5 Serene Picnic Spots in the Vicinity of Karjat to Relax and Find Mental Clarity!

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Karjat is an enchanting and serene town situated in the Raigad region of Maharashtra. The town is surrounded by the verdant foliage of the Western Ghats, with the river Ulhas originating from its heart. Apart from the numerous pilgrimage sites, captivating caves, and breathtaking waterfalls found in Karjat itself, there are also several nearby locations that make for ideal day trips or picnics.

In fact, there are numerous remarkable picnic spots near Karjat that not only possess alluring beauty, but also radiate tranquility and peaceful vibes for a truly relaxing experience. In this comprehensive guide, we have carefully curated a selection of these magnificent spots near Karjat that are perfect for picnics!

5 Best Picnic Spots Near Karjat

Any moment is a perfect time to enjoy the company of friends, family, or colleagues, which is why we present to you the five best picnic spots near Karjat that should be on your must-visit list.

1. Kondana Caves – Located 12 kilometers away from Karjat.

2. Kothaligad – Just 26.8 kilometers away from Karjat.

3. Zenith Waterfall – Found 22.5 kilometers away from Karjat.

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4. Dhak Bahiri Caves – Situated 72.8 kilometers away from Karjat.

5. Karnala Bird Sanctuary – Approximately 35 kilometers away from Karjat.

1. Kondana Caves

Kondana Caves, nestled amidst dense forests in Kondana, lie approximately 15 kilometers away from Karjat. These caves exhibit exquisite and intricate Buddhist carvings, dating back to the 1st century BC. Alongside the caves, a picturesque waterfall adds to the allure of this ancient structure. Witness the magnificence of the olden artwork while embracing the serene atmosphere this place provides. Your visit to Kondana Caves guarantees a delightful time with loved ones and definitely secures its position as one of the finest one-day picnic spots near Karjat.

Location: Rajmachi Trek, Kondhane, Maharashtra 410201

Distance from Karjat: 11 km

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2. Kothaligad

Kothaligad, located in close proximity to Karjat, is home to majestic forts perched at an altitude of 3000 feet above sea level. Despite its small size, the fort offers a panoramic view of the awe-inspiring Sahyadri range in the Western Ghats. From the remnants of its historical significance to the grandeur and natural beauty of its surroundings, Kothaligad has much to offer to those who visit. Undoubtedly, this spot is the ultimate choice for a one-day picnic near Karjat.


Location: Peth, Maharashtra 415407

Distance from Karjat: 26.6 km

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3. Apex Cascade

Located in Khopoli near Karjat, Maharashtra, the Apex Cascade is a mesmerizing waterfall that guarantees a breathtaking experience. Embark on a delightful trek through lush greenery, navigating ridges and narrow troughs of the plateau. Immerse yourself in the awe-inspiring scenery, a true tonic for the soul. A short drive from Karjat, reaching the Apex Cascade is a decision you won’t regret. Remember, it is a seasonal waterfall, so the best time to visit is during the monsoon season. This natural treasure is a well-preserved gem, serving as the finest picnic spot near Karjat.


Location: Khopoli, Maharashtra 410204Distance from Karjat: 22.6 km

4. Dhak Bahiri Grottoes

If you crave excitement and adventure during your weekend getaway in Karjat, the Dhak Bahiri Grottoes is the ultimate destination. Prepare for an adrenaline rush as you conquer the perilous terrain using ropes. While the trail poses risks, the panoramic view from the Dhak hilltop will leave you breathless. For an extraordinary experience, consider camping and gazing at the dazzling night sky and its celestial wonders. This hidden gem provides an ideal escape from the tourist crowds in Karjat and serves as the perfect spot for a day-long picnic.

Dhak Bahiri Caves

Location: Maharashtra 410201Distance from Karjat: 11.8 km

5. Karnala Aviary

A short distance from Karjat lies the enchanting Karnala Aviary, a haven of captivating flora and fauna. Established in 1968, this sanctuary spans across 4.48 square kilometers. Perfect for bird enthusiasts, witness rare species in their natural splendor and bask in the serenity and allure of this remarkable sanctuary. An ideal retreat for those seeking solace away from the chaos, the Karnala Aviary offers a mesmerizing blend of tranquility and charm.

Karnala Bird Sanctuary

Location: NH 66, Karnala, Maharashtra 410206Distance from Karjat: 35.3 km

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These incredible picnic destinations near Karjat perfectly cater to our desire of finding serene and tranquil places in the world, while also offering a tinge of adventure. Embark on a delightful journey with your old buddies or revive the energy of your family as you prepare your picnic provisions and venture out to explore these mesmerizing locations. Don’t hesitate for a moment and start planning your Maharashtra trip soon!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Picnic Spots Near Karjat

When is the ideal time to visit the picnic spots near Karjat?

The ideal time to visit the picnic spots near Karjat is during the summer months from March to June, as well as from November to January, which is the winter season. The weather during these times remains pleasantly enjoyable.

What are the various attractions to explore around Karjat?

Karjat boasts several renowned attractions, including: 1. Kondana Caves 2. Kothaligad 3. Matheran 4. Lonavala

Are there any hill stations near Karjat?

Absolutely! Karjat is surrounded by some of the finest hill stations, including: 1. Matheran 2. Khandala 3. Igatpuri 4. Lonavala 5. Jawhar 6. Bhandardara

What are the operating hours of the Karnala Bird Sanctuary?

The Karnala Bird Sanctuary is open every day from 7 am to 5 pm.

Is there an admission fee for the Kondana Caves?

No, there is no entry fee for the Kondana Caves; entry is free.

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