10 Vibrant Bali Villages Overflowing with Life, Artistry, and Cultural Heritage

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Bali is the ultimate travel destination and it’s a place for everyone! Bali is renowned for its volcanic mountains, stunning beaches, coral reefs, and outstanding rice fields. This tiny Indonesian Island offers tranquility as well as a lively nightlife. A vacation in Bali is a fusion of art, culture, modernity, and, of course, a connection with nature.

Amidst this vibrant atmosphere, one often overlooks the exploration of the island from within: the individuals, the artwork, and existence. Hence, ensure that you explore the top 10 renowned communities in Bali, which allows you to immerse yourself in traditional Balinese life.

first known as Bali Aga

1. Trunyan

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Situated close to Lake Batur, this community is right in the heart of Bali in the Kintamani district, only accessible by boat. The village is home to the Bali Anga, who have the most fascinating funeral ritual. Instead of cremating or burying their deceased, the residents of this village leave their dead out in the open to naturally decompose. They place the body near the kemenyan (incense) trees, which eliminate the odor.

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cleanest village in the world

2. Tenganan

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Tenganan was initially known as Bali Aga, the culture that still adheres to the original traditions, ceremonies, and regulations of ancient Balinese. Tenganan boasts a unique village layout and architecture. Houses in Tenganan are constructed on both sides of the north to south thoroughfare with entrances opening onto it. The entrances of the houses are narrow, allowing only one person to enter or exit at a time.

The main attraction of Tenganan is the cultural ceremonies performed by the residents. This community has distinctive practices and traditional rule called awig – awig, which prohibits polygamy and divorce. They weave their own fabric known as Kalin- gringsing and create exquisite leaf artwork. One should visit the community during the months of June and July for Mekare- Kare and Perang Pandan, which are two of the most well-known ceremonies.

famous for jewelry and silver

3. Penglipuran

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Penglipuran village is positioned in the mountains and has been proclaimed as the most pristine village in the world. You will discover serenity and luxuriant greenery all around, with some remarkable architecture on the customary houses. Interestingly, no vehicles are permitted to enter the village, however, the locals are exceedingly affable and might extend an invitation to your residence. Nestling at the base of Mount Batur, it has cooler air compared to other villages.

The most captivating aspect about this village is that all the entry gates are made identical to one another, they are oriented northeastwards towards Mount Agung located in the northeast which imparts a picturesque view. The rural religion leader is referred to as Jero Bayan, which includes 3 Jero Bayans: a Jero Bayan Mucuk and 2 individuals of Jero Bayan Nyoman. The distinct cultural potential like the design of building architecture continues to be traditional.

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favourite for tourist place

4. Celuk

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This village is renowned for its jewelry and is the largest silver jewelry producing region in Bali. A shopping hotspot for tourists, you can also acquire the knowledge of their creation. It is an ideal place for purchasing keepsakes in silver and gold, and the finest part is that you can obtain one tailor-made.

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place for art lover

5. Batu Bulan

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A fusion of practically the entire island, this one is among the favorites of the tourists. You submerge yourself in traditional dances like Barok, Kecak, and Legong, or stroll around and appreciate the awe-inspiring pieces of art. You can also observe stone carvers in action. Remember to acquire yourself a stone carved memento!

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6. Mas Village

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If you’re an art enthusiast, this village is for you. Another favorite, among the tourists, you can witness remarkable art pieces being carved live. Mas village, situated south of Ubud is filled with Art Galleries, the most renowned one being, Nyana & Tilem Gallery.

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