12 Egyptian Festivals in 2023 Showcasing Traditional Customs

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Egypt is a distinctive country that stands at the crossroads of Asia and Africa. The individuals in this nation are genuinely hospitable, and as a result, the celebrations here are vibrant and lively. Egypt is renowned not only for its ancient civilization, characterized by gold and grandeur, but also for its magnificent festivals that continue to be celebrated to this day. This ancient land boasts a unique spectrum of the Egyptian Civil Society, known for its unity and equality within society, where Muslims and Christians live harmoniously with one another unlike many other Middle Eastern countries. Here is a compilation of the awe-inspiring festivals in Egypt.

12 Finest Festivities In Egypt

After conducting thorough research and gaining first-hand experience, we have curated a list featuring the finest and most extraordinary festivals in Egypt that one should attend when planning a visit to this beautiful Arab nation. We sincerely hope that our guide assists you in having a fulfilling and delightful journey, imbuing your overall holiday experience in the land of Pharaohs and Pyramids with vibrant hues.

  • Coptic Christmas: 7th January 2022
  • Eid Al Ghetas: January
  • Sun Festival: February and October
  • Sham Al Naseem: 25th April 2022
  • Ramadan: 2nd April – 2nd May 2022
  • Sphinx Festival: Yet to be announced
  • Eid Al Fitr: 3rd May 2022
  • Eid Al Adha: 9th July – 13th July 2022
  • Islamic New Year: 29 July – 30 July 2022
  • Wafaa Al Nil: 15th August – 29th August 2022
  • Mawlid An Nabi: 7th October – 8th October 2022
  • Leylet En Nuktah: Yet To Be Announced

Coptic Christmas

1. Coptic Christmas

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Due to its commitment to secularism and equality, both Christian holidays, Easter and Christmas, are national holidays and celebrations in Egypt, just like Islamic holidays. Coptic Christmas is observed on the 7th of January and is celebrated throughout Egypt without regard to faith or religion. The celebrations are grand, particularly in Cairo and Coptic regions of Egypt, and commence approximately one week in advance of the actual Christmas day. دومينو لعبة Following the evening mass and prayers, people gather together to commemorate the occasion with a traditional meal consisting of rice, garlic, and meat soup.

Eid Al Ghetass

Where is it Celebrated: Cairo and other Coptic regions of EgyptWhen is it Celebrated: 7th January 2022Highlights: Lavish banquets and heartfelt homage and food sharing.

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2. Eid Al Ghetass

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Sun Festival at Abu Simbel

Another instance of the religious harmony of Egypt, Eid Al Ghetass commemorates the christening of Jesus Christ which is also mentioned in the holy Quran. Celebrated since olden times in the region which is present-day Egypt. This is a festival celebrated by the entire community of Egypt. This festival serves as a model of the outstanding display of communal harmony in Egypt. The celebration is a grand affair and celebrated with customary confections.

Where is it Celebrated: All throughout EgyptWhen is it Celebrated: January (Dates TBA)Highlights: Celebrated with parades and grandeur with creation of customary confections

3. Sun Festival

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According to ancient Egyptian mythology, the sun god was the most significant deity for the ancient Egyptians. Celebrated at the largest temple of the ancient world at Abu Simbel, the festival is celebrated in February and  October when the sun rays reach the innermost sanctums of the temple and only the statue dedicated to Ptah the goddess of darkness remains in the dim. Other significant deities like Ra, Ramses and Amun become enlightened, creating a breathtaking sight for all those present at the temple.

Sham Al Naseem

This is one of the highly recommended things to experience from around the world. This is a suggested thing for you to witness while on a trip to this ancient yet magnificent land of the world’s most advanced ancient civilization. It was one of the most venerated festivals in ancient Egypt.

When is it Celebrated: February and OctoberWhere is it Celebrated: Abu Simbel

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4. Sniffing the Breeze


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Also known as the Sniffing the Breeze festival, the Sham Al Naseem festival commemorates the arrival of spring. Like any other location, this ancient festival that welcomes spring is observed by all individuals regardless of their faith. Families congregate and embark on outings to parks, beaches, and historical sites with a basket filled with traditional culinary delights. Street performers, entertainers, and vendors line the streets, providing amusement to the people.

Where is it Celebrated: All across EgyptWhen is it Celebrated: 25th April 2022Highlights: Family gatherings, picnics, and joviality with friends and loved ones

5. Ramadan

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Sphinx Festival

The most crucial month of the year for Muslims worldwide, Ramadan in Egypt showcases some of the most splendid and distinctive spectacles that are unparalleled anywhere else in the world. Throughout this month, most Muslims abstain from food, drinks, and cigarettes from dawn until sunset. Bazaars and markets come alive with enchanting lights and a multitude of people breaking their fast and reveling in their culture with their relatives and friends. If you plan on visiting Egypt, endeavor to visit during this month to experience the grandest display of this exceptional festival celebrated by society.

Where is it Celebrated: All over EgyptWhen is it Celebrated: 2nd April – 2nd May 2022Highlights of the festival: The night bazaars and markets are bustling with people.

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Eid Al Fitr

6. Sphinx Festival

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Although Egypt is primarily a contemporary Islamic Society, the country hasn’t forgotten its extravagant past. The five-day extravagant festival known as the Sphinx festival takes place in the Red Sea resort town of El Gouna. This festival showcases various captivating activities associated with the ancient Egyptian heritage and aims to educate individuals about ancient Egypt and inspire artists and travelers.

Where is it Celebrated: El Gouna in EgyptWhen is it Celebrated: Yet to be announcedHighlights: Activities like dancing, music, and informative workshops to acquaint individuals with their history

7. Eid Al Fitr

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Eid Al Adha

Also recognized as the holiest day of the year, this holiday is observed by all Muslims worldwide. Commemorating the conclusion of the sacred month of Ramadan, this festival entails grand celebrations that continue past midnight. Everyone dresses in new garments and greets each other with treats, predominantly sweets and presents including clothing. Many affluent and middle-class individuals engage in charitable acts for the impoverished and needy, purchasing clothing and food for them. Employees receive bonuses from their employers and everyone rejoices in the spirit of unity, peace, and fraternity throughout the nation. مواقع ألعاب اون لاين This is an exceptional occasion that one must experience while visiting Egypt. It is one of Egypt’s finest festivals.

Where is it Celebrated: All over EgyptWhen is it Celebrated: 3rd May 2022Highlights: Gathering with family and friends to enjoy the entire night and engaging in charitable endeavors.

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Islamic New Year

8. Eid Al Adha

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Widely known as the “Eid al-Fitr” or the “Bakr Eid”, this is possibly the second most sacred day of the year for Muslims. It is one of the two holidays that is observed worldwide by Muslims together. It commemorates the willingness of Ibrahim, one of the significant Prophets in Islam, to sacrifice his own son as a demonstration of obedience to the one true deity Allah. Goats are sacrificed to mark this occasion and the meat from the goat is typically divided into three portions, with the first third being consumed by the family, the second third given to relatives and friends, and the last portion given to the less fortunate and impoverished individuals who cannot afford the same level of luxury.

Where is it Celebrated: Throughout EgyptWhen is it Celebrated: 9th July – 13th July 2022Highlights: Sacrifice of Goats and the distribution of cooked food among family as well as the needy.

Wafaa Al-Nil

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9. Islamic New Year

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Another important Islamic festival celebrated in Egypt, the Islamic New Year is a festival that is celebrated with great enthusiasm around the world. New Year signifies new opportunities and fresh beginnings, and the festival is marked by the people of Egypt by preparing traditional Islamic and Arabic delicacies.

Mawlid an-Nabi

When is it Celebrated: 29 July – 30 July 2022Where is it Celebrated: All across EgyptHighlights: Preparing traditional desserts and enjoying family gatherings.

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10. Wafaa Al Nil

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Another celebration dedicated to the fortunate Nile is Wafaa Al Nil or Devotion of the Nile which is observed annually in September to honor the significance of this river for the people of Egypt. This event in Egypt mainly consists of cultural activities such as musical performances, recitations of poetry, and programs for Egyptian children.

Leylet en Nuktah

Where is it Commemorated: Throughout EgyptWhen is it Commemorated:15th August – 29th August 2022Main Attractions: Musical performances, poetry and educational activities for children

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11. Mawlid An Nabi

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Another significant Islamic festival in Egypt is Mawlid an-Nabi which commemorates the birth of Prophet Muhammad and is observed with grand celebrations across Egypt. Families come together and rejoice in these festivities. Traditional delicacies are sold along the streets and people enjoy hummus and traditional dishes while celebrating this holiday with great happiness.

Where is it Commemorated: Throughout EgyptWhen is it Commemorated: 7th October – 8th October 2022Main Attractions: Spectacular parades and processions take place, with streets filled with dancers, acrobats, drummers, and entertainers.

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12. Leylet En Nuktah

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