7 Must-See Korean Museums for a Fascinating Peek into the Country’s History

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South Korea is one Asian destination that invites tourists to embrace their culture, language, cuisine, art, and entertainment with open arms. What better way to familiarize yourself with Korean culture than by visiting museums, right? From ancient to contemporary traditions, from traditional gadgets to futuristic technologies, South Korea offers a wide range of categories to explore and captivate. The country is renowned for being home to many interesting and astonishing museums that showcase the journey of South Korea throughout its history. Discover our suggestions of the top 7 Korean museums that are designed to educate and fascinate you.

Top 7 Korean Museums

All the Korean museums proudly celebrate the evolution of various genres, showcasing everything while considering the materiality, authenticity, and veracity. Take a look at these 7 remarkable museums:

National Folk Museum of Korea

1. Museum Kimchikan

Kimchi is the national pickled dish of South Korea, and it’s not just limited to Korean households; it is loved by people worldwide. The fermented cabbages have come a long way since their origins. In order to witness the incredible history of Kimchi, South Korean authorities have dedicated an entire museum to honor this famous Korean food item. Museum Kimchikan is recognized as UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage Tradition site and has been in operation since 1986. Inside the museum, you can acquaint yourself with the 1500-year-old history of Kimchi, its various types, the fermentation process, and most importantly, its traditional significance in Korean culture and cuisine. The museum also hosts an elaborate demonstration of the entire kimchi-making process. If you wish to make your own kimchi, you are more than welcome here. As an added bonus, tourists can sample four different varieties of Kimchi and take some samples home. These are all reasons why Museum Kimchikan is renowned as the world’s finest food museum.

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War Memorial of Korea

2. National Folk Museum Of Korea

Situated within the magnificent grounds of Gyeongbokgung Palace, National Folk Museum of Korea is an exquisite museum that showcases the traditional way of life of the Korean people through illustrated objects. With nearly 98,000 artifacts, this museum enlightens visitors about the everyday objects used in the lives of Korean people. The displays provide insights into the agricultural and domestic lifestyles of the Korean people, revealing their traditional beliefs, customs, and practices associated with each object. A visit to the National Folk Museum of Korea allows you to delve deeper into the history of Korean people and their way of living. The founding organization of the museum is the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism. The museum offers various facilities, including a children’s museum, exhibition halls, a folk video room, and a traditional culture learning space.

Leeum, Samsung Museum of Art

3. Memorial Of Korea’s War

The Memorial of Korea’s War is a landmark that holds the utmost respect among the South Korean people. Situated in the capital city of Seoul, this museum honors and remembers the military history of Korea and was inaugurated in 1994. The motivation behind establishing the memorial was to deter future wars by reflecting on the past events of the Korean War and fostering hopes for the reunification of North and South Korea. The memorial pays tribute to all the brave individuals who selflessly sacrificed their lives for the well-being of the country. The Memorial of Korea’s War collects, preserves, and showcases various artifacts from the different historical phases of the war from the South Korean perspective. Within the premises, visitors can explore both indoor and outdoor displays. The indoor displays include automobiles used by Kim Il Sung, several models of observation aircraft, lighter aircraft, and trainer aircraft. On the other hand, the outdoor displays consist of larger aircraft used during the war.

4. Leeum Samsung Museum Of Art

The Leeum Samsung Museum of Art is a marvelous museum that showcases traditional Korean artwork as well as contemporary artistic expressions. The museum is divided into two sections, namely Museum 1 and Museum 2, each dedicated to different art genres. Museum 1, which focuses on traditional art, houses 36 valuable pieces considered national treasures. The collection encompasses folk paintings, landscapes, and porcelain collections, among others. Museum 2, on the other hand, exhibits contemporary art with contributions from both Korean and international artists. The core theme of this section is to highlight the constant growth, challenges, and evolution of art within society.

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