5 Incredibly Beautiful Campsites in Japan That Every Aspiring Camper Must Visit!

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From captivating palaces to breathtaking shorelines and from magnificent waterfalls to impeccable coffee shops, Japan is a country that truly has everything that any traveler would desire. To take a respite from the bustling urban lifestyle and embark on a rendezvous with the nature enthusiast within you is something you should do frequently. And for a unique experience on your outing, we have compiled the ultimate destinations for camping in Japan that you absolutely cannot miss during your vacation! Camping is an excellent way to unwind amidst nature and unleash your inner thrill-seeker! Are you game?

5 Destinations For Camping In Japan

Here is the ideal compilation of camping sites in Japan that you must explore during your getaway to create a blend of excitement and relaxation. Keep scrolling down and read on to learn more!

Hoshinoya Fuji

1. Jonanjima Seaside Park

A camping spot boasting a beachfront view, Jonanjima Seaside Park is one of the most renowned locations for camping in Japan. With a breathtaking view of the sunset and airplanes taking off, along with a multitude of beachside fun activities, Jonanjima Seaside Park offers everything you desire to make your camping experience unforgettable. The seaside park also features dedicated areas for barbecues, guaranteeing a memorable evening if you enjoy cooking! You may even spot a jellyfish or two in the camping vicinity near the beach.

Location: 4-2-2, Jonanjima, Ota-ku, Tokyo, 140-0003, Japan

2. Hoshinoya Fuji

Sunayu Camp-Jo

If you wish to delve into the latest urban camping scene in Japan, then a visit to Hoshinoya Fuji is a must. This destination is one of the most acclaimed camping resorts in Japan, and if you desire to fuse luxury with camping, this resort should be on your list. Situated near Lake Kawaguchiko, Hoshinoya Fuji resort offers campers tents, a restaurant, and campfires. All of these can be enjoyed while taking in the mesmerizing view of the lake and Mount Fuji. The resort also organizes activities such as horseback riding, hiking, and canoeing for all campers.

Location: 1408 Oishi, Fujikawaguchiko-machi, Minami Tsuru-gun, YamanashiWebsite

3. Sunayu Camp-Jo

Positioned near Hokkaido’s renowned lake Kussharo, Sunayu Camp-Jo sites cater to those who desire to set up their tents in a secluded area where there is no crowd and only tranquility dwells. It is believed that if you will excavate a hole anywhere around the beach, you will be pleasantly surprised to observe that natural spring water will emerge. You can fashion an open-air bath at this beach by digging that cavity and subsequently you can unwind and soak up the sun at this camp site. This is the lone enchanting camp site in our list of spots for camping in Japan. Numerous individuals have witnessed vapor emanating from the beach and nobody knows the reason till now. Are you prepared to unravel the enigma?

Locations: Sunayu, Kussharo Kohan, Teshikagamachi, Kamikawa-gun, Hokkaido

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