2023’s Picture-Perfect Getaway: Italy’s Alluring Coastal Paradises

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Italy truly is a fortunate country, providing an incredible range of sights and experiences to those embarking on a European vacation. From the architectural marvels and art treasures of the everlasting city of Rome to the enchanting canals of Venice, Tuscany’s rolling hills and meadows to the breathtaking and dramatic seascapes of the Amalfi Coast, Italy has it all.

With over 5000 miles of coastline, the numerous charming coastal areas in Italy are the perfect place to unwind and revitalize amidst turquoise waters and powdery white sand. Here are the top coastal areas in Italy, from the spectacular favorites of celebrities to the secluded untouched coves, where you can enjoy the country’s abundant seascapes.

16 Finest Coastal Areas in Italy For an Enchanting Getaway

From the ones with white sand to the ones beside a lighthouse, these 16 coastal areas in Italy offer captivating ocean views, a vibrant yet cozy atmosphere, and the best of sun and sand. Keep reading to learn more about these coastal areas:

crystal clear blue water is perfect for swimming

1. Spiaggia Dei Conigli

Also known as Rabbit’s Beach, this is unquestionably one of the most romantic coastal areas in Italy, with clear sparkling waters displaying an incredible array of the loveliest shades of green and blue. Although reaching the sandy shores of this beautiful coastal area on Lampedusa Island requires a 15-20 minute hike, the view and the experience make it absolutely worthwhile. Warm serene waters, abundant marine life, encounters with the endangered loggerhead turtles, white sands, and a stunning setting cannot be matched. The Onda Blu beach shack offers reasonably priced and delicious homemade food. This is a renowned coastal area in Italy.

Location: Strada di Ponente, 92010, Sicily, ItalyHours: 8:30AM-7:30PM, every dayAdmission: No admission fee

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the pristine beauty of this gorgeous beach

2. Tropea Beach

In the charming town of Tropea, bordered by the picturesque church on the rocky outcrop, this is one of the best coastal areas in Italy that offers something for everyone. The calm crystal clear blue water is perfect for swimming, while there are opportunities for snorkeling, boat rentals, and parasailing for those seeking some thrilling beach activities. Great for families as well as adults, Tropea beach also boasts some fantastic Lido bars and excellent restaurants where you can rent umbrellas or parasols, savor seafood, and enjoy cocktails.

Location: Marina di Tropea, 89861 Tropea, ItalyOperating Hours: 9 am – 1 pm and 4 pm – 8 pmAdmission: No fee

transparent blue waters and beautiful white sands

3. Cala Goloritze

Also an UNESCO world heritage site, the immaculate beauty of this stunning beach must be witnessed to be believed. Accessible solely by boat or hiking, the captivating Cala Golortze is a picturesque beach with crystal-clear turquoise water and charming white pebbles. Undoubtedly among the finest unspoiled beaches in Italy, this slice of paradise can be reached by a hike lasting approximately one and a half hours along a rugged mountainous trail, so sturdy footwear is essential. Once there, visitors can spend a leisurely afternoon in the stunning seascape or explore the enchanting marine life while snorkeling.

Location: Golfo di Orosei, 08040 Baunei, Sardinia, ItalyOperating Hours: No specific hours, but it’s advisable to start early in the morning and begin hiking back before sunsetAdmission: 6 Euros per hiker entering the path to the beach

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enjoy this beautiful paradise

4. La Pelosa

Gaining popularity due to its appearance in a James Bond movie, this beach is an excellent choice among public beaches in Italy with its translucent blue waters and stunning white sands. The well-liked La Pelosa beach tends to get crowded with both locals and tourists during the summer, so it’s advantageous to arrive a bit early with your own beach mats (which can also be rented). The beach features shallow and clean waters for a considerable distance, making it ideal for children, while the deep azure waters are perfect for experienced swimmers.

the incredible seascapes of Italy

Location: Viale la Pelosa, 07040 Stintino, Sardinia, ItalyOperating Hours: Open all dayAdmission: No fee

5. Porto Giunco

With its white sandy beaches, sapphire blue sea, and abundant amenities, Porto Giunco is a strong contender for one of the finest beaches in Italy in September. It boasts a unique landscape with the sea on one end and a lake on the other, where flamingos can even be spotted. Visitors can embark on a short hike up to the Spanish tower for breathtaking views, indulge in snorkeling just below it, or simply relax and savor the beauty of this stunning paradise. The water is shallow, and there are ample food stalls, beach bars, and boating opportunities.

Location: 09049 Villasimius, Sardinia, ItalyHours: Open all dayAdmission: Entry to the beach is free but parking is expensive (approximately 3 Euros per hour)

get the relaxed vibe on the beach

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6. Cala Mariolu

This enchanting secluded sanctuary in Golfo di Orosei with unbelievably azure waters can only be reached by boat. This jewel is unquestionably one of the top beaches in Italy map for an unforgettable encounter with the breathtaking seascapes of Italy. The small ivory pebble sand contrasting against the beautiful shades of emerald and turquoise waters is a spectacle to behold. This serene paradise is ideal for diving and snorkeling to explore the remarkable marine life.

huge crowd on the beach

Location: SS125 Baunei, Sardinia, ItalyHours: Open all dayAdmission: No admission fee, 3 euros for snorkeling mask

7. Spiaggia Di Maria Pia

One of the most breathtaking ebony sand beaches in Italy, Spiaggia de Maria Pia has tranquil shallow waters and a relaxed atmosphere. A picturesque pine forest along the beach is a pleasant spot for a leisurely walk after a swim or to seek refuge from the sun. The serene shallow waters, endless expanse of white sand, and excellent beach bars make it one of the finest beaches in Italy to visit for swimming and sunbathing. It is advisable to arrive early and rent sunbeds and parasols as it attracts large crowds due to its proximity to Alghero.

Location: Alghero, Sardinia, ItalyHours: Open all dayAdmission: No admission fee

best beach for snorkelling

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8. Marina Piccola

This serene and picturesque beach with a stunning backdrop and small boats floating on the water is a pleasant spot on the opposite side of Capri, away from the immense crowds and hustle. The turquoise waters are ideal for swimming and there are plenty of snack bars nearby for a quick snack or beverage. It is advisable to arrive here early in the morning during the holiday season to avoid the crowds at this small pebbly beach that extends along a magnificent cliff.

a wonderful place to relax

Location: Via Marina Piccola, 80076 Capri NA, Italy

Operating Hours: 9:30 am to 5:30 pm

Admission Fee: Starting from 8 euros

9. Cala Rossa

Only accessible through a dirt road or by boat, this remarkable tranquil beach is the finest in Favignana. The area surrounding the water is rocky, so it is essential to wear beach sandals or floaters. Although not recommended for children, the deepest blue waters entice experienced swimmers to dive in and enjoy the peaceful and crystal-clear sea. The picturesque setting is also excellent for snorkeling and exploring the caves and coves amidst the stunning rock formations.

Location: 91023 Favignana, Province of Trapani, Sicily, Italy

Operating Hours: Throughout the day


Admission Fee: No entry fee

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10. Marina Grande Beach

This scenic shingle beach in one of the most charming towns on the Amalfi coast is a fantastic spot to experience the enchantment of Positano. Getting to the beach through the charming winding streets is an enjoyable experience in itself. Along the 300-meter long beach, there are numerous restaurants, bars, and even a discotheque. It’s a wonderful place to unwind, take a leisurely walk, capture photos, or go for a swim (appropriate footwear must be worn as it is a pebbly beach).

Acquafredda di Maratea Beach in Italy

Location: Piazza Flavio Gioia, Positano, Italy

Operating Hours: Throughout the day

Admission Fee: No entry fee

11. Cala Granara

Image Source

A magnificent creation of nature, Cala Granara is a white sandy beach situated on Isola Di Spargi. It is a natural beach where all thrill-seekers can snorkel around and relax in the sun while sipping beverages. You can easily access this breathtaking beach, which is also one of the cleanest beaches in Italy, by renting a boat.

Location: Piazza Flavio Gioia, Positano, ItalyOperating Hours: Open all dayAdmission Fee: No admission fee

Chiaia di Luna in Italy

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12. Acquafredda Di Maratea Beach

Image SourceLocated a short drive away from the village of Maratea, the Acquafredda di Maratea Beach is among the most exquisite beaches in Italy. It features transparent azure waters accompanied by charcoal gray sand, setting it apart from other beaches in and around Italy. The rugged coastline and jagged cliffs also make it a picturesque spot for travelers, as well as an ideal location for a beautiful pre-wedding photoshoot. You will be able to rent sun loungers and umbrellas here at affordable prices and also indulge in activities like swimming and snorkeling.

Camogli Beach in Italy

Location: Acquafredda, ItalyOperating Hours: Open all dayAdmission Fee: Admission fee

13. Chiaia Di Luna

Image SourceChiaia di Luna in Italy is among the most picturesque stretches of coastline in the country that attracts beach lovers and water enthusiasts from near and far. The beach consists of a relatively narrow arc of smooth sand that is located at the foot of a magnificent 328-foot volcanic cliff that has been sculpted into a crescent shape. It is this crescent-shaped wall that gives the beach its name – “luna”. The beach is situated on the largest island in the Pontine Archipelago called Ponza.

Location: Ponza LT, ItalyOperating Hours: Open all dayAdmission Fee: No admission fee

Atrani Beach in Italy

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14. Camogli Beach

Source of ImageThis can easily be considered as one of the stunning shorelines in Italy that happens to be a captivating and small coastal village rather than a beach, giving the entire place a rural and picturesque appearance. Laden with smooth stones, this is a unique beach due to its distinctive Mediterranean beauty and the fact that it is rarely crowded, providing visitors and couples with plenty of privacy. The beach also offers swimming lessons for children and diving courses for experienced swimmers. You can also go kayaking on this beach, which can be rented here.

San Fruttuoso Beach in Italy

Location: Camogli, ItalyOpening Hours: 9:00 am – 6:00 pmAdmission Fee: No admission fee

15. Atrani Beach

Source of ImageAlthough small in size, Atrani is a rather picturesque village beach in Campania located along the Amalfi Coast. It will remind you of Italy’s most popular coastal towns, only one that is much less crowded. It has a splendid and colorful cliffside perch, stunning churches, and blissful squares, along with clear white sands set against the Tyrrhenian Sea. The breathtaking views of the crystal clear water nestled between two handsome cliffs will make for some great pictures, so don’t forget to bring your camera!

Location: Atrani, Amalfi Coast, 84010 SA, ItalyOpening Hours: All dayAdmission Fee: No admission fee

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16. San Fruttuoso Beach

Source of ImageThis beach is situated right between Portofino and the charming town of Camogli. San Fruttuoso is one of those lovely beaches in Italy that are irresistibly picturesque, even for those who prefer mountains over beaches! This beach features a small hidden cove that can only be reached by hiking from Portofino or taking a ferry. Other notable features of the beach include sparkling blue water and stunning views of a medieval abbey surrounded by towering mountains.

Location: Camogli, Liguria, ItalyOpening Hours: All dayAdmission Fee: No admission fee

Looking at these stunning beaches in Italy, one thing is absolutely clear, they provide an otherworldly experience! So why not include them in your customizable Italy Vacation package and return from a vacation that had the best of sun and sand.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Beaches In Italy

Which are the top beaches in Italy near Rome?

Santa Marinella, Anzio, Sperlonga, Ostia Lido, Sabaudia are some of the top beaches in Italy near Rome.

Which are the finest beaches in Italy near Venice?

Caorle and Lido Beach are among the finest beaches to visit in Italy near Venice.

Which are the most exclusive beaches in Italy?

Riserva Vendicari, Parco Naturale di Maremma, La Pelosa, Capo Vaticano are some of the exclusive beaches in Italy that one should visit for a perfect beach vacation.

Which are the beaches in Italy near Florence?


Viareggio, Forte dei Marmi, Castiglioncello, Marina di Pisa, Livorno are some of the top beaches to visit in Italy near Florence.

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