15 Spooky Destinations in Delhi to Explore in 2023

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“Since that unforgettable day, I have refrained from mocking individuals who believe in paranormal occurrences in the bustling city of Delhi.

The tale dates back to a wintry night when restlessness consumed me at home, compelling me to embark on a lengthy drive with my companions. As fate would have it, all of my childhood friends were practically my neighbors. So, I gathered them and we headed towards our usual meeting spot. Engrossed in conversation, laughter, and foolish behavior, our merriment was abruptly interrupted by an eerie, high-pitched voice resonating from an unknown source. We quickly brought the vehicle to an immediate halt, contemplating the idea of investigating the peculiar sound. To our surprise, a disfigured child emerged before our eyes. It is worth noting that we had taken a shortcut along a desolate route, secluded from the normal flow of traffic. Overwhelmed by an unsettling sensation, my friends urged me to continue driving, without pause until we had crossed that path. As we resumed our journey, the child grew infuriated, hurling rocks at my car while unleashing blood-curdling screams. We all noticed the child’s ebony eyes and unnaturally pallid complexion. Fleeing from that ominous spot like bats escaping their lair, we vowed never to return.”

Terrifying, isn’t it? Yet, this is not a scene from a horror movie but a chilling real-life account conveyed by one of my colleagues. For us residents of Delhi, it is not entirely extraordinary to encounter such phenomena or even personally experience them. Amidst the chaos and commotion of the city, there exist haunted locations in Delhi where one can truly sense the presence of supernatural entities.

15 Exceptionally Haunted Spots in Delhi

Prepare yourself for a bone-chilling journey as we unveil a compilation of the most frightful places in Delhi, capable of evoking fear from head to toe and provoking contemplation on the ethereal realm. Here they are:

  • Delhi Cantonment
  • Lothian Cemetery
  • Sanjay Van
  • Agrasen ki Baoli
  • Firoz Shah Kotla Fort
  • Khooni Darwaza
  • Delhi Ridge Area
  • The Haunted Tree Of Dwarka Sector 9
  • Chor Minar
  • Mutiny House
  • The Karkardooma Delhi Court
  • DDA flats in Qutub Enclave Phase II
  • Malcha Mahal
  • The Ridge
  • Bhuli Bhatiyari Ka Mahal

The hauntingly eerie night at Lothian Cemetery

1. Delhi Cantonment

Despite being hailed as one of the safest areas of Delhi, Delhi Cantonment is far from exempt from spine-chilling entities. In fact, it is commonly regarded as the most haunted place in Delhi. Numerous individuals have reported encountering a horrifying woman clad in a white saree, desperately seeking a ride. When refused, she persistently pursues the vehicle, matching its speed. This eerie encounter has cemented Delhi Cantonment’s reputation as one of the most haunted spots in all of India.

The dark and wierdly still trail of Sanjay Van — One of the most haunted places to visit in Delhi

Haunting by: Mysterious woman requesting a ride

2. Lothian Cemetery

The setting of a cemetery is enough to send shivers down your spine, but when you add a ghost without a head into the mix, chaos ensues. Yes, it may sound like something out of a movie, but this is the reality of a haunted location in Delhi. Many people who have encountered this ghost, holding his detached head in his hand, have never lived to tell the tale. Those who are still alive are terrified to their core. If you happen to pass by, you may hear disturbing laughter and cries coming from this eerie haunted spot in Delhi.

The most haunted place of Delhi-Agrasen ki Baoli

Haunted by: Beheaded ghosts buried in the cemetery

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3. Sanjay Van

During the day, this 10 km stretch of forest is a paradise for children and nature enthusiasts. However, as night falls, it transforms into a nightmare. The sight of eerily calm elderly women dressed in white and children with chillingly evil laughter may follow you into the darkness from which there is no escape. Suddenly being pushed or slapped, witnessing the disappearance of personal belongings, and experiencing foggy summer nights may seem amusing, but it’s a different story when these occurrences are not caused by humans. The haunting aura of this place easily earns it a spot on the list of the most terrifying places in the world.

Haunted by: Elder woman wearing white and spooky laughter of children

Historical Monuments That Became Haunted Places in Delhi

Delhi is home to numerous historical monuments that have been popular tourist attractions. However, some of them have now become haunted places. Take a look.

4. Agrasen Ki Baoli

Among all the haunted places in Delhi, Agrasen Ki Baoli is the creepiest. It is said to be inhabited by evil entities. This step-well, with its 104 levels, used to be filled with mysteriously dark water that enticed people to commit suicide by drowning. As you descend the steps, you will feel an increasing sense of unease. You may encounter strange beings or hear unexplained noises around you.

The dark and grimy ruins of Firoz Shah Kotla Fort — A haunted place in Delhi

Haunted by: Strange noises

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5. Firoz Shah Kotla Fort

Numerous stories circulate regarding the existence of Djinns within this fort from the 14th century. Although typically quiet, individuals gather on Thursday evenings to appease the Djinns of this genuinely haunted location in Delhi. Some have described incidents of being suddenly shoved and attacked, as well as the sudden emergence of pleasant scents. A few have even claimed to be followed by an invisible presence back to their homes, where it unleashes a torrent of torment upon them. This place is so eerie that it easily qualifies as one of the most terrifying places in India.

The ruins of spooky Khooni Darwaza

Invaded by: Jinns

6. Khooni Darwaza

Blood-curdling screams and pained cries are frequently heard around this historical structure. There are various accounts explaining the ghostly presence in this highly exposed haunted location in Delhi, such as the savage murder of three princes and the hanging of freedom fighters by the English. Regardless of the reason, the sudden drop in temperature and apparitions passing through the walls of this gate will send shivers down your spine.

The hauntings in Delhi Ridge with low mobile reception

Invaded by: Piercing screams and cries

7. Delhi Ridge Area

Numerous eyewitnesses have reported encountering the apparition of a British gentleman carrying an antique rifle wandering through this haunted region in Delhi. Many have felt as though they were being watched. With poor mobile reception, an eerie stillness in the surroundings, the absence of natural sounds like bird chirping or other signs of life, and sudden wafts of pleasant fragrances, these are just the initial encounters. The number of unaccounted disappearances in the area is difficult to keep track of, adding to the mystery.


Invaded by: Ghost of a British man

8. The Cursed Tree of Dwarka Sector 9

Have you ever driven past the infamous ‘cursed tree’ near the Dwarka Sector 9 metro station in the early hours of the night? Those unfortunate enough to have done so, including numerous individuals who work in multinational corporations and call centers, have often reported seeing a peculiar figure running alongside their car or getting suddenly slapped in the face by something (or someone!) they couldn’t see. Feeling spooked? Well, these are just a few of the bone-chilling anecdotes associated with this tree that flood in relentlessly the moment you search ‘Dwarka cursed tree’ on the internet.

And in case the eerie ghost stories aren’t sufficient to terrify you, it’s worth mentioning that the tree has been the cause of some disturbing bike and car accidents in that particular bend, even during daylight hours! Do you have the courage to go and see it for yourself? Aside from its chilling nature, the tree and the adjacent Hindu temple are excellent places to visit. Just make sure you go during the day!

Haunted by: Pursued or slapped by an unidentified figure

9. Chor Minar

Mutiny House

Hauz Khas Village is not only a vibrant party and nightlife hub in the capital, but it is also among the top haunted places in Delhi. With its archaeological complex, it beautifully preserves Delhi’s old-world charm while accommodating rapid modern development. One structure within the complex, Chor Minar, has attracted speculations for quite some time. The upper walls of the minar are pierced with holes, rumored to have been made by spears. Legend has it that these holes housed the decapitated heads of thieves punished during the reign of Ala-ud-din Khalji. And it is believed that the spirits of these thieves haunt the area during the night.

Haunted by: Beheaded thieves

10. Mutiny House


The Mutiny House, constructed by the British during their colonial rule in India, stands as a memorial to the British soldiers who sacrificed their lives during the Revolt of 1857. Today, it has become one of the most haunted places in Delhi. Numerous people have reported witnessing paranormal events within its walls. Some even claim to have seen severed body parts of individuals.

Haunted by: British soldiers

Contemporary Haunted Locations in Delhi

If you thought these were the only haunted places, think again. Delhi is home to a few more modern-day haunted locations. Continue reading to learn about them.

The tree on which the corpse have been seen hanging upside down in the most haunted neighborhood of Delhi

11. The Karkardooma Delhi Court

Numerous legal practitioners at Karkardooma Court Complex have experienced unearthly phenomena in their vicinity. Among the various haunted sites in Delhi, this particular establishment stands out as truly inconspicuous and unexpected. Doors mysteriously opening and shutting, files being plucked from drawers, flickering lights, the emergence of a misty figure through walls, and the inexplicable movement of chairs – all of these occurrences have been recorded on the surveillance cameras that are installed in The Court.

Haunted by: Apparition captured on CCTV

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12. DDA flats In Qutub Enclave Phase II

The residents of this neighborhood have frequently witnessed the unsettling sight of an abnormally pale and grimy woman’s corpse hanging upside down from a tree just outside one of the alleged haunted residences in Delhi. Drastic changes in temperature, sudden gusts of wind, and the piercing laughter of a woman have the power to halt you in your tracks. It is believed that the area on which this housing complex stands was once a graveyard, plagued by numerous ghostly sightings.

According to the account of Kunal Mathur, a brilliant marketer, “I was returning from a party at 2 a.m. with three of my colleagues when I noticed two individuals dressed in peculiar Rajasthani attire walking away from us. We had heard countless stories about this road being one of the most haunted places in Delhi. It seemed odd that anyone would take a stroll along these isolated streets at such a late hour. As soon as we passed by them, they started following us with an unearthly swiftness. My colleague, who was driving, pushed the speed to its limits, yet those eerie figures managed to pursue us. However, once we reached a small roadside temple, they vanished into thin air. Till this day, I haven’t been able to make sense of it. I have never ventured down that haunted road since.”

Haunted by: Shrill laughter of a woman

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13. Malcha Mahal

Also known as Wilayat Mahal, this eerie residence in the Chanakyapuri area of New Delhi has been deemed haunted for several decades. Originally constructed by Firuz Shah Tughlaq in 1325, numerous reports of paranormal activity have surfaced in this vicinity, particularly within this majestic palace, shedding light on its tremulous past.

Haunted by: Unknown

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14. The Ridge

Situated near the Vasant Kunj-Mehrauli Road in New Delhi, The Ridge is a well-known spot for travelers and tourists. It is often regarded as a landmark, but its history is shrouded in secrecy. Despite numerous reported incidents, no harm has come to anyone due to the alleged ghostly events.

Haunted by: Unknown

15. Bhuli Bhatiyari Ka Mahal

These ancient ruins from the 14th century have gained popularity in local areas and the surrounding regions due to numerous ghost sightings, chilling tales of disappearances, and haunting sounds. The locals strongly advise against visiting the property after sundown, making it one of the most eerie places in Delhi.

Haunted by: Unknown

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Are you ready for some thrilling experiences in Delhi? If you’re not up for exploring these haunted places on your own, you can join a night walk in Delhi organized by various paranormal communities, led by experienced paranormal experts. One such community is ‘Guide Trip’. And, now that you’re aware of these previously unimaginable places, doesn’t it excite you? Step out and experience the unusual, but remember to proceed with caution! And if you’re not currently in the city, you can easily book a trip with Fred and Fuzzys!

Frequently Asked Questions About Haunted Places In Delhi

Can I explore the haunted places in Delhi?

Certainly! You are welcome to visit all the places mentioned above. However, it is advisable to visit during daylight hours, obtain any required permissions, and preferably not travel alone.

Am I allowed to take photos or record videos in these haunted places?

Absolutely! Feel free to capture photographs and videos, but be sure to check for any signs prohibiting digital recording before proceeding.

Can I visit these haunted places in Delhi at night?

The answer is both yes and no. Some of the locations mentioned are in public areas and can be visited at any time. However, a few may be protected or within restricted boundaries, requiring additional permission from the appropriate authorities.

Is it possible for travelers to stay overnight at these places?

While some of the mentioned places may be safe for such endeavors, others have been deemed unsafe for public visits, particularly for overnight stays. It is strongly advised to visit during the day and consult with local authorities if planning an overnight stay.

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