12 Romantic Getaways in Switzerland for Your Honeymoon Adventure in 2023.

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Be it the classic romance of DDLJ’s Raj and Simran in Zurich or the adorable fling of Bachna Ae Haseeno’s modern-day Raj and Mahi in Gstaad, Switzerland has consistently captured our hearts with its enchantment. And so, there’s no uncertainty that these popular spots are the ultimate honeymoon destinations in Switzerland for any couple to celebrate the beginning of their new life! From lush verdant grasslands to snow-covered mountains, there’s plenty for you two to savor. And if this entices you further to plan your honeymoon in Europe, make sure you also include some of these exceptional Switzerland honeymoon places in your itinerary to have an incredibly memorable experience!

Top 12 Honeymoon Places In Switzerland

Switzerland is one of the top choices for newly married couples because of the numerous stunning places and enjoyable activities available there. Here are the top honeymoon destinations in Switzerland for you to explore:

  • Zurich – Culturally Lively City
  • Geneva – Artistic Metropolis
  • Zermatt – Paradise For Thrill Seekers
  • Interlaken – Scenic Splendor
  • Lucerne – Serpentine Lanes
  • Ticino – Waterfront Walkways
  • Grindelwald – Snow-covered Peaks
  • St. Moritz – Exemplary Beauty
  • Montreux – Vibrant Ambiance
  • Lausanne – Premier Party Spots
  • Contra Dam – Bungee Jumping
  • Bern – Post Industrial Edge


1. Zurich – Culturally Vibrant City

The picturesque alleys, scenic waterfront promenades, and snow-covered mountains in the backdrop make Zurich one of the top honeymoon destinations in Switzerland. Even in the rain, this city appears so stunning that there’s no excuse for you to not visit here. It is one of the most romantically inclined places in Switzerland. 

Best Time To Visit: Summer is peak season in ZurichIdeal Duration: 2 Nights/3 DaysPlaces to Visit: Fraumünster Church, Theater am Neumarkt, Zürich Opera House, Botanical Garden GrüningenTop Things To Do In Zurich:

  • Stroll hand in hand across the waters of Lake Geneva
  • Shop to your heart’s delight in Bahnhofstrasse
  • Dine at the elegant Rive Gauche

Best Places To Stay In Zurich:

  • Widder Hotel
    • The Dolder Grand
    • Best Western Plus Hotel Zürcherhof


    • Zeughauskeller
    • Sternen Grill
    • Thach

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    honeymoon in switzerland

    2. Geneva – Creative Metropolis

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    Despite being the second most populous city in the country, is amongst the popular Switzerland honeymoon getaways that people love visiting. Apart from offering stunning panoramic views, this city has so much to see and do, that you won’t ever come across a dull moment. It is one of the best honeymoon places in Switzerland.

    Best Time To Visit: June to AugustIdeal Duration: 2 Nights/3 DaysPlaces to Visit: Patek Philippe Museum, Ariana Museum, Art And History Museum, Museum Of Modern And Contemporary Art (MAMCO), The International Museum Of The ReformationTop Things To Do In Geneva:

    • Trek the Saleve Mountain and enjoy mesmerizing views from the top
    • Watch the Jet d’eau Fountain and spend a romantic evening together
    • Take a cruise in Switzerland and visit the world famous Chillon Castle

    Best Places To Stay In Geneva:

    • Hotel d’Angleterre
    • Mandarin Oriental
    • Ibis Styles Geneva Station Hotel


    • Chez ma Cousine
    • Living Room Bar & Kitchen
    • Restaurant Les Armures

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    3. Zermatt – Paradise For Adventure Seekers

    While this city has the most breathtaking views to offer with the famous Matterhorn around, it happens to offer the most expensive accommodation. But, we bet that it’s worth every penny. This car-free village is one of the best Switzerland honeymoon destinations if mountaineering and skiing are what gets you both pumped up. Though to witness the best in the city, the winters in Zermatt are a perfect time to plan your visit! It is one of the most scenic places to visit in Switzerland for honeymoon.

    Best Timing To Visit: June to September

    Perfect Duration: 2 Nights/3 DaysTop Activities To Experience In Zermatt:

    • Delight in the finest vistas of the Matterhorn during sunrise or sunset
    • Partake in a helicopter excursion
    • Discover the village’s churches and chapels or engage in hiking/skiing

    Finest Accommodation Options In Zermatt:

    • The Omnia
    • Hotel Sonne
    • Hotel Romantica

    Eateries To Visit:

    • Findlerhof
    • Chez Vrony
    • Walliserstube Zermatt

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    Lucerne In Switzerland

    4. Interlaken – Picturesque Beauty

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    It is one of the finest honeymoon destinations in Switzerland. Nestled amidst the breathtaking Lake Thun and Lake Brienz, and situated in the heart of the renowned Jungfrau Region, Interlaken is the place to be for a gratifying encounter with nature. Moreover, this place offers incredible adventures fused with romance. It is one of the most sought-after locations in Switzerland for honeymoon.

    Places to Explore: Höhematte Park, Ice Magic, Touristik-Museum, St. Beatus Cave And Waterfalls, Unterseen

    Top Activities To Experience In Interlaken:

    • Indulge in Paragliding in Switzerland
    • Embark on a scenic train journey to discover the exquisite Schynige Platte
    • Marvel at the breathtaking views from the famous Harder Kulm viewpoint

    Finest Accommodation Options In Interlaken:

    • Victoria Jungfrau Grand Hotel & Spa
    • Hotel Royal St Georges Interlaken
    • Hotel Weisses Kreuz

    Eateries To Visit:

    • Ox
    • Hüsi Bierhaus
    • El Azteca

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    5. Lucerne – Meandering Streets

    Image Credit: ID 12019 for Pixabay

    It is one of the finest town in Switzerland for honeymoon. Surrounded by a magical atmosphere and a retro vibe, this is your entrance to central Switzerland. The vibrant medieval architecture and stunning fountains are among the many captivating attractions here. Therefore, there is no question that it is one of the best destinations in Switzerland for honeymoon! Pack your bags and visit this premier honeymoon destinations in Switzerland as soon as possible.

    Best Time To Visit: July to August Optimal Duration: 1 Nights/2 DaysPlaces to Visit: Glacier Garden, Lion Monument, Lake Lucerne, Musegg Wall, Hofkirche, Mount Rigi

    Top Activities To Engage In Lucerne:

    • Embark on a romantic, leisure boat ride across the Lake Lucerne
    • Explore the renowned Mt. Rigi
    • Absorb the breathtaking views from the peak of the Jungfrau Glacier

    Finest Accommodations In Lucerne:

    • Palace Luzern
    • Hotel Cascada
    • Hotel Seeberg Luzern

    Dining Places:

    • Plaza Azteca Mexican Restaurant
    • El Azteca Mexican Food
    • El Azteca Mexican Restaurant

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    couple hiking in grindelwald

    6. Ticino – Waterfront Promenades

    Imagine palm-fringed lakes, mountains, and aquatic activities. If it excites you greatly, this is the destination where you should go with your significant other! It is one of the finest honeymoon spots in Switzerland. And whether it’s the castles in Bellinzona or the waterfront promenades in Lugano, this is one of the most soothing places in Switzerland to spend honeymoon. It will leave the two of you captivated, and deeply in love!

    Top Activities To Engage In Ticino:

    • Explore the castles of Bellinzona
    • Visit the magnificent Verzasca Valley
    • Sit atop Monte Bre in Lugano and declare love to each other

    Finest Accommodations In Ticino:

    • The View Lugano
    • Hotel Ibis Locarno
    • La Rocca Boutique-Hotel

    Dining Places:

    • Ristorante Arté
    • Pasta e Pesto

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    St. Moritz

    7. Grindelwald – Snowcapped Mountains

    All these Switzerland honeymoon destinations have a allure of their own, but the one that will leave you swooning over its beauty is this village in the city. Also, this is the perfect spot if you want to get away from the crowd and spend a romantic vacation away from the monotonous sounds of the city.

    Best Things To Do In Grindelwald:

    • Embark on a cable car ride to reach Grindelwald First and enjoy hiking
    • Engage in downhill Trotti biking and zip lining
    • Spend quality time together in the snow, and relish the views of the Swiss Alps

    Best Places To Stay In Grindelwald:

    • Romantik Schweizerhof Grindelwald
    • Hotel Jungfrau Lodge
    • Chalet-Hotel Gletschergarten

    Dining Options:

    • Barry’s
    • C und M
    • Restaurant Belvedere Grindelwald

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    Water Sunset Love Romance Shadow Sun Couple

    8. St. Moritz – Exemplification of Beauty

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    Are you still searching for the best honeymoon destinations in Switzerland? This place will fulfill all your desires of experiencing a lavish vacation in a luxury resort with heartwarming views around. Not only that, but it also features some of the finest designer shops and stunning restaurants in the town. So, you know where to go among all the beautiful honeymoon destinations in Switzerland!

    Best Things To Do In St. Moritz:

    • Indulge in the renowned Engadine walnut tart and pamper your sweet tooth
    • Take a ride on the Bernina Express
    • Go skiing at night

    Best Places To Stay In St. Moritz:

    • Hotel Suvretta House
    • Carlton Hotel St. Moritz
    • Hotel Europa

    Dining Options:

    • Chesa Veglia
    • Italienisches Restaurant Pizzeria CARUSO Laudine
    • Dal Mulin

    Lausanne Ouchy Geneva Lake Lake Geneva Switzerland

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    9. Montreux – Lively Atmosphere

    Image Credit: AdinaVoicu for Pixabay

    Situated between steep hills and the shore of Lake Geneva, Montreux is a traditional resort town constructed on Lake Geneva. Among all the destinations to explore in Switzerland for a honeymoon , this is the finest location if a deeply satisfying, romantic vacation is what you seek!

    Top Activities in Montreux:

    • Take the Golden Pass Train and enjoy stunning panoramic views
    • Embark on a romantic stroll along the promenade
    • Explore the beautiful Lavaux vineyards

    Best Accommodations in Montreux:

    • Fairmont Le Montreux Palace
    • Hotel Eurotel
    • Hotel Victoria

    Places to Dine:

    • Restaurant Le Museum
    • Rouvenaz
    • Molino

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    bungee jumping

    10. Lausanne – Greatest Party Spots

    Image Source

    Honeymooning definitely calls for a celebration, and why wouldn’t it? It’s the perfect time to commemorate the start of your new life, and so, this moment certainly warrants a party. Filled with cars, cafes, nightclubs, and more, Lausanne is the ultimate city among all the prime honeymoon destinations in Switzerland to experience the liveliest nightlife!

    Best Time to Visit: June to August Ideal Duration: 2 Nights/3 Days Top Activities in Lausanne:

    • Explore the Cathedral Notre Dame, the largest cathedral in Switzerland
    • Indulge in breathtaking views of the city from the terrace of Lausanne Castle
    • Sit by Lake Ouchy and witness the beautiful sunset together

    Best Accommodations in Lausanne:

    • Beau-Rivage Palace
      • Carlton Lausanne Boutique Hotel‎
      • Château d’Ouchy

      Places To Dine:

      • Eat Me Restaurant & Cocktail Lounge Lausanne
      • Au canard pekinois
      • Ghiotto

      Kramgasse street in the Old City of Bern

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      11. Contra Dam – Bungee Jumping

      Most individuals visit Contra Dam to indulge in bungee jumping from there. This avenue for adventure is certainly not for the faint-hearted. The jump from Contra Dam at a height of 220m is truly a heart-pounding experience. Release your fears, seize your partner’s hand and take the jump of your lives. You will have so much excitement. Apart from this, you can also visit this dam for sightseeing purposes or to capture a few pictures atop the dam.

      Top Activities To Do In Contra Dam:

      • Bungee Jump from Contra Dam, one of the highest bungee jump locations in the world.
      • You can witness popular cities of Switzerland from the top of this dam.

      Finest Accommodations Near Contra Dam:

      • Hotel Dell’Angelo
      • Grotto Flora B&B

      Places To Dine:

      • Verzasca Dam
      • Ristorante Osteria Enoteca Ferriroli
      • Osteria Bella VIsta

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      12. Bern – Post Industrial Edge

      Does taking a bath in the midst of the city sound perplexing to you? Well, you can pursue this activity in reality. Summers in Switzerland is a fantastic time for both locals and tourists as most tourist attractions are open to everyone. One such marvel is the outdoor bath in Marzili in Bern. Swimming in the refreshing glacial waters of Aare under the radiant sun is one of the finest things to engage in around here. Make sure to indulge in this when you’re in Bern.

      Top Activities To Do In Bern:

      • Swimming in the glacial waters of Aare.
      • Picnicking with your family and friends by the waterside.

      Finest Accommodations In Bern:

      • Bern Backpackers Hotels Glocke
      • Hotel Allegro Bern

      Places To Dine:

      • Restaurant Meridiano
      • Kornhauskeller
      • Süder

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      While all of these honeymoon places in Switzerland are nestled amidst mountains and greenery that will warm your heart with their beauty, what would make your experience more impeccable is how you plan your trip. So, customize your Europe honeymoon trip to ensure you live it exactly how you dream of it! You’ll be astonished by how much fun you’ll have on this trip. You’ll be able to reconnect with your partner better and strengthen your bond.

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      Frequently Asked Questions About Honeymoon Places In Switzerland

      Where do inhabitants of Switzerland go for a honeymoon?

      Zurich, Geneva, Interlaken, Lucerne, Ticino and Zermatt are some of the locations to visit in Switzerland for honeymoon.

      Is Switzerland a good honeymoon destination?

      Switzerland has an extensive list of romantic experiences which includes Dine-in and enjoy the beautiful artistic interiors at Zurich and Geneva. Apart from that one can also enjoy a world-class skiing and hiking experience amidst the beautiful and untouched Swiss Alps.

      How much does honeymoon in Switzerland cost?

      An average cost for a honeymoon in Switzerland costs around 1-2 lakhs for about 7-10 days.

      How many days are sufficient in Switzerland?

      If someone wants to explore the best sights of Switzerland, 6-7 days are sufficient to stay. And in addition to that it totally depends on the needs of the traveler.

      Is Switzerland expensive to visit?

      Yes. Switzerland is the most costly travel destination in Europe. This place is renowned for its exotic Swiss Alps which complements the streets of Switzerland.

      Do I need a visa for Switzerland?

      The US citizens can enter the Schengen area without a visa till 90 days for tourism, business trips or transit. While other countries like India require an E-visa to enter within the Swiss government.

      Which countries require a visa for Switzerland?

      Afghanistan, Algeria, Angola, Bhutan, Colombia are some of the countries which require visa for Switzerland apart from India. There are options for applying an E-visa and Visa on arrival for some countries.

      What to do in Switzerland?

      People can experience a plethora of things in Switzerland which also includes Paddle Boarding, Rhine Falls Boating, Chillon Castles, Sky dining, Local Wine Tasting, Swiss Chocolates and also people can try out the Cable Car Ride which is quite enthralling thing to do in Switzerland.


      Is Switzerland romantic?

      Yes, Switzerland is a paradise for romance.

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