magical place that will infuse a new energy into your holiday in Canada. There are numerous winter attractions in Edmonton where you can revive your romance and take your love to new heights. The city offers an extensive array of activities from snowboarding to exploration, sightseeing, and fishing; you will never be bored in this city.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Winter In Edmonton

Does Edmonton receive a significant amount of snow?

For at least nearly half a year, Edmonton receives around 1 cm of snow, but during the winter season, it multiplies by up to 20 times. Therefore, you can expect at least 18cm of snow in Edmonton during winters. Snowstorms also occur, but only two or three times a year at most.

What is the lowest temperature ever recorded in Edmonton?

In December of 2009, Edmonton plummeted below its -35 degree Celcius threshold and reached a chilling -36.7 mark, establishing a new record for the city’s lowest temperature. The winter season in Edmonton displays a varied range of weather conditions.

What is the average financial requirement for surviving the winters in Edmonton?

To endure the extreme cold, it is advisable to invest in winter clothing exclusively designed for Canadian weather conditions. Considering all expenditures related to food, accommodation, and shopping, one should budget anywhere between $100 to $200 per day to sustain oneself in Edmonton.

What are the road conditions like in Edmonton during winter?

The roads in Edmonton are regularly cleared, allowing for smooth transportation and accessibility throughout the city. Public transportation is readily available, enabling convenient travel to desired destinations. However, it is important to note that there may be occasional parking bans imposed between the months of November and March due to specific warnings or requirements, although such incidents are infrequent.

What type of attire should I prepare for Edmonton winters?

It is advisable to pack heavy winter clothing, with a special emphasis on mittens, to withstand the harsh winters in Edmonton. Additionally, keeping a lighter set of clothes can be beneficial to survive the Alberta winter until one can procure suitable attire from local shops. On the return journey, it is easy to either donate those clothes or take them back home as part of the shopping experience.

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