12 Essential Egyptian Destinations to Explore in December 2023

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Egypt has always been one of the top-notch tourist destinations in the world, and there are only a few travel enthusiasts who might not be aware of Egypt and its natural and historical heritage. We have created a guide to assist you in having the time of your life when you visit Egypt in December. Didn’t you know? The ideal time to travel to Egypt in 2022 is December! Make a beeline for this remarkable country with your family and friends immediately.

Beautiful Pyramids of Egypt

Egypt Climate In December

Location Low Temperature High Temperature
Sharm El Sheikh 16°C 24°C
Hurghada 13°C 24°C
Cairo 11°C 21°C
Luxor 8°C 24°C
Aswan 12°C 25°C

Top 12 Locations to Visit in Egypt in December

We have selected the 12 best places to visit in Egypt during the December holidays. Take a look at our comprehensive guide, and we guarantee that you will find some valuable information on what to do in Egypt during the winter season:

  • Pyramids of Giza
  • Abu Simbel Temple
  • Red Sea
  • Valley of Kings
  • Karnak Temple
  • Cairo Tower
  • The Colossi of Memnon
  • Montaza Palace
  • Sinai Mountain
  • Mummification Museum
  • Ras Mohammed National Park
  • Gayer-Anderson Museum

1. Pyramids of Giza

Pyramids of Giza

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Perhaps the finest location to visit in Egypt during the December holidays, only the name of this remarkable wonder is sufficient to attract people to the iconic Pyramids. Located not far from the city center of Cairo, the Pyramids of Giza used to be the most popular tourist attraction in the world until the Egyptian Revolution. Tourists have started visiting again, citing the improved security in the country. The busiest time of the year is during winters due to the pleasant December weather in Egypt during the day.

Location: Al Haram, Nazlet El-Semman, Al Haram, Giza Governorate, EgyptEntry fee: INR 687 per person

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2. Abu Simbel Temple

Abu Simbel Temple

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In ancient times, the immense carvings on Abu Simbel Temple formerly served as the demarcation line between ancient Egypt and Nubia. These remarkable and colossal carvings inspired by the mighty Pharaohs of Egypt were also utilized to caution any invaders about the might and potency of the Egyptian civilization.

Buried under sand due to a massive sandstorm sometime after the conclusion of the Egyptian Civilization, these sculptures were once again discovered in 1813 by Swiss Explorers. Since then, they have been on exhibition outside the temple at Abu Simbel, capturing the admiration of visitors as they approach the temple. The climate in Egypt during December is perfect for a visit to Abu Simbel.

Location: Aswan Governorate, EgyptEntry fee: INR 924 per person

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Red Sea

3. Red Sea

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Sharm el Sheikh and Hurghada are two opulent resorts renowned for being the Red Sea tourist hubs in Egypt. Moreover, these resorts always appear economical when compared to the luxury and amenities they offer. The key is to immerse yourself in the vibrant Marine life of the Red Sea.

It is resorts like these that provide comprehensive guided tours of the captivating marine life thriving in the depths of the sea near the shores where these resorts are situated. The delightful weather in Egypt during December will heighten your snorkeling experience.

Position: Between Africa and AsiaPrice for snorkeling: INR 2138 per individual

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Valley of Kings

4. Valley of Rulers

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We have acquired such comprehensive knowledge about the Ancient Egyptian Civilization for two main reasons. Firstly, the arid Egyptian climate and weather which protected all the marvels of the Egyptian civilization and secondly, the well-sealed tombs and embalmed remains of the Pharaohs of Egypt. All of these Pharaohs share a similarity, and that is their burial sites, all of which are located in the same valley, also known as the Valley of Rulers for the same reason.

This is an essential destination for anyone intrigued by the Ancient Egyptian Civilization. December is the ideal time to visit Egypt because the Valley of Rulers comes to life during this month, and it is truly captivating!

Karnak Temple

Position: Luxor, New Valley Governorate, EgyptEntrance fee: INR 859 per individual

5. Karnak Sanctuary

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The Karnak sanctuary is the largest temple constructed during its time, devoted to the deity Amun-Re. The sanctuary features 134 colossal sandstone pillars, standing at a height of 21 meters, which create a labyrinth-like structure for you to explore. Recognized as one of the most remarkable temples ever built, these temples date back even before the era of the New Kingdom in the Egyptian Civilization. The most suitable time to visit these temples is during the winter months due to the temperate December weather in Egypt.

Position: El-Karnak, Luxor, Luxor Governorate, EgyptEntrance fee: INR 644 per individual

Cairo Tower

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6. Cairo Tower

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The Cairo Tower is another significant attraction of the capital city of this Old Civilization. Situated in the Heart of Cairo, this tower is constructed in the design of Lotus leaves, the holy plant for Ancient Egyptians and showcases a viewing platform and two restaurants. Experience the awe-inspiring panoramas of the Cairo city, the Nile River and the Pyramids of Giza from this observation deck. The ideal time to visit this place is during the hours of sunrise and sunset when the vistas are the most breathtaking.

Location: Zamalek, Cairo Governorate, EgyptEntry fee: INR 644 per person

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7. The Colossi of Memnon

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On the other side of the Nile river from the city of Luxor are two standing ruins that formerly depicted Pharaoh Amenhotep III, an Ancient Egyptian Ruler in the year 1400 BCE. These statues are the only remnants of the largest temple ever built in Egypt, which was destroyed by a massive earthquake about 2000 years ago.

The Colossi of Memnon

The reason the statues are called the Colossi of Memnon is because some Romans and Greeks claimed to hear strange sounds coming from them, and they named them after their heroic figure from the Trojan War, the Colossi of Memnon.

Location: Al Bairat, Luxor, Luxor Governorate, EgyptAdmission fee: Free

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8. Montaza Palace

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The Montaza Palace is the previous Residence of the last King of Egypt, King Farouk I, who was compelled to abdicate during the 1950s. Situated near Alexandria and additionally referred to by its former name, the El Salamlek Palace functions as a Resort and Casino in the present times.

Montaza Palace

A part of the palace has been transformed into a Museum displaying the treasures and jewels of the Royal Family, while most of it has been converted into a resort and casino. It is highly recommended that you spend your vacation in Egypt in December at this place alone.

Location: l Mandarah Bahri, Qism El-Montaza, Alexandria Governorate, EgyptAdmission fee: INR 42 per person

9. Sinai Mountain

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Sinai Mountain

Known as one of the four sacred mountains mentioned in the Bible, the Sinai Mountains has a church and a monastery dedicated to St. Catherine. From this monastery, many devout individuals and adventure enthusiasts embark on a trek to the summit of this mountain in search of communion with the divine and to retrace the path believed to be taken by God according to the Bible. The best time to be on the summit of the mountain is undeniably during sunrise and sunset, when it radiates as if it were made of pure gold.

Place: Qesm Sharm Ash Sheikh, South Sinai Governorate, EgyptAdmission fee: Free

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10. Museum of Embalming

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Mummification Museum

Embalming was a technique practiced in Egypt to facilitate the journey to the afterlife. The procedure involved extracting all the organs from the body and enveloping it in a linen fabric. Surprisingly, this method led to the perfect preservation of the bodies, providing us with the opportunity to learn more about these ancient individuals in great detail.

The museum showcases both human and animal mummies, as well as the instruments employed in the embalming process by the priests of Ancient Egypt. Visitors can also gain a comprehensive understanding of the step-by-step embalming procedure.

Place: Luxor, Luxor Governorate, EgyptAdmission fee: INR 429 per person

11. Ras Mohammed National Park

Ras Mohammed National Park

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Ras Mohammed National Park, with its crystal clear turquoise waters teeming with dolphins, fish, and reefs, is akin to an oasis in the middle of the desert for diving enthusiasts. This 200 square meter expanse of national park located on the shores of the Red Sea derives its name from the majestic cliffs that adorn the park. Every travel guidebook recommends a visit to this stunning locale, and we strongly urge you to experience it as well.

Place: 20km west of Sharm El SheikhAdmission fee: INR 356 per person

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12. Gayer-Anderson Museum

Gayer-Anderson Museum

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The famous Gayer-Anderson museum located in the capital city of Cairo is situated next to the renowned Mosque of Ibn Tulun. Situated inside an ancient house which was built as far back as 1645, the house was later renovated in 1935 and was subsequently opened as a Museum in 1945.

This means everything from the ceilings to the doors and even the floors of the house are all part of the lively history of Egypt. If you’re visiting Egypt in December, head straight to this place!

Position: Ahmed Ibn Tolon, Tolon, As Sayedah Zeinab, Cairo Governorate, EgyptAdmission fee: INR 257 per person

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Egypt, thanks to its lively history, has always been a marvellous place to visit. Your holidays in Egypt in December will be culturally stimulating. The monuments of this country are so well preserved that they will give you the ultimate feeling of the magnificence of the Ancient Egyptian Civilization. Currently in the process of regaining its former glory as a top tourist destination, this country is bound to reach the milestone soon. Make sure you journey to Egypt in December and have a great time with your loved ones here.

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Commonly Asked Questions About Egypt In December

What is the climate like in Egypt in December?

Egypt experiences winter season in the month of December. The average temperatures range from 11°C – 21°C. The daytime weather is pleasant and warm, with colder night.

Is December a good time to visit Egypt?

Yes, December constitutes the peak tourist season in Egypt. The daytime weather in Egypt during this month is mild and suitable for sightseeing.

Is it secure to visit Egypt in 2022?

Yes, Egypt is considered as a secure country for tourists to visit. If you take certain precautions that you take in any other foreign country that you’re traveling to, then you’re good to go.

What can you not wear in Egypt?

Since Egypt is a conservative country, avoid wearing short skirts and shorts to prevent unwanted attention.

Does Egypt get snow?

Yes, only the higher altitudes of Egypt, the Sinai mountains receive snowfall. It doesn’t snow in any other part of the country. But In 2013, Cairo had received snowfall for the first time in 112 years.

Which is the best season to visit Egypt?

Winter is the best season to visit Egypt. Winter lasts from October to February, with December and January being the peak seasons.

Is Egypt crowded in December?

Yes, December and January are the high tourist season months in Egypt and are therefore crowded too.

Which is the chilliest month in Egypt?

January is the chilliest month in Egypt with temperatures ranging between 9°C to 20°C.

How many days do you require in Egypt?

5-8 days are needed to tour Egypt and include all the popular experiences in your itinerary. This includes a trek to the Red Sea.

Is a visa required to visit Egypt?

Yes, Indians need Egypt visa for visiting the country. Indian tourists can get a visa for 90 days but they are allowed to stay only for 30 days, starting from your arrival date.

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