25 Essential Maldives Travel Tips to Consider When Planning Your Trip

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With almost 1190 volcanic and coral islands spread out across the Indian Ocean, Maldives has always been regarded as one of the most popular romantic escapes to enjoy some tropical allure. Thanks to its transparent waters, beneath which hide a shoal of fishes, rays, and sharks. For the warmth of the sun and a multitude of activities, Maldives should be on every traveler’s bucket list. The tips for traveling to Maldives should be given importance as right after being dropped off at the private island, you will be occupied at the sandy white beach.

Plan according to weather and travel during shoulder season

So, take a look at all these pointers on how to organize a trip to Maldives before you head to this beautiful tropical country. Following this guide to traveling in Maldives will ensure you have a secure, comfortable, and content vacation in this stunning island nation. Planning a trip to Maldives will provide you with an awe-inspiring experience, giving you a break from your usual monotonous life.

25 Tips for Traveling to Maldives for Your Vacation

Here is a convenient guide for traveling to Maldives that will help you have better experiences without any difficulties when you’re touring the beautiful country of Maldives. Take a look at these tips for traveling to the islands of Maldives before you go there. How to organize a trip to Maldives and a few interesting pointers while traveling are explained below, which will help you comprehend things. Read on and see our tips for traveling in Maldives.

  • Organize According To The Weather
  • Select Your Airplane Rides Wisely
  • Book Hotels And Flights Online
  • Follow The Fundamental Unwritten Rules Of The Land
  • Select Economical Accommodation And Transportation
  • Opt For All-inclusive Or Half-board Amenities
  • Pack Wisely
  • Check And Compare Prices For Water Activities
  • The Bioluminescent Beach Must Not Be Missed
  • Keep Eyes Open For Tax And Hidden Expenses
  • Avoid Carrying Alcohol In The Country
  • Keep USD For Transactions
  • Don’t Forget Your Sunscreen
  • Swimsuits Are Not Allowed Everywhere
  • Avoid Changing Locations Frequently
  • Spend At Least One Night In A Water Bungalow
  • Drone Photography? First Check If They’re Permitted
  • Buy Sim Cards At The Airport
  • The Best Time To Visit Maldives Is From November To April
  • You Don’t Need A Visa While Traveling To Maldives
  • Seaplanes Are Splendid There In Maldives
  • Save Money By Having Brunch
  • Learn The Local Language
  • BYOF – Bring Your Own Fins
  • Should You Give a Gratuity Or Not?

Choose your airplane rides wisely

1. Strategize Based on the Climate

The high season of a Maldives getaway runs from November to April, offering ideal weather conditions with ceaseless gentle sunshine. Naturally, you can expect exorbitant prices for everything, ranging from lodging to activities. For those seeking a budget-friendly Maldives trip, traveling during the shoulder season, which falls between the peak season and the off-season, proves to be one of the top Maldives travel recommendations. During this period, the weather remains pleasant, and resorts witness a 20% decrease in occupancy, leading to enticing discounts and excellent services.

The following suggestions for a Maldives trip plan will provide insights into the best time to visit the Maldives. Though rainfall is common during the off-season, it does not persist throughout the day. Thus, the period from April to September presents a favorable choice. Keep an eye out for Iruvai, the winter monsoon that occurs in October and November in the Maldives, as well as Halhangu, which takes place from May to August.

Try to book hotels and flights online

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2. Select Your Air Travel Options Wisely

One of the fundamental tips for first-time travelers to the Maldives is to opt for regional or domestic flights from the Middle East or Asia, as they offer more affordable choices. Choosing a flight to Male and then using a speedboat for inter-island transportation in the Maldives is a cost-effective option. However, if you desire an unforgettable experience, albeit at a higher cost, consider a round-trip seaplane ride, or you can also go for the Maldivian domestic flight for your transfer.

Follow the basic unwritten rules of the land

Flight delays are possible, and there is no fixed schedule for seaplane transfers within their time frame from dawn to dusk. Thus, it is advisable to plan your flight arrival during the first half of the day to ensure you can be transferred to your designated island before 4 PM. Otherwise, you may need to spend the night in Male and arrange for the earliest transfer on the following day.

3. Reserve Accommodations And Flights Online

There are numerous tips and techniques for traveling to the Maldives, and one of them is to search for available flights online well in advance to take advantage of lower costs. The same applies to hotels or resorts, especially if you are planning your trip during the shoulder or peak season, as many people and travel agencies make their bookings well ahead of time.

Choose affordable accommodation and transportation

The question of where to stay in the Maldives and which island is the best often comes to mind. In this situation, the Maldives travel guide will assist you in planning a fantastic trip and experiencing the joy of staying in the islands. Compare hotel prices and flight prices, and naturally opt for the most economical option, after verifying its authenticity.

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4. Observe The Fundamental Unspoken Rules Of The Country

Go for all-inclusive or half-board facilities

Planning a trip during the one-month period of Ramadan is not recommended, as many hotel staff will be absent to spend time with their families. Additionally, there will be challenges in finding food during daytime hours, and many services and shops will be closed, particularly during prayer times. Do not expect to find pork and alcoholic beverages.

Furthermore, one of the most important tips for traveling to the Maldives during this time is to ensure that you dress modestly, especially covering your knees, shoulders, abdomen, chest, and elbows when visiting local islands. While the rules apply to trips to local islands, they are more relaxed at resort islands, and visitors can choose to dress however they wish. There are also restrictions on public displays of affection, and homosexuality is considered taboo as well.

5. Opt For Budget-Friendly Accommodations & Transportation

When considering how to reach the Maldives, it is important to have all your options at hand for proper consideration. Depending on the average cost of a Maldives vacation, you can either choose more affordable hotels on local islands or make the most of the luxury and privacy offered at five-star resorts on private islands. It is a good idea to choose accommodations that offer excursions, airport transfers, and ferry services, as recommended by previous travelers’ tips for the Maldives.

Explore the dining establishments, bar, swimming pool, family-friendliness, state of the reef around the island, and of course, the scenery. For those traveling with children, opting for overwater villas may not be a wise decision as they can be unsafe for them to play or climb on jetties. However, living amidst the reef fish, rays, and corals can be alluring.

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6. Choose All-inclusive Or Half-board Amenities


When you are out on the beaches or enjoying aquatic activities in Maldives, opting for the all-inclusive offers can be quite costly. The all-inclusive buffet breakfast and lunch can be an excellent choice, while the half-board option will include breakfast, lunch, and beverages with access to A-la-carte restaurants as suggested by many Maldives travel tips.

Before selecting a deal, ensure that coffee, beverages, and special treats are included, and check if any activities or excursions are offered. Also, verify if there is a menu specifically designed for children if you are traveling with kids. Considering these factors in advance will only enhance the enjoyment and convenience of your Maldives trip.

Check and compare prices for water activitiesComfortable casual wear and basic necessities

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7. Pack Intelligently

While contemplating how to travel to the Maldives with appropriate packing, ensure that you do not include pork, alcohol, or tobacco products (without health warning), along with any religious literature. When it comes to one of the most crucial accessories, remember to bring a water-resistant or underwater camera with a polarizer to capture all the activity on both land and underwater. All travel tips for the Maldives will advise you to bring snorkeling, surfing, or diving equipment to minimize rental costs and adhere to your budget. Bring minimal tropical-appropriate attire, bathing suits (for private islands), sunscreen, toiletries, surf wax, personal care items, and a medical emergency kit.

The Bioluminescent Beach must not be missed

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8. Verify and Compare Prices for Water Activities

One of the common suggestions for budget travel in the Maldives is to check the proximity of the coral reefs from your resort to determine if you can reach them by swimming a short distance or if you need to book a ferry for snorkeling or diving. Resorts and private organizers offer activities such as sea-kayaking, jet-skiing, parasailing, stand-up paddleboarding, wakeboarding, boating, and trips to observe whales, dolphins, or Manta rays. Compare their prices before making a choice. Manta rays in the North Male Atoll, dolphins and Whale Sharks in the South Ari Atoll, and sea turtles, rays, reef fish, Reef Sharks, and Hammerhead Sharks in the Rasdhoo Atoll should be on your itinerary. Additionally, there are numerous adventurous pursuits to engage in while in the Maldives with your family, so be sure to make the most of everything.

always check

9. The Enchanting Bioluminescent Beach Must Not Be Overlooked

Visiting the Baa Atoll should be one of the top 10 travel tips to consider before your trip, as it promises to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience to witness plankton emitting luminescent toxins during the night, creating a starry effect on the ocean floor. This is one of the most exceptional activities to partake in the Maldives. Many resorts offer tours to observe this phenomenon, but it is crucial to verify their authenticity beforehand. Make sure to check the timing of this spectacle in advance while planning or organizing your trip to the Maldives, so you can select the appropriate islands or resorts for your stay.


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10. Stay Vigilant Regarding Taxes and Concealed Expenses


One of the major tips for traveling in the Maldives is to be alert about the additional charges for imported food and beverages at luxury resorts, along with a service charge of 10% and a service tax of 8% (steadily increasing). Ensure that you consider the public prices listed on menus, as well as taxes on equipment rentals, spa sessions, and more.

You are not obligated to provide extra tips, but you can offer them as a gesture of gratitude, along with a 10% tax on food. While exploring a foreign country, simply exercise caution regarding these aspects, and you will be all set!

11. Refrain from Carrying Alcohol Within the Country

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The Maldives is a country with a predominantly Muslim population, and the only place where one can enjoy alcoholic beverages without any concerns is at private resorts. One of the top recommendations for traveling in the Maldives is to avoid carrying alcohol upon entering the country. There is a risk that it may be confiscated, or travelers may face fines imposed by customs officials.

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Bikini in Maldives

12. Opt for USD During Transactions

While the Maldivian Rufiyaa is the official currency used in the Maldives, USD is widely accepted almost everywhere. Most stores, except for those on local islands, label their merchandise prices in USD. Although credit cards are commonly used, including at resorts, it is also important to have cash on hand for miscellaneous purchases. Additionally, finding ATMs near Maldivian islands can be difficult, so it is crucial to have cash readily available.


13. Don’t Neglect the Importance of Sunscreen

Being a tropical location, it is imperative for travelers to bring sunblock with them to safeguard their skin from being harmed. However, be sure not to plan on purchasing the sunblock from the Maldives, as it is exceedingly costly on the island. Furthermore, make certain to try using reef-friendly sunblock as the chemicals in other sunblocks harm the splendid and preserved coral and marine life.

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freshwater infinity pool

14. Swimsuits Are Not Permitted Everywhere

Try not to disregard the traditional culture of the Maldives, which is still prevalent in the local islands. Practice modesty and wear swimsuits or form-fitting attire only when at the resort islands. On the local islands, there are some “swimsuit beaches,” which are specifically designated for tourists to visit. Among all the Maldives travel tips

15. Avoid Changing Locations Frequently

While planning a stay in the Maldives, make sure to select just one hotel or resort and spend your vacation there rather than engaging in island hopping. Moving from one place to another in the Maldives is quite chaotic and does not appear to be a seamless transfer. Apart from Male, one must hire a speedboat or seaplane to travel from one island to another.

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16. Spend At Least One Night In an Overwater Bungalow

You don’t visit such breathtaking tropical destinations with luxurious overwater villas every day. So, when you’re in the Maldives, make the most of this opportunity, even if it means spending just a little more. Your Maldives trip plan is incomplete without the experience of the crystal clear turquoise ocean right beneath your feet, especially if you’re on your honeymoon in Maldives.

Sim card

While Maldivian beach accommodations are also incredibly fantastic, nothing can surpass the experience of staying in a water bungalow where you will wake up to stunning sunrises and have the opportunity to directly glide into the ocean from your room itself! Therefore, if you are planning to spend a few days in these water bungalows and are unsure about what to prepare for your trip to the Maldives, this article will assist you in understanding the kind of trip you can plan for.

17. Drone Photography? First Verify If They’re Permitted

Who wouldn’t want to capture that astonishing combination of pristine Maldivian beaches and azure waters from the sky? However, if you intend to bring a drone to the Maldives, there are certain factors you must take into account. Numerous resorts in the Maldives strictly prohibit the use of drones in order to safeguard their guests’ privacy, and violating these regulations could lead to severe consequences. Hence, one of the key travel recommendations for the Maldives will always advise you to check with your resort whether flying drones is allowed on the island where you will be staying.

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18. Purchase Sim Cards At The Airport

One of the most common suggestions for a Maldives trip that you will receive from all bloggers is to purchase a sim card (or two) right at the airport upon your arrival. This advice is particularly sensible if you want to keep your Instagram followers informed about your trip since the WiFi service in many Maldivian resorts is unreliable. You will often find yourself relying on mobile data, which can be quite helpful in case of emergencies or if you find yourself in a difficult situation. Therefore, when you plan your trip to the Maldives, ensure that buying a sim card at the airport is your top priority. This is one of the most essential travel tips for the Maldives that you should take into consideration.

19. From November To April Is The Optimal Time To Visit The Maldives

When planning your visit to the Maldives, it is important to have an understanding of the climate in order to have a remarkable trip. Well, the best time to visit various Islands in the Maldives. Typically, vacationers prefer to visit the Maldives between the months of December and March when there is a high influx of visitors. The Maldives offer near-perfect weather with an average temperature of 32 degrees Celsius. Additionally, some of the finest destinations to visit in the Maldives with your family include Malé Atoll, Sun Island, Fihalhohi Island, Mirihi Island, and more.

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20. No Visa Required for Traveling to the Maldives

If you plan to visit the Maldives, you won’t need a visa. However, visitors to the Maldives will receive a thirty-day visa upon arrival at the country’s airport. So, you don’t have to worry about arranging a visa beforehand, but make sure your passport has at least six months of validity remaining. This is necessary to ensure a valid return ticket from the Maldives.

21. Seaplanes offer a Spectacular Experience in the Maldives

Flying to the Male International Airport is an amazing experience. If you want to explore the beautiful islands and attractions in the Maldives, you can choose to take a seaplane journey at an additional cost starting from around US$200. The breathtaking views make it worth the expense.


When booking your hotel in the Maldives, make sure to also book your seaplane in advance. Seaplane schedules are based on demand, and you will receive a booking confirmation only one night before your trip begins.

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22. Save Money with a Hearty Brunch

If you are planning a 5-day trip to the Maldives, it’s important to budget for your expenses. While you may have a fixed budget, saving some extra money during your trip can be a bonus, which you can use for future travel. One way to save money is by having a substantial breakfast between 10 am to 11 am so that you don’t feel the need for lunch in the afternoon.

Snorkeling gear

23. Learn the Local Language

A Maldives travel guide is incomplete without emphasizing the importance of learning the local language. Whether you’re traveling to the Maldives or any other country, it’s always helpful to learn basic words and phrases in the official language. In the Maldives, the official language is Dhivehi, so learning a few expressions can enhance your experience.

However, it’s not essential to do so, as English is widely spoken in Mauritius. Especially at resorts and restaurants, you won’t encounter any language barrier. It’s up to you whether you want to include a translation book in your Maldives tour plan.


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24. BYOF – Bring Your Own Fins

If you’re a fan of marine life and plan to explore it yourself, it’s advisable to bring your own snorkeling fins. This is a great way to save money, as resorts and hotels charge for equipment rental on a daily basis. Bringing your own equipment will save you from these extra expenses. Not all Maldives guides mention this helpful travel tip.

25. To Tip or Not to Tip?

Here’s another point to consider when discussing Maldives travel tips. Tipping is not a common practice in the Maldives, so it is not obligatory to give a tip. Whether you’re staying at a hotel or dining at a restaurant, you’ll notice that tipping for service is not expected as it is in many other countries. However, if you feel that the service provided was exceptional and you want to show your appreciation, you can give a tip, but it is entirely up to you and not mandatory.

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Along with the Maldives travel tips mentioned above, it is essential to carry sufficient US Dollars, as they are widely accepted, along with Maldivian Rufiyaa. The local islands have a strong Islamic culture, so it’s important to show respect. For the rest, leave the planning of your Maldives vacation to us!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Maldives Travel Tips

Do people tip in the Maldives?

Generally, a 10% service tax is added to bills in the Maldives, and tipping is not compulsory. However, if you wish to leave a tip as a gesture of appreciation, you can do so generously.

What can you purchase in the Maldives?

If you’re interested in shopping in the Maldives, here are a few items to consider:

1. Traditional Maldivian mats called Thundu Kunal

2. Sarongs

3. Lacquer work

4. Dhonis

Can alcohol be consumed in the Maldives?

As an Islamic nation, there are restrictions on the consumption of alcohol locally. However, water resorts and liveaboards have licenses to sell alcohol. This is an important tip for first-time visitors to the island.

Can Australian dollars be used in the Maldives?

No, Australian dollars cannot be used in the Maldives. While the national currency is the Maldivian Rufiyaa, US dollars are widely accepted across the island, except for local islands. Make sure to have the appropriate currency with you at all times.

How many days are sufficient for a trip to the Maldives?

Ideally, 5-7 days are enough to explore the Maldives and enjoy a luxurious resort experience. You can opt for more or fewer days, but a 5-7 day trip is considered ideal.

What is the best time to visit the Maldives?

The best time to visit the Maldives is from November to April. The peak season is from December to March, so you can plan your trip before or after this period to avoid crowds.

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