2023: Explore the Delicious World of Kerala Sweets!

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Recognized for its backwaters, ethereal beaches, the coastline of the Western Ghats enveloped in flourishing green tea plantations, Kerala is a state in India that never fails to make an impression. With impeccable houseboats, enchanting wildlife, rejuvenating ayurvedic treatments, and an opportunity to tantalize your taste buds, Kerala offers unforgettable experiences. The residents of Kerala are as hospitable and pleasant as the delectable Kerala confections.

Kerala Sweets

With a plethora of diverse festivals taking place in Kerala, there is never a shortage of reasons to prepare these scrumptious and indulgent desserts. Catering to the needs and cravings of every sweet tooth, the textures, flavors, and aromas of the Kerala confections will leave you yearning for more. When exploring “God’s own country,” do not miss the chance to indulge in these heavenly desserts.

  • Palada Payasam – An Essential and Delicious Dessert
  • Banana Halwa – The Most Adored Sweets In Kerala
  • Neyyappam – Sweet And Jaggery Filled Pancake
  • Unniyappam – The Finest Traditional And Ancient Sweets In Kerala
  • Elaneer Pudding – The Most Exotic Sweet Dish
  • Rava Laddoos – The Laddoos Infused with Coconut Flavor
  • Arisi Thengai Payasam – The Rice Coconut Kheer
  • Mutta Maala – Ramadan Special Dish In Kerala
  • Chatti Pathiri – A Popular Malabari Dish
  • Ada Pradhaman – The King Of Sweets In Kerala
  • Bamboo Rice Payasam – A Rice Made Sweet Dish
  • Coconut And Mawa Laddoo – A Good Substitute For Sugar
  • Pumpkin Payasam – A Flavorful Sweet Dish
  • Orange Payasam – Experience, The Zesty Flavors Of Orange
  • Akkaravadisal – A Sweet Dish Made Of Boiled Rice
  • Coconut Pitha With Mawa – A Dessert Made Of Cashew Nuts And Raisins
  • Shahi Tukda With Coconut Oil – The Mughlai Dish
  • Milk Rice with Green Gram – Perfect For Dessert Enthusiasts

Leading 18 Kerala Sweets

With the essence of coconut, jaggery, and banana dominating the flavors of Kerala’s special desserts, there is no shortage of treats where ingredients and additives have not been experimented with. Leaving the taste buds tingling and yearning for more, travelers should definitely savor the enticing aromas and indulge in the desserts made with passion and an abundance of coconuts!

Palada Payasam

1. Palada Payasam – An Essential and Delicious Dessert

One of the popular confections from Kerala, Palada Payasam is a staple in households across the state. Created by boiling the crispy vermicelli and rice in milk until tender, this delectable dessert is enhanced with the flavors of cardamom, sugar, and butter. To add to its taste and texture, raisins and cashew nuts are used as garnishing. This sweet treat is often served as part of the special Onam meal.

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Banana Halwa

2. Banana Halwa – The Most Enjoyed Sweets In Kerala

A sweet that melts in your mouth is truly heavenly. Banana Halwa is one such dessert. Its glossy texture, deep brown color, and softness make it one of the most relished sweet specialties from Kerala. Made using ripe bananas, along with sugar, ghee, almonds, and cardamom powder, Banana Halwa is a must-try when visiting the land of backwaters.


3. Neyyappam – Sweet And Jaggery Filled Pancake

Neyyappam is a beloved sweet treat from Kerala. When embarking on a culinary journey in Kerala, Neyyappam should definitely be part of the list of Kerala confections and snacks to try. Fried in ghee, this pancake stuffed with sweet jaggery not only satisfies hunger but also fulfills cravings. Neyyappam is typically made from rice flour, coconut, cardamom, milk, ghee, and then filled with a mixture of jaggery. This delicacy is often served as a snack during tea time.


4. Unniyappam – The Finest Traditional and Original Confections of Kerala

This is one of the finest traditional and ancient candies in Kerala. A variation of Neyyappa, Unniyappam is a sweet that you can never resist! Offered during the festivities of Onam Sadya, these small half-spheres hold a special childhood memory for the locals. Usually made at home, this dessert is created with fundamental ingredients of mashed bananas, jaggery, and coconut.

Elaneer Pudding

5. Elaneer Pudding – The Most Exotic Sweet Dish

Elaneer Pudding is one of the most extraordinary dishes when it comes to Kerala sweet pictures. Something resembling a pannacotta, the star of this sweet is simply an abundance of coconuts! Set with gelatin or agar-agar, Elaneer Pudding is incredibly refreshing and particularly enjoyed under the scorching sun. Prepared with condensed milk, coconut, sugar, milk, agar-agar, and essence, this sweet possesses a perfect harmony of sweetness, making it one of the delightful Kerala candies.

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6. Rava Laddoos – The Coconut Flavored Spheres


Laddoo itself is the renowned confectionery of India crafted in various manners in distinct regions of the nation. One of the cherished Kerala confections amongst children, Rava Laddoos are petite domes enhanced with coconut, dried fruits, and cardamom. When embarking on a journey to God’s own country, do not neglect to acquire a boxed assortment of these delectable treats for acquaintances and relatives back home!

Rava Laddoos

7. Arisi Thengai Payasam – The Rice Coconut Pudding

Also recognized as rice coconut pudding, this delicacy holds significance during the Tamil New Year. This age-old payasam is prepared by immersing the finest jaggery in lukewarm water, crushing it, and simmering it until it thickens. Rice is then blended and pulverized with coconut before incorporating it into the milk for cooking. Following the addition of jaggery to the porridge-like rice, the entire surroundings are filled with a heavenly aroma and the fragrances of this irresistible delicacy.

Arisi Thengai Payasam

8. Mutta Maala – Ramadan Special Course In Kerala

Mutta Maala

A dessert composed of merely three fundamental ingredients – egg, sugar, and water, Mutta Mala is another beloved Ramadan dish in Kerala. Fashioned by pouring the egg yolk through a small aperture into boiling sugar water, allowing the yolks to resemble threads, this delicacy should not be overlooked when voyaging to Kerala during the festive season.

9. Chatti Pathiri – A Well-Known Malabari Dish

Chatti Pathiri

An amalgamation of lasagna and pie in appearance, this alluring delicacy is layered with sheets of pastry dough and filled with delectable or sugary fillings. Widely consumed during the festival of Ramadan when breaking the fast, Chatti Pathiri is a well-liked Malabari dish. Alternate layers of pastry sheets and sweet custard filling, topped with sesame seeds, elevate Chatti Pathiri to a prominent position among the top ten sweets of Kerala.

10. Ada Pradhaman – The Monarch Of Sweets In Kerala

Ada Pradhaman takes the lead as the must-have Kerala specialty sweets. Regarded as the monarch of sweets in Kerala, Ada Pradhaman encapsulates all the essential flavors of Kerala – coconut, banana, rice, and jaggery! No meal is truly complete without a bowl of Ada Pradhaman, making it one of the delectable desserts of Kerala. Created using coconut milk, this sweet dish embodies the authentic and traditional essence of Kerala, showcasing the culinary heritage of this South Indian state!

Ada Pradhaman

11. Bamboo Rice Payasam – A Rice-Based Sweet Dish

Bamboo Rice Payasam - A sweet dish of Kerala

Returning from a Kerala trip without savoring a single variety of Payasam is akin to returning from a Goa trip without visiting a solitary beach. Payasam is one of the most renowned sweets in Kerala. And with such a wide range available, you can easily select your preferred flavor or ingredient. Bamboo Rice Payasam is a popular kind, as this rice is extensively used for preparing sweet dishes. It imparts a distinctive taste that enhances the flavor of the dish. Moreover, the roasted cashew garnish adds the perfect finishing touch.

12. Coconut And Mawa Laddoo – A Fine Alternative To Sugar

Coconut And Mawa Laddoo - A sweet dish of Kerala

Kerala is a realm of palm trees. Palm is incorporated in diverse forms to nearly every recipe, so how can something as renowned as sweet ball be exempted? Palm Sweet Ball is highly renowned throughout the nation and when it combined with condensed milk, the flavor becomes celestial. Condensed milk also becomes a good substitute for sugar.

13. Squash Dessert – A Lavish Sugary Dish

Pumpkin Payasam - A sweet dish of Kerala

Malayalis adore Dessert and you can perceive that from the wide assortment in which this sugary dish is accessible. Though squash is utilized in various sweets made throughout the nation, this adaptable veggie has consistently been an underdog. Squash Dessert stands out for its zesty-tangy flavor. And embellishing it with toasted almonds and cashew nuts just makes it even more irresistible. This is why it is one of the most delectable sweets of Kerala.

14. Citrus Dessert – Obtain The Flavor Of Tart Taste Of Citrus

Orange Payasam - A sweet dish of Kerala

Citrus has been one of the most favored flavors and even among the kids. The lively and tart taste of citrus can make any dish captivating. And when it is added to the much-loved Dessert, the fan base just widens up. The incredible combination of dense citrus pulp mixed with palm oil, added to boiled rice paste, makes this opulent and flavorful sugary dish.

15. Akkaravadisal – A Sugary Dish Made Of Boiled Rice

Akkaravadisa - A sweet dish of Kerala

The source of Akkaravadisal is connected with the Iyengar tradition, which is essentially the Hindu Brahmin tradition of Tamil Nadu. However, this dish is also famous in Kerala. The main ingredient is boiled rice and moong dal, which is added to milk. Sugar or jaggery adds sweetness, and spices like cardamom and saffron contribute additional flavor. The distinctive toasted cashew garnish makes it even more appealing.

16. Coconut Pitha With Mawa – A dessert Made Of Cashew Nuts And Raisins

: Danangtrihartanto for Wikimedia Commons

Coconut Pitha With Mawa

Prepared with jaggery, cardamom, and the well-known ingredient of Kerala called Mawa aka khoya, Coconut Pitha is an excellent dish to try in the city and also bring back home as a gift for friends and family. This dessert has a filling made of raisins and cashew nuts. It is possibly one of the most delicious desserts that you can enjoy after your meals in the state of Kerala.

17. Shahi Tukda With Coconut Oil – The Mughlai Dish

: Rockstarswapnil for Wikimedia Commons

Shahi Tukda With Coconut Oil

Shahi Tukda is one of the famous Kerala sweet dishes that is adored by everyone. This Mughlai dish with a South Indian touch will leave you wanting more. This Kerala dish is extremely popular among both locals and tourists due to the flavors of saffron, milk, and coconut that are incorporated into the dish. Shahi tukda is primarily made with bread or rusk fried in coconut oil according to your preferences.

18. Milk Rice with Green Gram – Perfect For Dessert Lovers

: srilankanfoodforever

Milk Rice with Green Gram

Kerala sweet dishes have just the right amount of sugar in them that are ideal for dessert enthusiasts. Milk Rice is another dessert that will make your mouth water. It is made with Green Gram, which not only provides a great texture but also enhances the flavors of the sweet dish. Also known as Mung Ata Kiribath, this sweet dish incorporates the taste of coconut so that you can experience the authentic flavors of the southern region.

When traveling to the Southern part of India, there is no shortage of Kerala sweets. There is no better way to truly understand a culture than through its flavors and tastes. With a wide variety of snacks and sweets in Kerala cuisine, you will never get enough of the flavors. Take a culinary journey to Kerala and savor the heavenly desserts of the state that will surely tantalize your taste buds!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Kerala Sweets

What is a special sweet in Kerala?

Different kinds of Payasams are the most popular sweet dishes in Kerala. Apart from that, aluva (South Indian Halwa), and coconut laddoo are some of the other popular sweet dishes of this state.

Which is the best place to buy special kerala sweet?

Kerala sweets are easily available at the local sweet shops and bakeries in the state. However, there are also specific regions that are known for the best version of a sweet, for instance Calicut, also known as Kozhikode, is well-known for its authentic halwa (aluva).

What is the best time to visit Kerala?

The winter season between September to March is the ideal time to visit Kerala.

How to reach Kerala?

Kerala is conveniently accessible by air. The state is home to three international airports, namely Thiruvananthapuram International Airport, Kochi International Airport, and Kozhikode International Airport.

What can I buy in Kerala?

Spices, Tea and Coffee, Coir Handicrafts, Shell Showpieces, Kathakali Masks, Kasavu Mundu, and many more things can be purchased in Kerala.

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