32 Affordable International Getaways in 2023 that Won’t Exceed the Price of an iPhone!

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Congratulations on your recent purchase of an iPhone! However, we all know the fleeting joy that comes with owning a new gadget. Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could invest in an unforgettable budget-friendly international adventure that would create lasting memories? Well, you’re in luck! There are incredible vacation destinations worldwide that you can explore for as little as INR 50,000, and that includes round-trip expenses!

To embark on these incredible journeys without breaking the bank, all you need is a bit of research, meticulous planning well in advance, and some clever tips and tricks. So, allow us to inspire your inner backpacker and guide you towards these extraordinary international destinations that cater to budget-conscious travelers.

In fact, with thorough research and careful planning, it’s entirely possible to explore even the most expensive countries on a budget. We have compiled all the information you need to plan your next venture to budget-friendly international destinations from India.

32 Amazing International Trips Under INR 50,000 in 2023

Below, we present you with a comprehensive list of 32 remarkable international trips that won’t cost you more than an iPhone. Continue scrolling down and choose the ideal destination for your next adventure abroad. By strategically planning your vacation well in advance, you can save a significant amount of money and enjoy a more affordable trip overall.

  • Singapore: Begin your journey from just INR 42,000.
  • Malaysia: Immerse yourself in its beauty starting from INR 40,000.
  • Thailand: Discover the wonders of Thailand with a trip starting from INR 35,000.
  • Indonesia: Unveil the magic of Indonesia with a trip starting from INR 45,000.
  • Seychelles: Experience paradise from just INR 40,000.
  • Qatar: Explore this enchanting destination starting from INR 45,000.
  • United Arab Emirates: Embark on an adventure in the UAE starting from INR 50,000.
  • Hong Kong: Discover the vibrant city with a trip starting from INR 40,000.
  • Sri Lanka: Immerse yourself in its cultural richness from just INR 35,000.
  • Cambodia: Unearth the wonders of Cambodia starting from INR 25,000.
  • Vietnam: Immerse yourself in its charm with a trip starting from INR 40,000.
  • Bhutan: Find peace in the mystical land starting from INR 35,000.
  • Nepal: Experience the beauty of Nepal starting from INR 25,000.
  • Turkey: Uncover historical treasures with a trip starting from INR 30,000.
  • Kenya: Discover the wild wonders of Kenya starting from INR 30,000.
  • Egypt: Traverse the ancient wonders of Egypt starting from INR 40,000.
  • South Korea: Experience the vibrant culture starting from INR 40,000.
  • Myanmar: Explore the hidden gems of Myanmar starting from INR 35,000.
  • China: Embark on an adventure in China from just INR 40,000.
  • Taiwan: Discover the beauty of Taiwan with a trip starting from INR 40,000.
  • Lebanon: Immerse yourself in Lebanon’s rich heritage starting from INR 45,000.
  • Sultanate Of Oman: Unveil the beauty of Oman with a trip starting from INR 30,000.
  • Russia: Embark on an extraordinary journey to Russia starting from INR 45,000.
  • Jordan: Discover the wonders of Jordan starting from INR 30,000.
  • Paraguay: Immerse yourself in Paraguay’s beauty starting from INR 45,000.
  • Laos: Explore the scenic wonders of Laos starting from INR 30,000.
  • Japan: Experience the fascinating culture of Japan starting from INR 65,000.
  • Greece: Unveil the charms of Greece with a trip starting from INR 50,000.
  • Philippines: Discover paradise in the Philippines starting from INR 50,000.
  • Nicaragua: Experience the wonders of Nicaragua starting from INR 75,000.
  • Bangladesh: Embark on a journey to Bangladesh starting from INR 30,000.
  • Bolivia: Explore the natural wonders of Bolivia starting from INR 75,000.

Bow down at Tanah Lot temple in Bali, Indonesia

1. Singapore: Trip Starting From INR 42,000

Singapore is a nation that embraces a vibrant and diverse culture. Embark on an extraordinary adventure to Singapore in 2023 and create countless memories. Despite its small size, this modern country offers incredible deals and is a smart choice for a budget-friendly vacation. If you haven’t yet explored Singapore, now is the perfect time to plan an affordable international trip and experience all that this country has to offer. With numerous captivating attractions and unforgettable experiences, Singapore is undoubtedly one of the most outstanding destinations for international tours this year! Don’t forget to partake in cost-free activities in Singapore to save on additional expenses.

Air Tickets: The cost of round trip flight tickets can range between INR 20,000 – 22,000 if departing from New Delhi or Mumbai, or INR 11,000 – 15,000 from Chennai or Kolkata.

Accommodation: Singapore provides a variety of lodging options suitable for different budgets. Consider staying at City Backpackers @ Kallang or Fernloft City Hostel, where rates start as low as INR 600 per night. Alternatively, you can find single rooms in decent budget hotels starting at INR 2000 per night.

Dining: Enjoy a delectable meal for less than INR 500 at popular food centers such as Chinatown, Maxwell, or any hawker center. These places offer inclusive menus with main courses, drinks, and desserts.

Places to Visit: Singapore is renowned for its day excursions and cruises. Ensure you don’t miss out on exploring remarkable tourist attractions like the National Museum of Singapore, Orchard Road, Dhoby Ghaut Shopping stretch, Underwater World, and Dolphin Lagoon.

Suggested Duration: Plan a 4-day and 3-night trip to Singapore to make the most of your experience.

Travel Cost Estimate: The approximate cost for the trip amounts to INR 42,000.

Helpful Tips: Discover the mesmerizing beauty of Singapore at night, when iconic landmarks like the Marina Bay Sands hotel and Singapore Flyer light up the city.

marvel at the landscapes in thailand

Best Time to Visit: The ideal time to explore Singapore is from February to April.

How to Reach: Singapore’s Changi Airport, a well-connected international airport, offers easy access to all major cities in the country. Taking a flight to Singapore is the most convenient way to reach this destination.

Currency of Singapore: The official currency in Singapore is the Singapore Dollar.

Languages Spoken: English, Malay, Tamil, and Mandarin Chinese are the commonly spoken languages in Singapore.

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2. Malaysia: Trip Starting From INR 40,000

Malaysia offers a multitude of thrilling activities that guarantee an unforgettable time. When considering budget foreign trips, think of Malaysia and envision stunning turquoise waters, picturesque beaches, and delightful climates. As one of Southeast Asia’s premier tourist destinations, Malaysia is the perfect choice for a picturesque getaway and planning a low-cost international trip from India. If you’re looking for international trips under 1 lakh, Malaysia should be at the top of your list, as it offers a plethora of attractions well within budget! Additionally, make sure to schedule your visit during festival seasons in Malaysia to immerse yourself in the vibrant local culture.

Flight Tickets: Commence your round trip starting from INR 20,000 onwardsAccommodation: Uncover guesthouses or dormitory rooms in Kuala Lumpur at incredibly affordable rates, starting from as low as INR 300 per nightWhere to Dine: Seek out outstanding dining options in Kuala Lumpur such as Nasi Kandar Pelita, Saravanaa Bhavan, Taman Paramount Night market, and so forthHighlight Attractions in Malaysia: Malaysia offers a multitude of must-see destinations, including Kuala Lumpur, Sarawak, Pangkor, Redang Island, and many more. Engage in exhilarating activities such as a day tour to the Elephant Orphanage Sanctuary, a delightful dinner along the Singapore River, a thrilling trishaw night tour in Chinatown, a visit to Batu Caves and temples, and of course, marvel at the majestic Petronas TowersRecommended Duration: Plan a trip of 4 days and 3 nightsTravel Expenses Estimate: Approximately INR 40,000Useful Tips: Malaysia is a predominantly Muslim country with limited availability and high costs for alcoholic beverages. It is advisable to save your drinking escapades for destinations with more budget-friendly optionsOptimal Time to Visit: December to FebruaryTransportation: The best and only way to reach Malaysia from India is by air. There are frequent flights to and from the Kuala Lumpur International Airport. Air Asia and Malaysian Airlines are the recommended carriersOfficial Currency: Malaysian RinggitOfficial Language: Malay

Bow down at Tanah Lot temple in Bali, Indonesia

3. Thailand: Excursion Starting From INR 35,000

Leading the rankings is the celebrated and world-renowned destination – Thailand. Immerse yourself in its stunning beaches, captivating mountains, vibrant culture, delectable cuisine, and so much more. And the icing on the cake is that it is one of the incredibly economical international getaway options from India that perfectly fits any budget. Thailand undoubtedly offers one of the most reasonably priced overseas journeys from India, catering to all kinds of travelers, from thrill-seekers to relaxation enthusiasts.

Flight Tickets: For those embarking from New Delhi or Mumbai, the round trip airfare can range from INR 17,000 to 20,000. Those departing from Kolkata can expect to pay approximately INR 9,000 for a round trip. If you’re seeking budget-friendly international trips without a visa from India, then Thailand is a top-notch choice.Accommodation: Irrespective of whether you are traveling solo or in a group, Thailand offers a plethora of affordable lodging options, starting as low as INR 573 per person per night. Choose from dormitory-style accommodations, hostels, or even decent budget hotels.Where to Dine: Thailand is renowned for its delectable street food. You can enjoy a satisfying budget meal for approximately INR 60.Key Tourist Attractions in Thailand: Opting for a combination of 2-3 cities like Bangkok, Pattaya and coral islands, Ayutthaya, and Chiang Mai is an excellent way to experience the rich culture of Thailand. Each city boasts a variety of ancient Buddhist temples, Pattaya’s floating markets, intriguing elephant shows, and more.Recommended Duration: Plan a trip of 6 days and 5 nights to fully explore Thailand’s charm.Travel Expenses Estimate: Approximately INR 35,000.Useful Tips: Don’t miss out on experiencing a tuk-tuk ride, exploring the underwater world, visiting the vibrant floating markets, savoring Thailand’s famous “Som Tam” (Papaya Salad), and indulging in street shopping around Bangkok’s iconic Victoria’s Monument.Optimal Time to Visit: November to April.Transportation: Thailand is home to two major international airports, one in Bangkok and one in Phuket, both well-connected to major countries around the world. Thai Airways is the prominent airline operating in the country.Official Currency: Thai Baht.Official Language: Thai.

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4. Indonesia: Begin Your Journey Starting at INR 45,000

Immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage and breathtaking natural beauty of Indonesia. If you’re seeking affordable international trips under 1 lakh, Indonesia should definitely be on your list. This enchanting destination offers a perfect opportunity for a low-cost foreign vacation. Additionally, you can plan your trip around the time of festivals in Indonesia to experience its unique cultural offerings. Indonesia is also one of the best destinations for cheap foreign trips from India without a visa. So, embark on a journey to this exquisite and serene land without any hassles!

Air Tickets: The round-trip flight expenses could amount to approximately INR 25,000, and booking in advance can lead to even lower fares. Stay: Budget-friendly hostels in Jakarta are available starting from INR 700 per night. Places To Eat: Enjoy a delicious meal at a three-square warung (food stall) for as low as INR 120 per meal. Dining at local restaurants can cost around INR 500-600 per day. Places To Visit in Indonesia: Don’t miss out on exploring Bali, Java, Yogyakarta, Jakarta, and Sumatra. Take part in activities like the Bali Village cycling tour, rejuvenate yourself with spa treatments at places like Anika Spa, indulge in water sports, and go on volcano tours. Suggested Duration: Plan a 5-day and 4-night trip to Indonesia. Travel Calculation: The approximate cost for the trip is INR 45,000. Interesting Tips: Budget-conscious travelers can explore this scenic island country with as little as INR 800 per day. However, it is recommended to limit your stay to selected cities, as budget accommodation options may be limited. Additionally, flying from one island to another can be more expensive. Best time to visit: May to September is considered the ideal time to visit Indonesia. How to reach: You can book a flight to Soekarni-Hatta International Airport in Jakarta or Ngurah Rai International Airport in Denpasar. The flight duration is around 5 hours. Currency of Indonesia: Indonesian Rupiah. Language of Indonesia: Indonesian.

The Pearl - Qatar, one of the most prismatic tourist destination

5. Seychelles: Embark on a Journey Starting at INR 40,000

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly international tour, Seychelles Islands is the perfect choice for you. Situated in the mesmerizing Indian Ocean, this African nation is an archipelago consisting of over 100 islands. Renowned for its breathtaking natural beauty and stunning beaches, Seychelles is an ideal destination for a family vacation or a romantic getaway on a budget.

Air Tickets: Round-trip flights from New Delhi to Seychelles can cost approximately INR 36,000 onwards. Stay: Choose from affordable accommodation options such as Le Duc de Praslin, Chateau St Cloud, and Le Relax Hotel. Places To Eat: Indulge in culinary delights at Bravo Restaurant, La Perle Noire Restaurant, Maria’s Rock Cafeteria, Chez Jules Restaurant, and many more. Places To Visit in Seychelles: Explore exquisite locations such as Mahe Island, La Digue, Vallée de Mai, Anse Source d’Argent, Frégate Island, and more. Travel Calculation: The estimated cost for the trip is around INR 40,000. Suggested Duration: Plan a 7-day and 6-night vacation in Seychelles. Interesting Tips: Make the most of your trip by exploring the island nation on bicycles and immersing yourself in its natural beauty. Best time to visit: The ideal time to visit Seychelles is from April to May and October to November. How to reach: Seychelles has two major airports, namely Seychelles International Airport and Praslin Island Airport. The former is the main entry point for international travelers. It is recommended to fly into this busy airport. Currency of Seychelles: Seychellois Rupee. Language of Seychelles: French, English, Seselwa.

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6. Qatar: An Incredible Journey Starting From INR 45,000

Qatar, situated in the stunning Persian Gulf, stands out as one of the most vibrant and diverse tourist destinations in the Arab world. If you haven’t had the chance to explore this remarkable place yet, it’s time you consider making Qatar your next destination for an unforgettable affordable international trip. Doha, the capital city of Qatar, boasts a plethora of captivating attractions that promise a truly memorable vacation. What sets Qatar apart is its ability to offer an international travel experience without straining your wallet. While it may not be the most economical option, you can undoubtedly enjoy a budget-friendly journey.

Air Tickets: With proper planning, you can expect to spend around INR 17,000 for your flight tickets.

Stay: For a comfortable 5-day stay in the country, you can budget approximately INR 9,000-10,000 for accommodation.

Places To Eat: Don’t miss the opportunity to savor the delights of Doha, Dhal Al Misfir, Khor Al Adaid Natural Reserves, and Zubarah Fort.

Things to Do: Immerse yourself in an array of activities such as breathtaking helicopter rides, pristine beaches, thrilling dune bashing, and unforgettable camel rides.

The Bruce Lee statue in Hong Kong

Suggested Duration: Plan for a fulfilling 4-day stay and 3 unforgettable nights.

Travel Calculation: The estimated cost for your entire trip amounts to approximately INR 45,000.

Interesting Tips: Take advantage of the milder, pleasant, and chilly evenings in December and January to explore the mesmerizing Gulf area.

Best time to visit: Make the most of the pleasant weather in April-May and September-October.

How to reach: Book your flight tickets to reach Qatar effortlessly. Doha International Airport offers excellent connections to international destinations.

Currency of Qatar: Qatari Riyal

Language of Qatar: Arabic

7. United Arab Emirates: Embark on an Incredible Journey from INR 50,000

Another jewel in the Arab world, the United Arab Emirates, captivates visitors with its stunning landscapes and cultural marvels, with Dubai as the crown jewel. A magnet for international travelers, UAE consistently ranks high on the travel bucket lists of wanderlust seekers. If you find yourself among those eager to explore this enchanting land, then this is the year to embark on your budget-friendly international trip and discover the wonders of UAE. This land of Sheikhs conceals attractions that never fail to mesmerize and offers experiences fit for royalty. Furthermore, Dubai is renowned for being one of the most affordable destinations to visit from India.

Air Tickets: Depending on the time of the year, flight tickets to UAE usually start from approximately INR 12,000.

Stay: For budget-conscious travelers, the cost of accommodation in Dubai is around INR 2,000 per night.

Places To Eat: Delve into the realm of affordable dining options by discovering local gems such as Ravi in Al Satwa and Zaroob.

Places to Visit in UAE: From admiring the mesmerizing night view of Dubai Marina to gazing up at the awe-inspiring Burj Khalifa, UAE offers an abundance of remarkable sights.

Suggested Duration: To fully experience the treasures of UAE, it is recommended to spend 5 remarkable nights in this captivating country.

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Travel Calculation: Plan your trip with a budget of INR 50,000 to cover all your expenses.

Interesting Tips: Take advantage of Dubai’s recently launched rental bike scheme, an excellent way to save money on transportation while exploring the city.

Best time to visit: The period from October to April is ideal for pleasant weather and enjoyable experiences.

How to reach: UAE is well-connected through major airports such as Abu Dhabi International Airport, Al Ain International Airport, and Dubai International Airport, offering convenient access to travelers from around the world.

Currency of UAE: Dirham

Language of UAE: Arabic

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8. Hong Kong: Travel Package Starting From INR 40,000

Embark on a captivating and exhilarating vacation experience in Hong Kong, the former British colony situated along the shores of the South China Sea. Despite its reputation for luxurious living, Hong Kong offers numerous opportunities for budget-friendly exploration. Considered one of the top choices for affordable international destinations from India, this year is the perfect time to discover the wonders of Hong Kong if you haven’t done so already.

Flight Tickets: If booking within 2 months, the round trip can cost around INR 27,000.Accommodation: Hostels in HK Downtown Backpackers start at approximately INR 700 per night.Dining Options: While Hong Kong is generally pricey, you can save money by trying out local market food, noodles, and dumplings. For example, a meal at Tim Ho Wan on 2-2 Kwong Wa Street, Mong Kok may cost less than INR 100.Activities: Don’t miss out on hiking the renowned Dragon’s Back Trail, exploring the Avenue of Stars, and visiting the Hong Kong Museum of Art (free entry on Wednesdays). Additionally, there are several exciting day trips from Hong Kong that you can take during your vacation. Some recommended places to visit include Lantau Island, Stanley Market, Cheung Chau Island, and Sai Kung.Recommended Duration: 5 Days and 4 NightsTotal Expense Estimate: Approximately INR 40,000Useful Tips: Explore the popular shopping destinations, such as the Temple Street Night Market and HK’s lively and trendy local streets. To negotiate for better prices, try saying “Tai Gwai la” (It’s too expensive!)Best Time to Visit: October-DecemberHow to Get There: Hong Kong International Airport is the main airport in the country. It offers direct flights from various airlines like Air India, Indigo, and Cathay Pacific among others.Currency of Hong Kong: Hong Kong DollarLanguage Spoken: Chinese, English

visit ta prohm, cambodia

9. Sri Lanka: Affordable Trip Starting From INR 35,000

Sri Lanka is a fantastic option for a cheap foreign trip from India. Known for its breathtaking landscapes and vibrant culture, it feels like a home away from home, making it an ideal destination for travelers seeking affordable options. In fact, it’s one of the most budget-friendly countries to visit from India. From the aroma of tea plantations filling the air to the lush greenery that blankets the land, Sri Lanka captivates every traveler with its beauty.

Flight Tickets: Round trip tickets can cost

  • From Delhi: Starting from INR 20,000
  • From Chennai: Starting from INR 8000

Accommodation: Stay at affordable options like Colombo Sea view hostel or Colombo city hostel, which offer dormitory-style accommodations starting from INR 600/night. In other places like Kandy and Bentota, hotel rooms can range from INR 1000 onwards per night.Dining Options: Ceylon Tea Moments in Colombo is highly recommended, offering a wide menu range within the price range of INR 100-500. For an authentic Sri Lankan culinary experience, try the fish curry available in local markets for less than INR 100.Places to Explore: Make sure to visit cities like Colombo, Kandy, Nuwara Eliya, and Bentota. Additionally, don’t miss the opportunity to explore world heritage sites such as the Temple of Tooth Relic, go boating or fishing on Lake Gregory, visit tea factories, immerse yourself in the Seetha Eliya garden and temple from the famous Ramayana epic, and visit a turtle hatchery. For shopping, check out Odel and Majestic City.Recommended Duration: 5 Days and 4 NightsTotal Expense Estimate: Approximately INR 35,000Useful Tips: Learn to greet the locals with “Aa-yu-bo-wan,” which means hello in the local language. Public transportation such as buses and trains are usually crowded but cost-effective.Best Time to Visit: December to March for the west coast, April to September for the east coastHow to Get There: The best way to reach Sri Lanka is by flying to Bandaranaike International Airport in Colombo, which is well-connected to major parts of the world.Currency of Sri Lanka: Sri Lankan RupeeLanguage Spoken: Sinhala, Tamil

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10. Inexpensive Yet Captivating: A Trip to Cambodia Starting From INR 25,000

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Embarking on an international adventure doesn’t have to break the bank, and Cambodia is a prime example of this. With its remarkable cultural heritage and breathtaking rustic scenery, Cambodia is a destination that will leave you longing for more. It is undoubtedly one of the most affordable options for Indian travelers seeking a foreign experience.

Air Tickets: Immerse yourself in the wonders of the “Kingdom of Wonder” with a round trip starting from INR 25,000Stay: Accommodation suitable for budget-conscious backpackers can be found for as little as INR 300 per dayPlaces To Eat: When traveling on a tight budget, indulge in the flavors of Cambodian cuisine, which offers affordable yet delicious optionsPlaces To Visit in Cambodia: Don’t miss out on the enchanting destinations of Siem Reap, Phnom Penh, Otres beach, and Kampot. It is possible to explore Cambodia on a daily budget of just INR 2000Suggested Duration:  Make the most of your trip with a 5-day, 4-night itineraryTravel Calculation: Plan for an approximate expense of INR 25,000Suggested Cost: For a comfortable and budget-friendly stay, allocate approximately INR 45,000 for a weekInteresting Tips: Take some time to visit the renowned Sihanoukville beach in Cambodia and immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of Cambodian festivals. Discover more about these captivating eventsBest time to visit: The ideal months to explore Cambodia are from November to AprilHow to reach: The primary gateway to Cambodia is the Phnom Penh International Airport. Travelers often opt for a flight from Bangkok to reach this enchanting destinationCurrency of Cambodia: Cambodian RielLanguage of Cambodia: Khmer

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11. Discover the Charm of Vietnam: A Trip Starting From INR 40,000

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For those seeking budget-friendly international adventures, Vietnam is an ideal choice. Shaped like the letter “S” and positioned on the eastern side of the Indo-Chinese peninsula, Vietnam offers timeless charm and a taste of an Asian culture that will captivate your senses. It is a top recommendation for travelers looking to venture beyond India in March.

Air Tickets: Plan your journey in advance to secure round trip flight tickets starting from INR 16,000Tip: Keep an eye out for promotional offers from Air AsiaStay: Ho Chi Minh City provides affordable accommodation options such as Suite Backpackers Inn and Eco Backpackers Hostel, where single beds in dormitory rooms start as low as INR 400 per night. Alternatively, you can find decent hotels starting from INR 700 per nightPlaces To Eat: Indulge in some of Vietnam’s traditional delights, including Nem Raan or Cha Gio (Fried Spring rolls) and Cha Ca (Grilled minced fish), which can be enjoyed at street stalls. Don’t miss out on popular budget-friendly dining spots like Cha Ca Street and Nguyen Truong Street in HanoiPlaces to visit in Vietnam: Optimize your time and budget by taking a short yacht or boat cruise in Vietnam. Other must-visit locations include Hanoi, Ha Long Bay, Nha Trang, and Ho Chi Minh CitySuggested Duration: Make the most of your trip with a 6-day, 5-night itineraryTravel Calculation: Allocate an estimated budget of INR 40,000 for an unforgettable experience in VietnamInteresting Tips: Learn a few words in Vietnamese, such as hello and thank you, to enhance your interactions with the locals. Keep a smile on your face at all times, as it goes a long way in Vietnam!Best time to visit: March-May and September-November are the ideal months to explore VietnamHow to reach: Vietnam is served by three main airports: Noi Bai International Airport in Hanoi, Danang International Airport in Da Nang, and Tan Son Nhat International Airport in Ho Chi Minh City. You can conveniently reach Vietnam by taking a flight to any of these airportsCurrency of Vietnam: Vietnamese DongLanguage of Vietnam: Vietnamese

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12. Bhutan: Tour Starting From INR 35,000

Immerse yourself in the breathtaking landscape of Bhutan, often referred to as the ‘land of the Thunder Dragons’ or the ‘Druk Yul’. This year is filled with long weekends, and Bhutan is among the top cheap international destinations from India. Embark on a journey to the mystical Shangri La of the Himalayas. It stands as one of the most affordable foreign trips from India.

Air Fare: Opting for a direct flight to Bhutan at your convenience may not be the best choice. Instead, catch a domestic flight to Bagdogra Airport, the nearest airport to the Bhutan border. The round trip could cost you as low as INR 6000. Then, embark on a scenic 5-hour bus journey, which may cost around INR 1900.Accommodation: Find a cozy and comfortable guest house room for two, starting from just INR 500.Places to Dine: Have a delectable meal at Sonam Trophel Restaurant in Paro, where a serving of 7 dishes will only cost you around INR 480, enough to satiate two people or two modest mealsPlaces to Explore in Bhutan: Don’t miss out on the mesmerizing destinations of Paro, Thimphu, Punakha, and Haa Valley. Engage in various activities such as visiting monasteries, temples, farmhouses, the National Memorial Chorten, the Takin Zoo, and the Folk Heritage MuseumRecommended Duration: Plan your trip for 6 days and 5 nightsTravel Expenses: Expect to spend around INR 35,000Useful Tips: Be prepared to navigate Bhutan either on foot or by road, so don’t forget your walking shoes. Buses, minivans, and SUVs can transport you to almost any destination within the country!Best Time to Visit: March-MayHow to Reach: You can either book a flight directly to Paro Airport or fly to Bagdogra and then hire a cab to PhuentsholingCurrency: Bhutanese Ngultrum, Indian RupeeLanguage: Dzongkha

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13. Nepal: Tour Starting From INR 25,000

Experience the essence of Nepal, a true haven for all types of travelers, with its awe-inspiring peaks and mesmerizing landscapes. Marvel at the beauty of this country, a delightful paradise for globetrotters seeking budget-friendly international trips under 30k. Nepal is one of the most affordable countries to travel from India.

Air Fare: The round trip flight tickets from New Delhi to Nepal can cost approximately INR 9000 onwards. Alternatively, you can take a scenic bus ride from Kolkata. Numerous packages offer affordable international trips under 30k, and Nepal stands out as a perfect destination for cheap foreign trips from IndiaAccommodation: Stay at budget-friendly hostels in Kathmandu, starting as low as INR 300 per night per person. Alternatively, a budget hotel for two can cost around INR 600 per night on averagePlaces to Dine: Enjoy a cost-effective meal at OR2K, a popular Israeli-run restaurant in Kathmandu. Another great dining option is Krishna’s Kitchen in PokharaPlaces to Visit: Don’t miss the iconic tourist spots of Nagarkot, Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, and Pokhara while indulging in activities such as visiting Devi Falls, exploring the gorge of Seti river, and discovering the Bindabasini Temple and Old Bazaar of PokharaRecommended Duration: Plan your trip for 7 days and 6 nightsTravel Expenses: Expect to spend approximately INR 25,000Nepal Travel Tips: Explore the local markets to shop for exquisite Nepalese handicrafts and unique trinketsBest Time to Visit: October and November are ideal to experience Nepal’s charmHow to Reach: Tribhuvan International Airport, situated in Kathmandu, serves as the sole international airport in Nepal. It offers excellent connectivity to major cities. Various airlines, including Qatar Airways, Jet Airways, and Indigo, offer flights to NepalCurrency: Nepalese RupeeLanguage: Nepali

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14. Turkey: Begin Your Adventure from INR 30,000

When you think of Turkey, the first thing that comes to mind is Istanbul, one of the most renowned tourist destinations in the world. Not only is it famous, but it’s also incredibly affordable for Indian travelers seeking the best budget international trips from India. So why not plan a trip to Turkey?

Airfare: A round trip to Turkey can cost you approximately INR 30,000 – 35,000.

Accommodation: But don’t worry, the cost of accommodation makes up for it. You can find dormitories or hostels for as low as INR 500 per day.

Culinary Delights: To save money on food, indulge in the local Turkish cuisine, especially the mouthwatering Durum Sandwich stalls.

Must-Visit Places in Turkey: However, if you decide to experience the vibrant nightlife in Beyoglu and Bosphorous, be prepared to spend a little extra.

Suggested Duration: A 10-day and 9-night trip is recommended.

Travel Expenses: Budget approximately INR 30,000 for your trip.

Suggested Cost: Consider staying for 4 nights with an approximate budget of INR 50,000.

Helpful Tips: Divide your sightseeing between exploring the city and taking trips to nearby attractions.

Best Time to Visit: April-May and September-November are the ideal months to explore Turkey.

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How to Reach: Turkey is home to Atatürk Airport in Istanbul, which is well-connected to all major parts of the country. It’s the best way to optimize your time and travel across Turkey.

Currency in Turkey: Turkish Lira.

Language in Turkey: Turkish.

15. Kenya: Experience an Adventure from INR 30,000

Kenya is another incredible destination that offers amazing low-budget international trips. When you think of Kenya, you can’t help but picture the breathtaking African wildlife and thrilling safaris. It’s the perfect choice for wildlife enthusiasts and photographers.

Airfare: A round trip to Kenya costs approximately INR 26,000 onwards when booked 4-6 months in advance.

Accommodation: If you book a safari, both food and accommodation are usually included. Accommodation prices start from INR 900. Expect food expenses to be around INR 300 per day.

Places to Dine: Don’t miss the delicious Chapati, Githeri, and Kuku Paka.

Must-Visit Places in Kenya: Masai Mara is the main wildlife reserve for safaris in Kenya. You can plan a tour that includes Masai Mara, Lake Nakuru, and a day to explore Nairobi, the capital city.

Suggested Duration: A 4-day and 3-night trip is recommended.

Travel Expenses: Budget approximately INR 30,000 for your trip.

Suggested Cost: The average cost per day per person is around INR 2,700, allowing you to spend about 5 days in the country.

Helpful Tips: Do thorough research on safari companies before booking. Choose only recommended and reliable vendors to ensure a pleasant experience.

Best Time to Visit: July-September is the ideal period to explore Kenya.

How to Reach: Kenya is easily accessible with five airports located in the country: Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, Kisumu International Airport, Eldoret International Airport, Moi International Airport, and Wilson Airport.

Currency in Kenya: Kenyan Shilling.

Language in Kenya: Swahili and English.

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Discover the Country’s Essence Beyond Wildlife: 20 Remarkable Places to Visit in Kenya!

16. Egypt: Begin Your Journey with a Starting Price of INR 40,000

Experience Egypt – a land of ancient wonders that offers an unforgettable vacation. If you haven’t explored Egypt yet, seize this opportunity for an incredible and affordable international trip. Whether you have an affinity for history or love to explore, Egypt has something to offer for everyone.

Airfare: The cost of air tickets starts from around INR 24,000.Accommodation: You can find comfortable and affordable dormitory hostels with prices as low as INR 400.Places to Dine: Clean and reasonably priced restaurants like Al Tekkia are worth trying.Places to Explore in Egypt: The Pyramids at Giza are a major tourist attraction, and other cities like Alexandria, Aswan, the Red Sea, and Sinai are also worth visiting.Recommended Duration: A suggested duration for the trip is 6 days and 5 nights.Estimated Cost: The approximate budget for the trip is INR 40,000.Helpful Tips: Expect hot temperatures from June to August. If planning a trip during this time, it’s recommended to avoid the Western Desert and Mediterranean coast.Best Time to Visit: October to April is considered the best time to visit Egypt.How to Get There: Cairo International Airport and Luxor International Airport are the main airports in Egypt, connecting to major destinations worldwide.Currency: Egyptian PoundLanguage: Modern Standard Arabic

Horse Cart Ride in the Countryside of Myanmar

17. South Korea: Embark on a Journey Starting from INR 40,000

South Korea provides another opportunity for budget-friendly international trips from India. It will mesmerize you with its picturesque countryside, adorned with cherry trees and ancient Buddhist temples. The blend of coastal fishing villages, subtropical islands, and modern cities, including the capital Seoul, guarantees an unforgettable experience for those seeking a low-budget international tour.

Airfare: Round-trip flights from New Delhi start from approximately INR 25,000.Accommodation: Hostels in places like Seoul start from as low as INR 600 per person per night, while budget hotels for two can be found at an average cost of INR 1700 per night.Places to Dine: Cochon Tonkatsu is a restaurant known for serving delicious food at reasonable prices, with its golden fried dishes being a must-try.Places to Visit in South Korea: Top attractions include Seoul, Jeju Island, The Korean Demilitarized Zone, Busan, Gyeongju, Dadohaehaesang National Park, and Suwon.Estimated Cost: The travel calculation is approximately INR 45,000.Recommended Duration: A suggested duration for the trip is 7 days and 6 nights.Helpful Tips: Instead of focusing on one setting, make sure to embrace and experience both urban and village environments.Best Time to Visit: The ideal time to visit is from March to May and September to November.How to Get There: The most convenient way to reach South Korea is by air. Incheon International Airport is the closest airport to the capital city, Seoul, and offers connections to major cities worldwide.Currency: South Korean WonLanguage: Korean

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18. Myanmar: Begin Your Journey with INR 35,000

Myanmar, also known as Burma, embraces a diverse range of ethnicities and cultures. Prepare yourself for the enchanting scenic beauty this country has to offer. Ensure that you cross this destination off your travel wish list by planning a pocket-friendly international getaway.

Airfare: Booking your round trip to Myanmar in advance, around 4-6 months, could cost you approximately INR 20,000 – 22,000.Accommodation: Opt for hostels and dormitories, with prices starting from INR 600 per night.Dining Options: Enjoy affordable dining experiences in Myanmar, with a simple meal at a local restaurant or teahouse costing around INR 60 – 100.Things to Experience: Immerse yourself in the wonders of Yangon’s Shwedagon Pagoda, take scenic boat trips to Inle Lake, and explore the abundance of temples in Bagan. Myanmar offers numerous sightseeing destinations to keep you engaged throughout your visit.Recommended Duration: Plan for a 2-week trip.Estimated Expenses: Expect an approximate total cost of INR 35,000 per person.Useful Cost Tips: With a suggested budget of approximately INR 2500 per day, you can cover all your expenses during a 5-day trip with ease.Travel Tip: Don’t miss out on trying the famous Mohinga soups in Myanmar.Best Time to Visit: November to February is considered the ideal time to visit Myanmar.Getting There: Although there might not be direct flights from your country to Myanmar, you can easily reach Mandalay or Yangon and then take a domestic flight to your final destination.Myanmar Currency: The official currency of Myanmar is the Myanmar Kyat.Language of Myanmar: Burmese is the primary language spoken in Myanmar.

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