15 Ideal Accommodations for an Unforgettable Stay in Pushkar

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Pushkar and its fair are beloved destinations for religious pilgrims and captivating havens for free-spirited bohemians and art enthusiasts. This city is renowned for being the sole location of the Brahma Temple on Earth, and the famous Pushkar lake adds to its appeal for pilgrims.

While the peak footfall in Pushkar occurs during the renowned fair in November, visiting during the offseason offers a unique experience. The choice of accommodation you make plays a crucial role in shaping your stay. Luxurious hotels promise a regal and rejuvenating experience, comfortable resorts are perfect for a leisurely tourist trip, and budget-friendly options cater to those embarking on longer backpacking adventures.

In this installment, we present the finest hotels and resorts in Pushkar suitable for luxurious and comfortable stays.

The Finest 5-Star Resorts in Pushkar

As one of India’s oldest cities, Pushkar is famous for its annual Camel Fair. The place is known for its breathtaking beauty and majestic ambiance. With a large number of tourists flocking to this destination, Pushkar offers some of the most exceptional luxury accommodations. We have curated a list of the top resorts in Pushkar.

Ananta Spa and Resorts: Immerse Yourself in Luxury Amidst Serenity

Pratap Palace: Experience Heritage Royalty and Modern Luxury

Pushkar Bagh: Indulge in Ethnic Heritage Amidst Your Stay

Bhanwar Singh Palace: Where Ajmer Sharif Becomes Your Address

Dera Masuda: Step into the World of Authentic Royalty

Aaram Baagh: Embrace the Exquisite Out-of-Room Living

Sewara Pushkar Resorts: For the Admirers of Kate Winslet and Ford

Jagat Palace: Revel in a Stay Surrounded by Colonial Antiques

Lohana Village Resort: Glamorous Camping Within Reach

Royal Rajasthan: Immerse Yourself in the Culture and Folklore of the Desert

Honeydew’s Retreat: A Budget-Friendly Stay with Luxurious Amenities

Pushkar Hill Resort: Enjoy an Evening Enlivened by Puppet Shows

Sajjan Bagh: A Pocket-Friendly Hotel in Pushkar

Green Park Resort: Assured Rejuvenation during Your Stay

Vela Resort: Experience a Touch of Royalty within a Minimal Budget

Evening lamps lighting up Pratap Palace - another name among best Pushkar resorts

1. Ananta Spa and Resorts – A Taste of Luxury Amidst Serenity

Among the most elegant and exceptional resorts in Pushkar, Ananta Spa and Resorts stands alone in its uniqueness. It offers a perfect blend of impeccable luxury, amenities, and serene tranquility. Set across a sprawling 9 acres, this resort is an ideal destination for those seeking opulent stays, VIP conferences, and lavish wedding ceremonies.

What Makes It Special: Luxurious rooms and world-class amenities. The Mudra spa offers a range of luxury wellness therapies, including Herbal Touch, Shushakti, Balinese, Puranta Bhoga, Santosha, and Abhyanga, among others.

Suggested Suite: Super Deluxe Room

Tariff: Starting from INR 27,000

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2. Pratap Palace – Experience the Perfect Blend of Heritage and Modern Luxury

Pratap Palace, a majestic palace transformed into an exquisite heritage resort, offers a unique amalgamation of traditional royal charm and contemporary elegance. Meticulously preserved by the renowned Taj Group, this palace is nestled amidst the enchanting Aravalli hills, providing a breathtaking backdrop. With its top-notch amenities, Pratap Palace guarantees an enchanting stay in Pushkar. Undoubtedly, it ranks among the most superior resorts in Pushkar, Rajasthan.

An ethnically done up room at Pushkar Bagh - one among the best resorts in Pushkar

Unique Features: The resort boasts an impressive heritage-style architecture that adds to its allure. Moreover, Chef Kapil Sahi personally ensures an unparalleled dining experience for guests at the restaurant.Suggested Suite: Indulge in the opulent Royal Suite.Starting Tariff: Prices begin at INR 8,000.

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Unwind at the Finest 4-Star Resorts in Pushkar

3. Pushkar Bagh – Immerse Yourself in the Rich Ethnic Heritage

Boasting sheer luxury and an authentic heritage ambiance, Pushkar Bagh provides unparalleled hospitality and exceptional amenities. This prestigious resort in Pushkar offers 30 lavish and deluxe rooms, along with delectable culinary experiences at the renowned Surya Mahal Multi-cuisine restaurant. It is an ideal choice for families with teenagers, as the staff happily arranges various sports activities such as cricket, volleyball amidst the sand dunes, badminton, musical chairs, and tug of war upon request. Pushkar Bagh is among the top-rated resorts in Pushkar with private pools.

Panoramic view of the entrance to the grand Bhanwar Singh Palace

Unique Features: Take delight in the ethnic village safari, savor a dinner amidst the enchanting dunes, and engage in calming yoga and meditation surrounded by nature’s serenity. Don’t miss the mesmerizing Rajasthani folk dance performances.Suggested Suite: Opt for the luxurious rooms.Starting Tariff: Prices start from INR 5,500.

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4. Bhanwar Singh Palace – Embrace Luxury with Ajmer Sharif as Your Neighbor

Pool and the rooms at Dera Masuda - a popular resort in Pushkar

Situated just a short 10-minute drive from Pushkar Sarovar on the Ajmer Pushkar Bypass Road, this remarkable heritage property presents itself as the perfect destination for an enchanting and rejuvenating vacation. Bhanwar Singh Palace stands proudly as one of the most luxurious resorts in Pushkar, garnering a strong following among international visitors. One notable feature of the hotel is its sprawling party lawns, capable of accommodating up to an impressive 10,000 people at once.

Guests can also partake in exhilarating activities such as camel safaris and horseback riding upon request.

Noteworthy qualities of the hotel include its excellent location, only 15 minutes away from the renowned Ajmer Dargah Sharif and a mere 10 minutes from Ajmer Railway Station. As for accommodations, the regal and opulent Maharaja and Maharani Suites provide a taste of royal indulgence. Prices start at INR 5,200.

For additional information, please visit the official website or read customer reviews.

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Rooms and tents at Aaram Baagh - the most luxurious camping facility in Pushkar

5. Dera Masuda – A Royal Retreat

Owned by Dushyant Singh, a descendant of the esteemed Masuda ruling family, Dera Masuda stands proudly as one of the most exceptional resorts in Pushkar. Overlooking the majestic Savitri Temple on one side and the breathtaking Aravali mountain ranges on the other, this resort offers unparalleled sunset views from its exquisite pool and gardens. It is indeed one of the finest Pushkar resorts that boasts a private pool for ultimate relaxation throughout the day.

Also, make sure to awaken your taste buds with a feast fit for royalty at their esteemed fine dining restaurant, ‘Raj Days’.

What sets this regal property apart is its captivating decor. The litho prints and fresco paintings adorning the interiors are truly a sight to behold. Additionally, the tranquil pool and its expansive 1500 sq ft sundeck exude a mesmerizing charm, particularly during sunset. The Deluxe Duplex Suite is highly recommended for its serene pool views and the myriad hues of the setting sun. Prices start at INR 4,550.

For more information, please visit the official website or read customer reviews.

The manicured garden and pool at Sewara Pushkar resort

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6. Aaram Baagh – Embrace The Outdoors

Aaram Baagh offers a unique and majestic living experience. Situated on the outskirts of Pushkar town, this resort is a charming and pollution-free retreat. Aaram Baagh prides itself on its welcoming staff, warm hospitality, and prompt service. With its opulent tented accommodations, it is also considered one of the finest glamping destinations in India (glamping in India blog). It is truly one of the top-notch resorts in Pushkar.

The attractions here include the enchanting Hammam swimming pool, vibrant cultural performances in the evening, and camel safaris during the day.

What sets it apart: The extensive collection of themed villas, lodges, and tents, such as Arabian cottage, Egyptian cottage, Tribal cottage, and Persian cottage. We recommend: Nothing beats the luxurious stay at the Villas. Price Range: Starting from INR 3,270.

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Swimming Pool at the Jagat Palace

Finest 3-star accommodations in Pushkar

7. Sewara Pushkar Resorts – A Favorite of Kate Winslet and Ford

Both Kate Winslet and Harrison Ford have visited this property during their tour of India. And that’s a testament to why planning a stay here is a great idea. Sewara Pushkar Resorts is surrounded by expansive greenery and fruit plantations. It is spread over 15 acres of land and was once a resting place for the royal Kochhar family. Built on undulating terrain, this Pushkar resort offers a variety of luxurious, comfortable, and budget-friendly stays with its 40 well-appointed cottages.

What sets it apart: The interiors adorned with Rajasthani pottery, sculptures, utensils, local dried flowers, stonework, glasswork, and traditional colorful patchwork; and the rejuvenating Kaivalya Spa.We recommend: Superior Rooms – they boast interiors inspired by the vibrant colors of the state and feature an additional baithak area.

The luxurious swiss tents of Lohana Village Resort

Experience a unique blend of traditional Rajasthani architecture and contemporary amenities at the Jagat Palace hotel, where you will be welcomed with personalized hospitality and warmth. Constructed using yellow sandstone, the hotel exudes a colonial charm. The spacious rooms offer all essential amenities, and the in-house restaurant exclusively serves vegetarian cuisine.

Highlights: Immerse yourself in the ambiance of the 82 super deluxe rooms, featuring antique interiors, traditional artifacts, and exquisite wooden work. Each room boasts of a private balcony, known as a “jharokha,” offering scenic views of the Nag Parbat (Snake Mountain). Recommended Suite: Indulge in the Super Deluxe Room, a spacious retreat furnished with a luxurious four-poster bed. Starting Tariff: Prices start from INR 4,800.

Visit the website or read reviews to learn more.

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9. Lohana Village Resort – Indulge in Glamorous Camping

Taking its name from the charming Lohaniya settlement in Rajasthan, the Lohana Village Resort offers a luxurious tented accommodation spread across 5 acres of land. Despite being a 3-star hotel, it goes above and beyond with services like on-call doctors, railway station transfers, laundry facilities, and ample parking provisions.

Highlights: Experience the glamour of camping in the resort’s exquisite glamps, complete with mini-bar facilities, campfires, and safaris. Recommended Suite: Treat yourself to the Royal Lohana Cottage Suite. Starting Tariff: Prices start from INR 2,475.

Visit the website or read reviews to learn more.

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