2023 China Travel: 9 Considerations for an Unforgettable Trip

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China has become a popular travel destination in recent years with more and more individuals heading there for a vacation. The contrast of advanced technology lifestyle and ancient history makes it an intriguing place to visit. If you also have a vacation in mind, then these China travel recommendations will assist you in planning a trip.

Great Wall Of China

Traveling to China is not at all similar to traveling across Europe or India. China has its own set of regulations that you must follow when exploring the country. Do not worry, it will not ruin your enjoyment in any way. In fact, you will have the opportunity to learn about the cultures and traditions that make this place so unique. After all, is not every vacation a fresh learning experience?

China Travel Recommendations

Here are some travel recommendations for first-timers visiting China to make their vacation a hassle-free experience. Remember these for your next trip to China.

1. Carry cash


One thing you should be aware of is that no currency other than Chinese Yuan is accepted in the country. Additionally, most places in China conduct transactions in cash. Therefore, ensure that you exchange an adequate amount of money from the bank prior to your China trip. Another point to note is that you will not find many international ATMs throughout the country. If you possess an HSBC card, it is easy to exchange your currency at foreign banks. Also, notify your bank in advance about your trip to prevent your transactions from being cancelled.


2. Sanitation

Include sufficient toilet paper, hand sanitizer, and soap in your toiletry bag as these items may not be readily available everywhere. Only hotels and higher-end restaurants provide toilet paper, so it is better to be cautious.

Hotel View

3. Accommodation reservation

If you prefer not to make an immediate payment for your hotel, then you should consider making a reservation through booking.com, which offers a variety of properties all across China. Chinese websites like C-trip and eLong are highly recommended for hotel reservations. Instead of booking an additional room for your children, you can confidently request extra bedding as the Chinese are very accommodating in that regard.

Visa Documents

4. Visa

China does not offer visa on arrival. You will require an invitation letter from a friend or relative, or you can submit your detailed itinerary which includes your return ticket and hotel information. To apply for a visa, you will need to either visit a Chinese consulate in person or send your application via mail. It is recommended to apply for a Chinese visa well in advance of your trip to avoid any potential delays.

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5. Language Barrier


Uh-oh… You are going to encounter a tough situation in terms of communication in China unless you are in Beijing or Shanghai because most people are not skilled in the English language. If you are venturing into lesser-known cities and villages, you will face challenges. You could either grasp a few essential phrases in Madarin or download a language application (if it functions in China) to translate signage for you.

Communication Barrier

6. Potable Water

No matter what you do, avoid consuming tap water in China. It is contaminated and will result in a bout of food poisoning. Have a water bottle with you at all times, which you should bring along wherever you go. Refill your water bottle from a reliable water source. This will reduce your reliance on plastic water bottles and therefore lessen the strain on the environment. This is the absolute minimum that you can do for your planet.

Water Bottle

7. Cuisine

Food On Plate

If you do not enjoy potent Asian flavors, then you will encounter a slight issue with cuisine in China. Chinese food in China tastes significantly different than what you are accustomed to having in your own nation. Additionally, menu in all the restaurants are written in Chinese with no translations. So, please consult with your waiter before placing an order.

When it comes to street food, head to those places where you find a lengthy queue of locals to be on the safer side. Street food is quite popular in China. So, you must get a taste of it.

8. Transportation

Fast Train View

Prefer to travel by train during your vacation in China. You won’t be able to thank Chinese enough for the service. If you want to get your train passes made, then you can get in touch with China DIY travel to assist you with the passes. It is operated by an Australian-Chinese couple.

Taking taxis in China is another option since it is inexpensive and easily accessible. If you are considering renting a car, you must know that the traffic on the roads in China is chaotic and noisy.

9. Packing list

Packing list

You will require two distinct packing lists for summer and winter. So, it depends on what time you are visiting China. Winters in southern parts of China are extremely freezing. So, you would need layers to keep yourself warm. Carry a warm water bottle with you if you can. The weather during the summers in China is hot and humid. So, wear light colored cotton clothes and carry talcum powder with you to avoid irritation.

Voyaging to China is not as challenging as it appears if you merely keep these China travel suggestions in mind. It can surprisingly be an incredible place to explore with so many distinct experiences to have. If you are not yet completely at ease with travelling to China, you could embark on a vacation in Hong Kong and have an encounter with Cantonese culture.

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