11 Fantastic Locations Near Vadodara Offering Nonstop Delight and Happiness for Picnics in 2023.

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Vadodara, Gujarat is blessed with an array of exceptional tourist attractions. This city, renowned for its majestic kingdoms, rich customs, and illustrious history, is not only a haven for archaeology enthusiasts but also for those seeking respite from urban chaos.

Vadodara offers a variety of captivating destinations, perfect for creating lasting memories during a weekend getaway, a fun-filled trip with friends, or a quick escape. To help you enjoy a delightful family picnic, we have curated a list of some of the finest picnic spots near Vadodara, Gujarat.

Top 11 Picnic Spots Near Vadodara

Picnics are an excellent way to bond with family and strengthen relationships. They provide rejuvenation and serve as a source of recreation. Here, you will find a compilation of the most remarkable picnic spots near Vadodara that you can explore!

  • Anand – Embrace the Rural Vibe
  • Zarwani Waterfall – A Spot of Perfection
  • Jambughoda Wild Life Sanctuary – Wild Picnic Adventures
  • Dakor – A Spiritual Retreat
  • Ajwa Fun World – Ultimate Family Fun
  • S Cube Water Park – A Haven of Thrills and Slides
  • Hathni Waterfalls – Majestic Cascades
  • Kabirwad – A Picnic Beneath the Ancient Banyan Tree
  • Champaner – A Village Liberated from Tax
  • Pavagadh – Picnic Amidst the Hills
  • Shoolpaneshwar Wildlife Sanctuary – Paradise for Wildlife Enthusiasts

1. Anand – Embrace the Rural Vibe

Bharuch fort in Anand is a popular picnic spot near Vadodara

Anand, also known as the ‘Milk Capital of India,’ is famous for its dairy production centers and delightful dairy products. However, it also offers a serene rural lifestyle and remarkable archaeological structures like Bharuch Fort and Jama Masjid, making it an ideal family picnic spot near Vadodara. If you crave a secluded getaway amidst the verdant countryside, Anand, located within a distance of 43 km from Vadodara, is the perfect place to visit.

Distance from Vadodara: 43 kmRenowned for: Delectable dairy productsActivities: Relish the tranquility of a farm, cook a delightful meal, admire the green surroundings, capture stunning photographs, explore the forts, and pay a visit to the famous AMUL dairy.Best Time To Visit: Oct-MarIdeal Duration: 1 day

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2. Zarwani Waterfall – A Spot of Perfection

The Zarwani waterfalls is a quaint picnic spot near vadodara

Situated within the sanctuary of Shoolpaneshwar, the mesmerizing Zarwani waterfall stands as an exquisite destination for a delightful day trip near Vadodara. The sanctuary itself is a treasure trove, harboring endangered wildlife species and rare botanical marvels. Adorning the title of one of the renowned waterfalls near Vadodara, Zarwani Waterfall offers an array of thrilling adventures, such as embarking on a trek to witness its breathtaking splendor or indulging in safaris and nature trails within the reserve, presenting the ideal setting for an enjoyable one-day outing near Vadodara.

Distance from Vadodara: 97 kmRenowned for: TrekkingActivities: Embark on a wildlife sanctuary expedition, engage in wildlife photography, immerse in the serenity of the waterfallIdeal Duration: 1 day

3. Jambughoda Wild Life Sanctuary – Unleashing Wilderness

Jambughoda Wild Life Sanctuary emerges as an exceptional picnic destination near Vadodara. Distinguished by its vast expanse of wilderness, this reserve encompasses an abundance of diverse wildlife species, including wild bears, antelopes, sloth bears, and boars. The forest department office here orchestrates adventurous escapades such as invigorating treks, idyllic camping experiences, and soul-stirring safaris, making it a thrilling expeditionary haven in close proximity to Vadodara.

A leopard walks through the Jambughoda wildlife sanctuary

Distance from Vadodara: 83 kmRenowned for: Trekking, camping, wildlife encountersActivities: Engage in nature walks, partake in safaris and treks, relish a family camping experience amidst the enchanting forest

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4. Dakor – A Spiritual Retreat

Dakor serves as a prominent gem among the tourist attractions of Gujarat. Revered for its divine Krishna temples nestled alongside the river Gomati, Dakor invites visitors to immerse in a spiritual retreat near Vadodara. These 18th-century temples display immeasurable architectural brilliance and captivating design. The historical magnificence and cultural significance of the temple are invaluable nuggets of knowledge, catering to every generation of your family. Explore the wonders of Dakor throughout a blissful day, as it undoubtedly ranks among the finest destinations for a one-day picnic near Vadodara.

The Krishna temple at Darok is a spiritual picnic spot near Vadodara

Distance from Vadodara: 70 kmRenowned for: Architectural marvelsOpening hours: 6 am – 12 pm and 4 pm – 7 pm, dailyActivities: Witness the divine morning aarti (prayer), delve into the architectural marvels, learn about the historical significance, immerse in temple exhibitions, take a leisurely stroll through the villageBest Time To Visit: December to MayIdeal Duration: 2 – 5 days

5. Ajwa Fun World – The Ultimate Family Fun Destination

For those who seek adventure parks, Ajwa Fun World is a destination filled with excitement. It offers an extensive array of thrilling water activities that will revitalize both you and your family. This water park, located near Vadodara, is a popular choice among families and friends looking for a picnic spot. Moreover, the park boasts a restaurant where you can indulge in the delightful flavors of Gujarati cuisine. The DJ nights organized here add an extra allure, making it one of the top choices for a memorable day trip near Vadodara.

A family enjoys happy time at the Ajwa Fun World

Distance from Vadodara: 26 km

Main attractions: DJ Night and exhilarating rides

Opening hours: 11 am to 8:30 pm

Entry fee: Various packages are available based on your preferred activities. Visit this link to find out more.

Things to enjoy: Apart from the diverse range of rides and slides, you can also choose to stay at the resort, savor delicious food, and witness captivating cultural shows.

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6. S Cube Water Park – A Paradise for Water and Land Rides

Situated near Vadodara, S Cube Water Park is an ideal destination for a day trip. It is easily accessible via a scenic drive through the renowned Vrindavan Gardens. The park offers a fantastic assortment of amusement rides, including thrilling water and land-based attractions. Brimming with excitement and adventure, the park also features a food court catering to the diverse taste preferences of every family member, making it one of the top choices for a memorable picnic near Vadodara.

fun rides in water park of gujarat

Distance from Vadodara: 27 km

Main attractions: Water and land-based rides

Opening hours: Water park: 12:30 pm to 6 pm; Fun World – 1 pm to 8 pm

Entry fee: Visit this link for information on different packages.

Things to enjoy: Drive through the enchanting Vrindavan Gardens, experience the thrilling rides and slides, and savor delectable meals at the food court.

7. Hathni Waterfalls – A Majestic 100m Cascade

Embark on a fabulous 100 km drive from Vadodara, traversing through lush forests, and you will arrive at Hathni Waterfalls. Nestled amidst verdant greenery, this splendid waterfall cascades from an impressive height of 100 meters, offering a breathtaking sight. It is the perfect spot to unwind and reconnect with nature, escaping the hustle and bustle of city life. Undoubtedly, it stands as one of the most extraordinary places to visit near Vadodara within a 100 km radius.

Hathni waterfall  is 100 metres high and a serene picnic spot near Vadodara

Distance from Vadodara: 76 km

Renowned for: Serenity and natural allure

Activities: Indulge in waterfall bathing, culinary escapades, and forest camping, and offer prayers at Hathni Mata temple.

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8. Kabirwad – A Sojourn Under the Timeless Banyan Tree

Ancient banyan tree at Kabirwad is a popular tourist attraction

Kabirwad, an island gracefully nestled in the enchanting waters of the Narmada River, is a tranquil haven for nature enthusiasts. It earns a distinguished spot on our selection of top-notch locations to explore near Vadodara, offering a treat for couples. The island derives its name from the revered saint-poet Kabir, who lived during the 18th century. Embarking on a boat ride to reach this destination is an experience like no other. One highlight of this place is the ancient banyan tree, reputedly age-old and of significant magnitude. Adorned by picturesque surroundings and lush greenery, Kabirwad effortlessly claims its position as one of the finest options for one-day picnic spots near Vadodara, Gujarat.

Distance from Vadodara: 80 km

Predominantly renowned for: Boating and scenic panoramas

Activities: Unwind amidst tranquility, engage in recreational activities, and try your hand at cooking

9. Champaner – The Hamlet That Brought Freedom

The Champaner fort and its ruins are among the best picnic spots near Vadodara

Champaner and Pavagadh hills hold a special place among Vadodara’s most captivating attractions and the most enchanting tourist destinations near the city. The resplendent Champaner fortress showcases a remarkable blend of Hindu and Muslim architectural influences, constituting one of the oldest structures in existence. Nestled within the Champaner-Pavagadh archaeological park, this place boasts a treasure trove of historic ruins, architectural marvels, and a deeply rooted history. Renowned as one of the top choices for excursions within a 50-km radius of Vadodara, it promises an unforgettable experience.

Distance from Vadodara: 49 km

Predominantly renowned for: Remnants of ancient forts and monuments

Operating hours: 8:30 am to 5:00 pm

Entrance fee: INR 40

Activities: Immerse in historical exploration and photography

Best Time to Visit: Oct-Feb

Recommended Duration: 1-2 days

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10. Pavagadh – A Scenic Sojourn in the Hills

Image Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons Disclaimer: The image serves for illustrative purposes only.

Pavagadh, located at an altitude of 762 meters, is among the top tourist destinations within 100 kilometers of Vadodara. The renowned Kalika Mata temple is situated here, and you can easily reach it by trekking. While visiting the temple, you’ll be treated to breathtaking views of the nearby Champaner town. Pavagadh is a truly enchanting place that you should definitely include in your travel itinerary if you’re near Vadodara.

Distance From Vadodara: 60 kmMain Attraction: TrekkingActivities: Trek to the temple, enjoy panoramic views, take a ropeway journey, capture stunning photographs.Operating Hours: 6:00 am to 7:30 pmBest Time to Visit: October to FebruaryIdeal Duration: 1 to 2 Days

11. Shoolpaneshwar Wildlife Sanctuary – Nature Lover’s Paradise


Image Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons Disclaimer: The image serves for illustrative purposes only.

If you’re searching for day trips near Vadodara, the Shoolpaneshwar Wildlife Sanctuary is an excellent choice. It’s an ideal picnic spot near Vadodara, especially for children who can learn about wildlife. Here, you can spot various animals such as leopards, leopard cats, rhesus macaques, and barking deer, among others.

Distance From Vadodara: 145 kmMain Attraction: Wildlife spottingActivities: Trekking and hiking in the forests, wildlife photographyOperating Hours: Trekking and hiking in the forests, wildlife photographyBest Time to Visit: November to MarchIdeal Duration: 1 day

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Such destinations offer an escape from the routine of life, providing a chance to recharge and rejuvenate. Explore any of these picnic spots near Vadodara, regain your energy, and start anew. Don’t forget to share your experiences during your trip to Gujarat!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Picnic Spots Near Vadodara

What are the most scenic places to visit near Vadodara and Ahmedabad?

Here are some wonderful natural spots near Vadodara for you to explore and unwind: 1. Hathni Waterfalls 2. Jambughoda Wild Life Sanctuary 3. Zarwani Waterfalls 4. Anand 5. Kabirvad

What are some romantic places in Vadodara?

Vadodara offers several romantic destinations that you can visit, including: 1. Hathni Waterfalls 2. Anand 3. Zarwani Waterfalls If you’re seeking a nearby romantic outing, the following places are perfect for couples and honeymooners in Vadodara: 1. Esc Day Spa 2. EME Temple 3. Sayaji Gardens 4. Laxmi Vilas Palace

Which is the best spot for a one-day picnic in Gujarat?

Gujarat offers various places for a one-day picnic. Some of the best options are: 1. Maniar’s Wonderland 2. Adalaj Stepwell 3. Indroda Dinosaur and Fossil Park

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