14 Ghostly Locations in Pune: Revealing the Enigmatic Tales of 2023.

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Pune is often praised for its prestigious colleges, renowned MNCs, comfortable living conditions, and breathtaking landscapes. However, what many people don’t realize is that this bustling city is also home to some eerie and inexplicable entities, making it host to some truly peculiar haunted locations. It may be difficult for some to believe, but we aim to debunk your skepticism and shed light on these spooky tales.

Haunted places in Pune

Discover the Top 14 Haunted Places in Pune

Embarking on a journey to haunted places is an exhilarating experience for some adventurous souls. Every city boasts its own chilling sites, each with countless stories of encounters and unexplained phenomena. While some dismiss these as mere tales, others delve into the reality of these locations. If you are seeking the most petrifying sites in and around Pune, look no further. Here, we present to you a compilation of the most haunted places in Pune and the bone-chilling experiences associated with them.

  • Choice Hostel At Karve Road: A Haven of Spooky Nights
  • Victory Theatre: A Stage for Rare Paranormal Drama
  • Abandoned Residence in Residency Club: The Gaze of the Unknown
  • Pune Cantonment: An Imperceptible Existence
  • Sinhgad Engineering College: Confrontations with the Unnatural
  • Chandan Nagar: Rare Encounters with the Unseen
  • Spooky House at MG Road: Echoes of Unsettling Laughter and More!
  • Sinhgad Fort: A Place Steeped in History and Mystery
  • Khadki War Cemetery: A Realm of Profound Silence
  • Shaniwarwada Fort: The Epitome of Haunted Sites
  • Symbiosis Road: Late Night Confrontations with the Unfamiliar
  • Lady Halima Begum Urdu Primary School in Kodhwa: Terrifying Tales of a Haunted School
  • Holkar Bridge: Peculiar Encounters in the Wee Hours

Choice Hostel – Top haunted place in Pune

1. Choice Hostel at Karve Road: A Hub of Sinister Nights

The spooky Victory Theatre in Pune

Did you know that the most extravagant boys’ hostel in Pune is plagued by supernatural occurrences? I, for one, was taken aback when I discovered this. Numerous occupants have reported sighting a female ghost draped in a vibrant red saree wandering through the corridors. The faint sound of her anklets or her blood-curdling screams can jolt the residents awake in the dead of night. It is undeniably chilling!

2. Victory Theatre: A Stage for an Uncommon Spectacle

Many moviegoers at this theater have experienced spine-chilling moments during their film sessions. Alarming screams and malevolent laughter have echoed through the halls, leaving audiences bewildered. Some even claim to have felt the seats tremble, only to find no apparent cause upon inspection. If you seek a blend of horror and excitement to accompany your movie experience, then this is the ideal location for you. However, we advise logical individuals to steer clear of this theater for the reasons mentioned above.

Abandoned house in Residency Club being haunted by an elderly lady ghost

3. House of Ghostly Eyes at Residency Club

Spooky Cantonment Area of Pune which is claimed to be haunted

Legend has it that the extravagant mansion harbors the tormented soul of an elderly woman who met a brutal demise within its walls. Numerous intruders have recounted eerie encounters with the silhouette of this very lady peering out from the windows of the house. Her haunting cries for mercy and assistance have the power to freeze anyone in their tracks.

4. Pune Cantonment: The Veiled Presence

According to reports, this location is plagued by the restless specters of ancient warriors. Upon entering this haunted site in Pune, an abrupt chill is said to encompass all who dare step foot within. Though these entities may be harmless, the sensation of being shoved and prodded by an unseen presence is undoubtedly disconcerting. Pune Cantonment has firmly established its reputation as one of the most renowned horror spots in the area.

The most haunted place in Pune – Sinhgad Engineering College

5. Sinhgad Engineering College: Supernatural Manifestations

Sinhgad Engineering College holds the dubious distinction of being the most haunted spot in Pune. Rumor has it that the ghost of an engineering student, driven to despair by repeated exam failures, still roams the premises. Students venturing into the corridors of this vast institution during the late hours of the night frequently report being shoved by an unknown entity and subjected to inexplicable slaps. Some even claim to have witnessed this troubled spirit, attending classes alongside the living students.


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Chandan Nagar is being haunted by a small girl who died unceremoniously during a construction

6. Chandan Nagar: Unusual Encounters


An adorable young girl dressed in a pristine frock, cheerfully playing with her doll. What’s peculiar about this scene, you ask? Well, the girl herself is not of the human kind! She materializes at night, joyfully skipping around, with an unnervingly serene smile on her face and pitch-black eyes. When approached, she refuses to disclose her identity, swiftly moving away with bouncy steps. Oh, and did I mention her white frock has traces of blood stains?

A haunted house on the MG Road of Pune

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7. Eerie Mansion At MG Road: Deafening Laughter And More!

This decrepit old mansion on MG Road stands as one of the most haunted spots in Pune. You may feel an unsettling presence watching you, but upon inspection, you’ll find nothing but empty space. Near this haunted abode, there have been reports of sudden waves of fragrance, transforming from faint whispers of a girl to ear-piercing screams and eventually escalating into uproarious laughter. If this doesn’t send shivers down your spine, I don’t know what will.

Sinhgad fort in Pune

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8. Sinhgad Fort: A Historic Landmark

One of the most heart-wrenching tales associated with a haunted location in Pune is that of a school bus, carrying 60 young children, veering off the road at a blind turn near this fortress. Since that fateful day, people have claimed to hear the joyful chatter of children approaching from the other side of the turn, only to find emptiness when they arrive. This is undoubtedly one of the frequently visited terrifying places in Pune.

Khadki War Cemetery is one of the most expected haunted places in Pune

9. Khadki War Cemetery: A Unique Silence

The ambiance of a cemetery is enough to elicit an unsettling feeling in anyone. The eerie tranquility and unsettling calmness of Khadki War Cemetery disturb many individuals. Considered one of Pune’s most haunted locations, this cemetery has become a playground for the spirits of soldiers who met an undignified end. You may feel a presence walking alongside you, even though your only companions are beneath six feet of earth.

The haunted fort of Shaniwarwada in Pune

10. Shaniwarwada Fort: The Most Haunted Site

The roster of Pune’s most haunted locations would be incomplete without mentioning Shaniwarwada Fort. Residents in the vicinity have shared stories of faint war cries emanating from within the fort’s walls. It is rumored that a young prince named Narayan Rao Peshwa was ruthlessly murdered by a close relative when he was just 13 years old, within the very confines of this fort. There have been sightings of this tormented prince’s ghost, crying and pleading for help. Undoubtedly, the fort bears witness to a history filled with treachery and conflict, making it a true haunted location in Pune.

Delhi Jaipur Highway

11. Symbiosis Road: Encounters After Dark

Another haunting spot in Pune is Symbiosis Road. Despite being one of the city’s most scenic roads, it holds a sinister reputation among locals once night falls. Commuters claim to avoid the road, especially during full-moon nights, as there have been countless incidents of pedestrians fainting. This is unquestionably one of the city’s most chilling locations.

12. Lady Halima Begum Urdu Primary School In Kodhwa: Tales of Terror During School Time

Countless conspiracy theories surround this place. Students have reported sighting a ghost in the shape of an egg, which has led to the evacuation of the entire school. Some pupils have even claimed to discover notes bearing the chilling message, ‘You will die soon.’ Whatever the truth may be, there have been several rare encounters at this primary school, earning it the reputation as one of the most chilling locations in Pune.

Colorado Street bridge

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13. Holkar Bridge: Unusual Encounters After Dark

The eerie tales of Holkar Bridge can be traced back to the partition of India. This architectural marvel was built by Madharao Peshwa in the early 19th century and named after Yashwantrao Holkar. Beneath the bridge rests a cemetery, and the many odd incidents that have occurred here have led locals to avoid crossing the bridge at night.

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14. The Mansion At Residency Road:

The Mansion, situated on Residency Road in Pune, is known to be one of the most haunted places in the city. Legend has it that the owner of the mansion was brutally murdered on the premises, and even today, eerie screams and peculiar sounds can be heard during the late hours.

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Answers to Common Questions About Haunted Places in Pune

Which location in Pune is considered the most haunted?

Pune is home to several haunted places with terrifying stories. The Shaniwarwada Fort is believed to be the most haunted location in Pune, especially during full moon nights.


What are some popular tourist attractions in Pune?

Some of the notable tourist attractions in Pune include Parvati Hill, Shaniwarwada, Singadh Fort, Agha Khan Palace, Vetal Tekdi, and Pashan Lake, among others.

Can I go camping in Pune?

Camping is a popular and enjoyable activity in Pune, with Pawana Lake being one of the top camping spots in the city.

Is it safe to visit Victory Theatre in Pune?

Victory Theatre, one of Pune’s oldest single screen theaters, receives frequent visitors. However, some claim to have heard inexplicable laughter and whispers during the night.


Is Choice hostel in Pune still operational?

Choice hostel, situated in Pune, continues its operations to this day. Although the place is well-known, it carries a reputation for being haunted.

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