14 Excursions Showcasing Premier Honeymoon Destinations Near and Within Karnataka during 2023!

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Hola, to all the married couples who want to commemorate their beautiful beginning in a special and a one-of-a-kind manner. These romantic honeymoon destinations in and around Karnataka will capture some magnificent memories in your heart that will never diminish. The place offers chilly and cozy hill stations to keep each other warm along with the peaceful beauty, the unexplored beaches, and the captivating historical remnants for an exciting start with your spouse! For all these experiential moments, we have listed the most romantic travel plans that will transport you to another world away from the hustle and bustle. Take a sneak peek!

Tip: Coorg, one of the most breathtaking destinations in Karnataka, is an essential part of most of the romantic travel itineraries! Make sure you include the hill town in your list.

14 Finest Honeymoon Destinations In And Around Karnataka

From majestic hills to serene beaches, there are numerous destinations in and around Karnataka that are ideal for honeymooners. We have curated the finest itinerary for your honeymoon. Let’s take a look!

  • Bangalore-Ooty-Coorg
  • Mysore-Coorg-Kabini
  • Bangalore-Coorg-Wayanad
  • Mysore-Coorg-Bandipur
  • Hampi-Udupi-Gokarna
  • Bangalore-Chikmagalur-Dandeli-Kodaikanal
  • Madurai-Coonoor-Ooty
  • Ooty-Madurai-Kodaikanal
  • Hampi-Udupi-Chikmagalur
  • Mangalore
  • Halebeedu
  • Kudremukh
  • Kemmanagundi
  • Badami

The mix of hills and nightlife in one

1. Bangalore-Ooty-Coorg

Love birds searching for a vibrant nightlife, peaceful moments, and a serene paradise should choose this one! The nightlife of the metropolis, Bangalore, which boasts around 365 pubs, is the liveliest destination in Karnataka. Next up, Ooty will transport you away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The picturesque view of the hills and the secluded atmosphere will bring you and your loved one closer. Visiting Coorg is a perfect fit for those who adore nature as there are numerous locations to explore in Coorg that provide a glimpse of nature. The lush green beauty and the tranquil settings are so peaceful that you can hear the heartbeat of your love!

Romantic Experiences:

  • Bangalore: Take a trip to the Cubbon park to experience the aquatic life without getting wet
  • Ooty: An intrepid journey to the Mudumalai National Park for a distinct encounter, stand and listen to the voice of the wind hitting the hills of Ooty to comprehend the affection of the nature.
  • Coorg: Capture a photograph near the exquisite Irupu Waterfalls and relish every moment with your spouse

Enchanting Resorts: Wonderla Resort, Sabol Holiday Resorts, Orange County Resort in Coorg and Coorg Cliffs Resort

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Amalgamation of serene beauty and royality

2. Mysore-Coorg-Kabini

Embark on this journey of exhilaration that covers three distinct experiences while planning for a flawless honeymoon in Karnataka. Commence from the second largest city, Mysore, exploring the remarkable historical and cultural heritage Head towards the petite quaint town offers a flawless climate. One of the finest honeymoon destinations in Karnataka offers tranquil, enriching, and secluded affairs which are exclusive to this state only. The Coracle ride and visit to the tribal villages of Kabini will be a splendid choice to spend peaceful time with your beloved.

Enchanting Experiences:

  • Mysore: Encounter the grandeur at the majestic Mysore palace and the fierce fort.
  • Coorg: Delight in the serene beauty riding coracle with your darling.
  • Kabini: Clasp the hands of your beloved and recline on the lush green surface as you gaze at the sky above!

Intimate Stays: Oriole Resorts, Windflower Resort and Spa and White Orchid Resort

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Mixture of romance and nightlife

3. Bangalore-Coorg-Wayanad

This itinerary should be on the list of all newlyweds looking for a little adventure, historical outlay and the splendid beauty of South India. The city life with a lively nightlife and freshly brewed beer will never make you feel distant from home. Coorg is famous for avian and wildlife sanctuaries, which are so breathtakingly beautiful that you might fall in love with the nature along with your spouse as well. Wayanad, in the state of God’s own country needs no explanation. Indulge in some sequestered time with your sweetheart to capture the perfect day of love.

Enchanting experiences:

  • Bangalore: Revel with your partner at the finest pubs of Bangalore & try some freshly brewed Beer.
  • Coorg: Observe the natural beauty of the exceptionally beautiful Coorg at Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary.
  • Wayanad: Make sure not to overlook the exclusive love lake in India at Chembra!

Romantic Resort: Mango Mist Resorts, Coorg Resorts, and Rain Country Resorts

Tip: If you’re the daring type, definitely reserve a tree house.

Perfect itinerary including best honeymoon places in Karnataka

4. Mysore-Coorg-Bandipur

It is the true fusion of adventure and ancient ruins in one travel plan for the wanderlust couples. Combination of wandering and romance is feasible in these ideal honeymoon destinations in Karnataka. Starting from the historic monuments to comprehend and explore the cultural heritage, to the fragrant coffee plantations of Coorg, to exciting water sports and a jeep ride in the wildlife sanctuary are the highlights of this perfect travel plan.

Romantic experiences:

  • Mysore: Delight in the grand palaces and the natural lake at the foothills of the picturesque city with your beloved.
  • Coorg: The tranquil beauty with abundant wildlife and bird sanctuary with your spouse will capture the most memorable moments of your lives.
  • Bandipur: The renowned tiger reserves and the bird sanctuary are perfect for newlyweds who desire to spend precious time in the midst of nature.

Romantic Resort: A stay at Serai Bandipur is a necessity.

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Some offbeat places for honeymoon in Karnataka

5. Hampi-Udupi-Gokarna

This unique honeymoon travel plan is tailored for the lovebirds who want to commence their new lives by spending secluded time near the historical ruins and serene beaches. The curves of the architectural designs will bring you closer to your soulmate. These places are among the finest and most unconventional honeymoon destinations in Karnataka. Enchanting settings and the splendor of the place will never let you depart from the pristine South Indian state. A sweet fragrance and tranquil environment will provide respite from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Romantic experience:

  • Hampi: Enjoy capturing pictures of the Ratha at the Vijaya Vittala Temple with your beloved.
  • Udupi: Spend some time at the pristine Malpa beach and relish a camel ride in the evening.
  • Gokarna: The beach view near the Gokarna beach are stairways to heaven for deepening your love

Romantic Resort: Hampi’s Boulder, Wild Wood Spa and Resorts, and Om Beach Resort.

Affordable itinerary for honeymoon in Karnataka

6. Bangalore-Chikmagalur-Dandeli-Kodaikanal

Perfect blending of excitement and urban life will lead you to this travel plan for an impeccable honeymoon. Dance with your sweetheart under the shimmering neon lights in Bangalore! The other three destinations will be brimming with enthusiasm and energy for the couples who love to wander. Sit by the cascading waterfalls after the thrilling journey and relish the drops touching your faces. Chikmagalur, the place abundant with magnificent waterfalls, will make your trip even more unforgettable. Stay in caves and explore to ignite your passion for your significant other.

Romantic experience:

  • Bangalore: Visit Café Mezzuna for a flawless nightclub party at affordable rates to thoroughly enjoy yourself.
  • Chikmagalur: Admire one of the most exquisite waterfalls in South India, Hebbe Falls, with your beloved partner.
  • Dandeli: Take turns exploring the enchanting Cavala caves for a captivating adventure.
  • Kodaikanal: Go for a boat ride on the stunning lake and spend hours gazing into the eyes of your beloved soulmate.

Romantic Resort: Hotel Villa Retreat, Magenta Resort, and The Seari

plentiful scenic beauty of ooty

7. Madurai – Coonoor – Ooty

These three honeymoon destinations in Karnataka will take you on a journey that will not only exhilarate you but also create lasting memories for years to come. Madurai, the third largest city in Tamil Nadu, is the ideal starting point for your honeymoon, offering glimpses into the rich history of Indian culture and captivating places to enjoy. Next on the list is Coonoor, where you can visit the exquisite botanical gardens, Dolphin’s Nose, and more. Explore the attractions in Ooty, and be enchanted by nature in its finest form. The majestic hills will warmly welcome you.

Romantic Experience:

  • Madurai: Visit the Jain caves for an incredibly memorable and romantic experience.
  • Ooty: Embark on a trek to the Doddabetta peak and immerse yourself in the embrace of nature. The hills offer a panoramic view of the city, while the misty clouds surrounding the hills create a romantic ambience.
  • Coonoor: Explore the Lambs’ rock located on the slopes of Nilgiri hills. The hills provide a mesmerizing and awe-inspiring view of the tea estates, Coimbatore plains, and coffee plantations.

Romantic Resort: Heritage Madurai, Elk Hill Resort, Gateway Coonoor – IHCL SeleQtions

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Summer in Kodaikanal og

8. Ooty – Madurai – Kodaikanal

Prepare yourself for a once-in-a-lifetime experience when you visit these three enchanting locations in Karnataka during your honeymoon. These three top honeymoon destinations will ensure that you have an incredible time while exploring these stunning places. In Madurai, you can witness the astounding temples, in Ooty, you can fall in love with magnificent views, and Kodaikanal will offer you breathtaking vistas of nature and the surroundings.

Romantic Experience

  • Ooty: You can visit the Mudumalai National Park with your partner and explore the wilderness and wildlife in the park.
  • Madurai: Explore the temples of Madurai with your loved one and seek blessings from the deities.
  • Kodaikanal: Embark on a trek to the Perumal Peak in Kodaikanal with your partner and enjoy a splendid view of the picturesque valley and the lake located here.

Romantic Resort: JC Residency, British Club Cliff Resort, Villa Retreat

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9. Hampi – Udupi – Chikmagalur

For those who enjoy immersing themselves in historical architecture and pristine beaches, this is the ideal itinerary for their honeymoon travel. These places serve as perfect escapes from the urban lifestyle, allowing you to spend quality time with your partner. These offbeat honeymoon destinations offer a mystical backdrop along with a taste of South India. There are numerous places to explore in Hampi, plenty of activities to do in Udupi, and a multitude of new experiences to discover in Chikmagalur.

Romantic Experience

  • Hampi: Enjoy a boat ride in the Carcol rivers of Hampi with your partner and immerse yourself in the beauty of the surroundings.
  • Chikmagalur: Indulge in a toy train experience with your loved one, take a leisurely walk through the Rose garden, and delve into the history through its historic sites.
  • Udupi: Absolutely visit the St. Mary’s Island with your partner and enjoy some excellent romantic time while strolling on the beach, partying at shacks, and trying out different cuisines.

Romantic Resort: Heritage Resort, Samanvay Boutique, Trivik Hotels and Resorts


10. Mangalore

Frequently referred to as the ‘Gateway of Karnataka’, Mangalore is a stunning city in South India that is known as one of the romantic places for newlyweds. Surrounded by beaches where you can capture breathtaking sunsets, this city offers a beautiful journey for you and your partner.

Romantic Experiences

  • Witness the sunset at the stunning and unspoiled beaches like Someshwar beach and Panambur beach
  • Get lost in the lush greenery of the Kumar Parvatha
  • Take a beautiful and religious tour of the majestic churches

Romantic Resorts: Wild Wood Spa and Resorts, Malpe Sea Front Cottages, Eka Resort Hallibyle Village, The Serai Chikmagalur

Halebeedu Temple

11. Halebeedu

This city, which still preserves the remnants of the past, is an exotic place for spending time with your partner. For those who have an inclination towards photography and exploring new places, this destination should definitely be on your list. The temples and architectural wonders made of granite are the highlights of this place, making it a worthwhile exploration into a rich historical journey.

Romantic Experiences

  • Explore the beautiful yet dilapidated architecture
  • Witness the magnificent sculptures and architectural marvels

Romantic Resorts: Hoysala Village Resort, Hotel Mayura Velapuri, Hotel Mayura Shantala


12. Kudremukh

What can be more dreamy than spending time with your partner amidst the greenery and towering peaks. Kudremukh is a stunning hill station situated in the Chikmagalur region in Karnataka. Resting at an altitude of 1,894 m and named Kudremukh for its striking resemblance to a horse’s mouth. This is a perfect place to enjoy a romantic getaway away from the hustle and bustle.

Romantic Experiences

  • Witness the captivating sights of the Hanuman Gundi Waterfalls
  • Enjoy a sun-soaked vacation at the beaches

Romantic Resorts: Upasana retreat, Silent Valley Resort, The Kanive, Isiri Holiday Homes

Kemmanagundi Hill Station

13. Kemmanagundi

This is a stunning hill station located in South India which is surrounded by the lush valleys, waterfalls, and lakes to explore. The main highlight of this place is the Bhadra Dam which is a perfect spot for honeymooners. Alongside that, the waterfalls are also a romantic location to enjoy quality time amidst nature’s abundance.

Romantic Experiences

  • Spend time enjoying a boating experience and create beautiful memories
  • Observe the breathtaking view of the rushing water from the dam

Romantic Resorts: Honeydewwz Exoticaa, The Blossom Resort, The Last Resort

14. Badami

Badami Caves

Badami is one of the treasures of Karnataka which is renowned for preserving the remnants of history in the most exquisite manner. Offering a respite from the chaos of city life, this place is a serene getaway for newlyweds. With a wide range of attractions to explore such as the historic temples and architectural sculptures, this place is truly a delight to visit.

Romantic Experiences

  • Explore the magnificent monuments
  • Admire the beauty of the intricately designed temples

Romantic Resorts: The Heritage Resort, Krishna Heritage Hotel

Are you in love with these itineraries? Book tickets and take your beloved to these top honeymoon destinations in and around Karnataka for a perfect start to your life together. From admiring the natural wonders to exploring the historical treasures, there is plenty to do.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Honeymoon Destinations In & Around Karnataka

Q. Which place is ideal for a honeymoon in Karnataka?

A. Ancient ruins, pristine beaches, and magnificent palaces define the state of Karnataka, and with so many incredible places to explore, there are several options for a honeymoon in Karnataka. Some of the best places to consider are Gokarna, Mysuru, and Hampi.

Q. Which is better for a honeymoon, Ooty or Kodaikanal?

A. If you’re looking for honeymoon destinations around Karnataka, both Ooty and Kodaikanal are excellent choices, and each offers unique experiences for couples. Kodaikanal, with its forested valleys and beautiful lakes, is perfect for nature lovers. On the other hand, if you’re seeking a hill station destination, Ooty is a great option to explore its aromatic tea plantations.

Q. What are the best honeymoon destinations in India in October?

A. October is a month with pleasant weather in most parts of India, providing ample opportunities for travel. Some of the best honeymoon destinations in India during this time are Udaipur, Thekkady, Alleppey, Ooty, and Coorg.

Q. Which are the best honeymoon places in South India in December?

A. Some of the best honeymoon destinations to visit in December in South India include Goa, Gokarna, Hampi, Ooty, Coorg, Alleppey, and Munnar. Each of these places offers amazing experiences for couples.

Q. Is Gokarna a good destination for a honeymoon?

A. If you’re looking for a beach honeymoon, Gokarna has some of the most beautiful beaches. This peaceful beach town offers stunning surroundings that are perfect for a romantic getaway.

Q. What are some romantic experiences to have in Mysore?

A. Mysore is a beautiful historic city in Karnataka. If you’re heading there for your honeymoon, make sure to visit the Mysore Palace and Mysore Garden. Another must-visit attraction is the Brindavan Gardens, known for its stunning fountain show.

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