20 Eerie Locations in Mumbai with Unveiled Tales Floating in the Atmosphere: 2023 Edition

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A snap of the haunted road between Marve and Madh Island

Just like any other urban center, Mumbai has its own dark side embellished with haunted tales. Despite its vibrant persona, the city that never sleeps has its fair share of forgotten narratives that recount tragic lives and their untimely demise.

A late afternoon view of the haunted Nasserwanj Wadi where Nasser was brutally murderedA late afternoon view of the haunted Nasserwanj Wadi where Nasser was brutally murdered

In this piece, we delve into the eerie side of Mumbai, devoid of its enchanting nightlife, delectable street food, and vibrant Bollywood culture. We explore the most bone-chilling haunted places in Mumbai that can send shivers down the spine of even the bravest souls.

20 Most Terrifying Haunted Places In Mumbai

Are you in search of haunted places in Mumbai? Mumbai houses numerous locations that are perfect for an adventure with your audacious companions! While you may yearn for an exhilarating experience that will make your blood run cold, these places are certainly not to be trifled with. Read on to discover the spine-chilling secrets this city holds!

  • Sanjay Gandhi National Park
  • Mukesh Mill
  • Aarey Milk Colony
  • Tower Of Silence
  • The D’Souza Chawl
  • Marve And Madh Island Road
  • Mumbai High Court
  • Nasserganj Wadi
  • Poonam Chambers
  • Grand Paradi Towers
  • Vrindavan Society
  • Taj Mahal Hotel
  • St John
  • Pawan Hans Quarters
  • Aashirwad
  • Ram Sakit Building
  • Santa Cruz
  • SNDT Girls College
  • IC Colony
  • Jogeshwari 2nd Floor

Students walk along the railway track passing through the Sanjay Gandhi National Park

1. Sanjay Gandhi National Park

Sanjay Gandhi National Park, a biosphere reserve and trekking spot, stands as one of the most haunted sites in Mumbai. Many individuals have claimed to see a vague silhouette of a hitchhiker slowly fading into thin air. This phenomenon has also been witnessed and reported by forest guards. Despite its haunted reputation, the park continues to attract a large number of visitors owing to its popularity and natural beauty. However, this fact does not negate the reality that it is indeed one of the terrifying places in Mumbai.

How To Reach: Renting a car or bike is the most convenient way to reach Sanjay Gandhi National Park, as the nearest railway station, Borivali Railway Station, is approximately 33 kilometers away and there are no direct buses to the destination.

A view of the haunted Mukesh Hill at Colaba

2. Mukesh Mill

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The historic site of Mukesh Mill was tragically consumed by a devastating fire in the year 1870, and it has since become notorious as one of the most chilling locations in Mumbai. The presence of inexplicable shadows, eerie sensations, and an overall uncanny atmosphere has frequently disrupted the filming of numerous renowned Hindi movies. Directors now often decline the opportunity to shoot in this once-famous venue due to the discomfort experienced by the crew members, leading to early pack-ups and abandoned projects.

Sun passes through the road and hits the haunted street at Aarey Milk Colony

How to Get There: The nearest bus stop to Mukesh Mills is Ahilyabai Holkar Chowk, which is located 2 kilometers away from the destination.

3. Aarey Milk Colony

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While passing through the affluent streets of Aarey Milk Colony, you may encounter a lady holding a child and asking for a ride. But beware, as this ghostly apparition soon vanishes into thin air, leaving you trembling with fear. Numerous eyewitness accounts have reported this spine-chilling phenomenon, including testimonials from the residents of the colony. It is no wonder, then, that Aarey Milk Colony has earned its place among the most haunted locations in Mumbai, and numerous ghost stories from the city stem from this very neighborhood.

Parsis disposing off the dead bodies at the Tower of Silence at Malabar Hill

How to Get There: The nearest railway station to Aarey Milk Colony is Goregaon Railway Station, approximately 5 kilometers away from the destination.

4. Tower of Silence

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Nestled in the serene surroundings of Malabar Hill, the Tower of Silence holds a significant place in the Parsi community. Here, deceased bodies are placed to be devoured by vultures, embodying the final step before their journey to the afterlife. As one of the most haunted places in Mumbai, this chilling location features rows of lifeless bodies, emanating a putrid stench and an uncannily silent ambiance that adds to the overall eeriness.

A view of the haunted D'Souza Chawl in Mahim

How to Get There: The nearest railway station to the Tower of Silence is Charni Road Railway Station, situated 5 kilometers away from the destination.

5. The D’Souza Chawl

Chawl is an incredibly crowded and well-known settlement located in Mumbai. However, the D’Souza Chawl in Mahim stands apart in terms of its fame. Rumors circulate about the presence of a restless spirit that haunts the chawl since an old resident tragically lost her life by falling into a well. As a result, it has gained a reputation as one of Mumbai’s most terrifying locations. Residents have claimed to witness peculiar shadows and indistinct figures, but these encounters exclusively occur during the night, with no sightings of the old lady’s spirit in broad daylight.

How to Get There: Mahim is easily accessible by road, and one can reach there by hiring a cab or taxi.


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6. Marve And Madh Island Road


Travelers on this road have allegedly encountered a spectral figure adorned in bridal attire, pleading for assistance. According to local lore, the unsettled spirit relentlessly roams along the road, stopping passing vehicles. The unsettling tales recount a tragic incident that transpired several years ago, where a young woman was brutally murdered on her wedding night and then discarded in the nearby mangrove forests. Since then, numerous eyewitnesses have reported witnessing the apparition on multiple occasions.

Mumbai High Court is one of the most haunted places in Mumbai

How To Get There: The location has excellent road connectivity.

7. The High Court of Mumbai

It’s astonishing to think that the bustling Mumbai High Court is also known for its paranormal activity. One of the courtrooms in this building is haunted by the ghost of a bilingual lawyer. During a murder trial held in that very room, the ghost frightens the defendant to such an extent that they end up confessing to the crime.

How To Get There: The place has convenient road access.

8. Nasserganj Wadi

Located near Mahim Station, Nasserganj Wadi is another eerie place in Mumbai. It used to belong to a Parsi man named Nasser, who was tragically murdered and buried near a well in the area. Residents of this compound have frequently witnessed Nasser or his spirit wandering around the premises. The picture above has an unsettling vibe as well!

A view of the haunted Poonam Chambers where many recent ghost stories of Mumbai originated

How To Get There: The place is easily accessible by road and can be reached via cab or taxi.

9. Poonam Chambers

Poonam Chambers in Worli has witnessed two horrifying incidents – the bomb blast of 1993 and the collapse of B-Wing in 1997 – both resulting in numerous casualties. Since then, night shift workers and security guards have complained of strange sounds coming from B-Wing, including rattling doors and knocks. It’s no wonder that many employees refuse to stay late at work in one of the most haunted places in Mumbai.

How To Get There: The nearest railway station, Mahalaxmi, is approximately 3 kilometers away from Poonam Chambers. There is also a bus stop called Poonam Chambers Shivsagar Estate in the vicinity.

A view of the Grand Paradi Towers that is claimed to be one of the haunted places in Mumbai

10. Grand Paradi Towers

Numerous high-rise buildings in Mumbai have either omitted naming their thirteenth floor or restricted access to it. Examples include the Oberoi Trident Hotel, Hoechst, Maker Chambers, and Atlanta Hotel. However, it is not always the thirteenth floor that bears the curse. In the residential complex of Grand Paradi Towers, it is the dreaded ‘Unfortunate 8’. This place has witnessed numerous fatalities, and of the 20 suicides that have occurred since 2004, the majority have been from the eighth floor. In consecutive years, a couple, their children, and an elderly man all took the leap from this ill-fated level.

A view of the haunted Vrindavan Society where the ghost is rumored to slap the sleeping guards

These chilling tales of tragic, unnatural deaths have rendered Grand Paradi Towers one of the most haunted spots in Mumbai. Yet, the horror does not end there – despite its prime location in the upscale area of Malabar hills, people are reluctant to purchase an apartment in these ill-omened towers.

Getting There: This place is well-connected and easily accessible by road.

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11. Vrindavan Society

Situated behind the Thane Creek, Vrindavan Society is reputed as one of the eerie spots in Mumbai. Night security guards have reported experiencing inexplicable slaps if they fall asleep during their shifts. They have even heard eerie whispers directly into their ears while on nocturnal patrol. According to local legends, the ghost that haunts this place is that of an elderly man who took his own life within one of the buildings in the society.

The grand staircase at the haunted Taj Mahal Hotel in Mumbai

Getting There: Vrindavan Society has its own bus stop, providing convenient access to the society.

12. Taj Mahal Hotel

The Taj Mahal Hotel, an iconic structure in Mumbai, is also regarded as one of India’s haunted hotels. The architect responsible for this majestic establishment tragically took his own life as he could not bear the deviation from the original layout of the building. Over time, his spirit has been known to wander the various corridors and staircases of the Taj Mahal Hotel, forever tied to his dream project.

The ruins of the haunted St John Church

How To Get There: The Taj Mahal Hotel is located 2.6 kilometers away from the nearest Churchgate Railway Station and 2.4 kilometers away from the nearest Colaba Bus Station.

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13. St John

A google map image of the Pawan Hans Quarters and the neighbouring areas

St John – A Baptist Church is one of the eerie locations in Andheri. In a dilapidated state since the Portuguese abandoned it, the church boasts a history of approximately 500 years. Prior to 1977, visitors to the church reported encountering the presence of a young bride’s spirit who sent shivers down their spines. Consequently, the locals summoned a priest to perform an exorcism. However, the procedure was inexplicably disrupted by the spirit, leaving the premises unexplored by daring individuals. This remains one of Mumbai’s forsaken sites.

How to Get There: St. John Baptist Church is closest to Andheri Bus Station (E) and is approximately 1.2 kilometers away from Dadoji Konddev Stadium Railway Station.

14. Pawan Hans Quarters

In Juhu, the Pawan Hans Quarter is reputed among the local populace for its eerie vibe. In 1989, a young girl named Salma tragically took her own life by setting herself on fire. While the exact cause remains a mystery, witnesses claim to have seen her fiery apparition running towards a Peepal tree situated within the quarters. Although the tiny spirit has not caused harm to anyone, the locals have erected a Hanuman Temple for protection.

The entrance to the haunted bungalow that once belonged to the late actor Rajesh Khanna

How to Get There: Pawan Hans Quarters is closest to Vile Parle Railway Station (W), a mere 7 meters away.

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15. Aashirwad

haunted building

The renowned ‘Aashirwad’ mansion, once owned by the late actor Rajesh Khanna, is said to possess a haunted aura. Despite the superstar’s extensive renovations, the mansion continued to carry a reputation as the “haunted house” ever since he purchased it from a Parsi businessman. A recent Bollywood news update revealed that the mansion was sold at a comparatively lower price following the actor’s demise, owing to its association with the supernatural.

How to Get There: The location is easily accessible by road.

old house from the outside

16. The Haunted Ram Sakit Building

Legend has it that a woman in her fifties fell into the well of the Ram Sakit Building in Mumbai. Since then, the well has been closed off. Although visitors are unable to explore the building compound, residents of the society firmly believe that the spirit of the woman still lingers in the premises. It is said that her ghost manifests itself during each new moon.

How to Get There: The location is well-connected and easily accessible by road.

classroom with old book open

17. Mysterious Occurrences at Santa Cruz West

The renowned neighborhood of Santa Cruz in Mumbai is filled with tales of a woman who resides on the second floor of a building. Due to fear, the locals refrain from using her name and instead refer to her as ‘2nd floor ki Bhabhi Ji’. It is also rumored that the sound of a barking dog indicates the presence of this same woman’s spirit.

How to Get There: The nearest bus stop to Santa Cruz West is Santacruz Bus Stop West. Numerous buses from various parts of Mumbai run to Santa Cruz West.

mumbai skyline at night

18. The Haunting of SNDT Girls College

Within the ruins of the old SNDT Girls College lies an intriguing story. It is believed that the voice of a woman reciting multiplication tables can be heard, accompanied by the sounds of crying children and slapping. Though this may send a chill down your spine, there was no evidence found when some brave individuals took it upon themselves to investigate.

How to Get There: SNDT College has its own dedicated bus station called SNDT College Juhu, which is located approximately 300 meters away from the destination.

Haunted Places In Uttarakhand cover

19. The Ghostly Tale of IC Colony

Another eerie story surrounds the IC Colony in Borivali, making it one of Mumbai’s most haunted places. A gardener tragically took his own life in the playground just in front of the colony building. It is believed that his spirit still watches over the region, haunting young children. Quite spine-chilling, isn’t it?

How To Get There: The closest bus stations to I.C. Colony are I.C. Colony Bus Station and Atmaram Tower Bus Station. There are multiple buses that operate between different destinations and IC Colony.

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20. Jogeshwari 2nd Floor

Another well-known spooky spot to explore in Mumbai can be found in Jogeshwari. The second floor of the pink-colored Jogeshwari building has an abundance of eerie stories associated with it. According to locals, the apartment belonged to an air hostess who met her demise there. Rumor has it that peculiar occurrences can be witnessed on the terrace and balcony.

How To Get There: You can conveniently reach the location by hiring a cab or taxi to Parsi Panchayat Road in Jogeshwari East.

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Next time you plan a trip to Mumbai or visit the city, brace yourself to experience the thrilling presence of haunted places. You never know, you might return with a bone-chilling story to share with us.

Frequently Asked Questions About Haunted Places In Mumbai

What are some abandoned locations in Mumbai suitable for photography?

Mumbai, one of India’s largest and most densely populated cities, doesn’t offer many abandoned places. However, photography enthusiasts can explore the following picturesque locations in Mumbai: 1. Mumbai Naturepark 2. IIT Bombay 3. Juhu Beach at dawn 4. Kanheri Cave

Are there any haunted places in Pune?


Pune, a peaceful city adjacent to the bustling Mumbai, also has its own share of eerie tales. If you seek thrills, make sure to visit these haunted places in Pune: 1. Shaniwarwada Fort 2. Pune Cantonment 3. Chandan Nagar 4. Victory Theatre 5. Sinhagad Fort

Which are some of the most haunted places in Mumbai?

Mumbai boasts several haunted places that are renowned for their spooky ambiance. Some notable locations include Taj Hotel, Ram Sakit Building, SNDT Girls College, and St John Baptist Church.

What is Mumbai renowned for?


Mumbai has gained fame for various reasons. It is known as India’s wealthiest city with the highest number of millionaires. The city is also home to three UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Is Mumbai a safe travel destination?

Yes, Mumbai is considered a safe city to visit. However, like any other urban area, it experiences a moderate level of crime, and tourists should exercise caution and take necessary safety measures.



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