6 Fantastic Beaches in Germany to Satisfy the Beach Lovers of 2023

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It is not often that we associate Germany with quaint and blissful beaches. The Baltic Sea and the North Sea are the two bodies of water that offer the country a flourishing coastline. However, it lacks the allure of the Mediterranean or the Adriatic sea. Isn’t it? That is why you won’t come across many individuals who have visited Germany solely for the purpose of enjoying the beach. But in reality, there are numerous pristine beaches in Germany and not many people are actually aware of them. The country’s stunning coastline promises to provide tourists with a fantastic beachside vacation. From serene virgin beaches to crowded shores, Germany has everything you need. You will find plenty of activities to engage in at the German beaches and its extravagant resorts.

Beaches are highly favored for a reason – breathtaking sunshine, warm sands, immaculate waters, and adventure activities make it an irresistible holiday package that many people desire. So, here are the top beaches in Germany.

1. Binz Beach

2. Langeoog Beach

3. Lubmin Beach

4. Wannsee Beach

5. Sylt

6. Usedom

Binz Beach in Germany

1. Binz Beach

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Rügen is undoubtedly one of the largest islands in Germany. There are many stunning beaches in this region, making it a perennial favorite beach destination for Germans. Here you will encounter ancient beech forests, azure waters, and rugged cliffs that create amazing hiking trails. The lovely beaches are adorned with white sand, allowing you to capture Instagram-worthy photos. Before you visit Rügen, it is important to note that this is also one of the sunniest beaches in Germany.

The area receives over 1800 hours of sunshine annually, making it the sunniest part of the country. The coastal shores stretch over 60 km, and you can partake in various water sports at numerous beaches in Rügen. The town itself exudes a magical charm, with shaded boulevards, historic buildings, and numerous hotels to make your stay comfortable. It is unquestionably one of the finest beaches in Germany.

Location: Rugen Island

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2. Langeoog Beach

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Langeoog Beach in Germany

Langeoog Beach

Langeoog Beach easily stands out as one of the finest beaches on the North-Western coast of Germany. You’ll be amazed to learn that the government does not permit any cars on this island and you will need to explore it on bicycles or horse carriages. There is one railway line that connects only the Langeoog port and the main town center. The beach is splendid, covered in golden sands, and the turquoise blue waters offer the perfect backdrop for your relaxation time. You will find beachfront resorts where you can stay for a few days.

The Langeoog beach is not very busy and that is why it makes for a tranquil escape at all times. The Langeoog Maritime Museum and Lower Saxony Wadden Sea National Park are some other attractions for tourists.

Location: Witmund, Germany

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3. Lubmin Beach

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Lubmin Beach in Germany

If you are in Germany in the month of September and looking for a brief beach getaway, then Lubmin Beach is one of the renowned beaches in Germany. Ideally considered as one of the only naturist beaches in Germany, one can freely explore the different parts of the beach without any clothes! Formerly a fishing village off the coast of Baltic Sea, Lubmin offers you a magical experience.

The rugged cliffs and the pine forests of the surrounding areas offer plenty of outdoor activities you can partake in. From hiking, horseback riding, to fishing, you can do it all at Lubmin. Soak up some sun while lying on the warm beach and savor your favorite cocktail.

Location: Greifswalder Bodden, Germany

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4. Wannsee Beach

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Wannsee Beach in Germany

One of the few beaches near Berlin, Germany is the Wannsee Beach. Even though Germany does not boast a vast coastline, it still offers some truly remarkable beachside locations. The inland lakes of this country compensate for the lack of coastal beaches. The Wannsee lake is one of the largest inland lakes close to Berlin and is frequented by locals during the weekends.

It is an ideal place for sailing and you can enjoy leisurely time lounging on the beautiful white-sand beaches here. You can also participate in thrilling water sports activities such as speed boating and surfing. If you choose to stay overnight, you can experience the lively nightlife provided by the local pubs and classic bars in the area.

Place: Berlin, Germany

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5. Sylt

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Around the Northern Frisian Island, Sylt brags about some fantastic German beaches. The island is positioned precisely in the midst of the Wadden Sea which is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This place possesses every aspect that can enhance your holidays even more than it already is. From the shifting dunes, water sports, captivating sunsets, exhilarating nightlife, and numerous other activities to participate in, Sylt is undoubtedly one of the finest places to fulfill your desires for a satisfying vacation by the beach.

Sylt in Germany

Also recognized as the “Queen of North Sea,” Sylt is effortlessly accessible through various modes of transportation from Berlin. Secure a lodging at one of the seaside resorts and unwind all day long. You can even embark on the hiking trails or test your luck at the multiple golf courses available here. The resorts located in Morsum, Keitum, Hörnum, and Kampen are the prime spots where you can discover the most renowned resorts and hotels.

Place: Sylt, Germany

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6. Usedom

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Usedom Beach in Germany

Situated beside the Baltic Sea, Usedom is widely recognized in Germany for its famous “Singing Sands.” This is a marvelous natural phenomenon that occurs when the sand grains rub against each other, resulting in peculiar sounds. If the wind conditions are favorable, you might be fortunate enough to hear the sands serenading their own melody.

The beaches are bathed in the warmth of the radiant sun for most of the day and are considerably less crowded than many other beaches in Germany. You can either relax under one of the palm trees or indulge in the excitement of jet skiing. The surrounding landscape is also stunning and worth exploring. It might surprise you to discover that there are some truly exceptional spas, wellness centers, and restaurants here. Visiting this German beach in 2021 is undeniably a unique experience.

Place: Usedom Island, Germany

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Germany is definitely not everyone’s preferred option when looking to enjoy a proper coastal vacation with your family or friends. However, despite that fact, there are certainly some excellent beaches in Germany to boast about. If you happen to visit Germany during your trip to Europe, then you should definitely spend some time by the beach and soak up some Vitamin Sea.

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Commonly Asked Questions About Beaches In Germany

Are there any beaches in Germany?

Yes. Despite being situated inland, Germany does indeed have some excellent beaches. Lubmin Beach, Wannsee Beach, and Sylt are among the well-known beaches in Germany that you can visit.

What is the nearest sea to Germany?

The distance between Berlin and the North Sea is 749 km, making it the closest sea to Germany where you can find some good beaches.

Does Germany have a coastline?

Yes. Germany does have a coastline, although it is relatively small at 2,389 km when compared to other countries that have extensive coastlines with hundreds of beaches to explore and enjoy.

Is it safe to swim in the Baltic Sea?

Yes. The Baltic Sea is certainly safe for swimming. However, it is important to only swim in designated areas and not anywhere you choose.

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