10 Unforgettable Vacation Destinations in Salt Lake City for an Exciting Getaway!

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Salt Lake City is an international and all-season tourist destination in Utah, USA. The number of foreign visitors coming here increased after the 2002 Winter Olympics. This winter sports event showcased the world the quality of snow and the number of skiing slopes present in Wasatch Mountain. Apart from snow adventure, Salt Lake City is also the destination to take a tour by newlyweds, family, nature enthusiasts, animal lovers, bird enthusiasts, and lake lovers. Here, we have curated the top ten destinations to explore in Salt Lake City. It is a visitor-friendly destination with contemporary tourist facilities and amenities.

Top 10 Places to Visit in Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City is one of the most stunning and picturesque destinations to visit in the United States. Here is a list of all the enchanting places that you should explore during your trip to Salt Lake City!

1. Solitude Nordic Center2. Willow Heights3. Millcreek Canyon4. Liberty Park5. Salt Lake Temple6. Natural History Museum Of Utah7. Utah Olympic Park8. Olympus Hills9. Hogle Zoo10. Powder Mountain

1. Solitude Nordic Center

Willow Heights

Image SourceIf you desire to witness snow throughout the year, the Solitude Nordic Center is the ideal destination to explore while visiting Salt Lake City. You will pass through the scenic Solitude Village. You can access the area for free using the lift. However, this is a ticketed zone, and you have to pay a few hundred dollars. The pass price varies depending on the tourist season. It is an outstanding place to admire the snowy landscapes of the Wasatch Mountain Ranges in Utah. It offers numerous skiing and skating slopes. If you wish to learn skiing, there are ski schools available with training and certification. It is the perfect destination for families to enjoy the snow, alpine forest, and engage in various snow recreational activities. Experienced skiers can embark on a cross-country skiing adventure from Solitude Nordic Center. This place is rarely visited by tourists, allowing you to fully enjoy the snow and mountain experience. Nevertheless, it is definitely worth visiting for its captivating white beauty.

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2. Willow Heights

Image SourceIndividuals interested in visiting green spaces must not miss out on Willow Heights in Salt Lake City, Utah. This is one of the lush green areas to explore in Salt Lake City. It is a picturesque location with meadows, pine trees, wetlands, rolling hills, and lakes. During winter, you can find snow here, but it looks even more delightful with its greenery in the summer. If you are energetic, you can embark on the Willow Heights trail. While hiking, you will come across many traditional homes. Some of them even offer the opportunity for tourists to stay as a homestay with meals provided. Throughout the hike, you can immerse yourself in the arms of Mother Nature. It is a scenic spot to capture stunning photos against a lush green backdrop. It is the perfect place to breathe in fresh air and practice meditation amidst nature. You can also encounter several dogs, horses, bison, and birds in Willow Heights. It is an excellent choice for honeymooners looking for privacy as well.

Millcreek Canyon

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3. Millcreek Canyon

Image SourceThe Millcreek Canyon is the closest one to reach from Salt Lake City. Travelers can visit in all seasons to see this majestic ravine in Utah. There are two ways to access this canyon. Trekking is the optimal choice, as you can hike across this canyon, which measures 6 miles in length. If you have the time, you can also hike from the summit of this canyon. Those interested in cycling can traverse the canyon by biking, which takes approximately one hour. However, the biking routes vary in difficulty from easy to challenging. It is a remarkable sight to behold the 2000-ft ravine walls while hiking and biking along the paths in Millcreek Canyon. There are food and drink options available within this canyon. Numerous day camp shelters can be found, primarily used by boy scouts. This ravine is situated towards the east of Salt Lake Valley. During the winter season, this ravine is fed by snowfall.

Liberty Park

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4. Liberty Park

Image SourceTravelers visiting Salt Lake City with their families should make a point to visit this urban park for recreational purposes. This park caters to both children and adults. Inside this natural park, you will discover two small islands. There are plenty of ponds where you can unwind on the wooden benches. These ponds are home to various water birds. A visit to the greenhouse is a must for children. They can also partake in the children’s play area and take a dip in the swimming pool located within the park. Paddle boating is a fantastic way to spend your time, offering a 360-degree view of the park’s lush greenery. It is an excellent spot to capture photos with the backdrop of vibrant green trees. This park receives snowfall during the winter season. Cycling is permitted within the dedicated cycling area of the park. You will encounter joggers in the morning and evening on the jogging trail. This park provides a cool atmosphere to relax and enjoy games and entertainment.

Salt Lake Temple

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5. Salt Lake Temple

Origin of ImageThe Salt Lake Temple holds great significance for the followers of ‘The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints’. They are commonly referred to as the LDS church adherents. However, it is in Utah where this religious institution is primarily recognized, with a majority of its members residing in Salt Lake City. This church, which is now 126 years old, remains in excellent condition. With a height of 222 feet and a floor area of 253,015 square feet, it is a remarkable structure to behold and appreciate its architectural merits. The stones used in constructing this church were transported from Cottonwood Canyon in 1872. The walls of the church boast a shimmering quartz monzonite appearance. A closer examination of its exterior reveals numerous concealed symbols, as the LDS faith attaches great significance to symbolism in their religious rituals. The church is located in a picturesque setting, surrounded by gentle hills, the city creek, and the Jordan River in downtown Salt Lake City. There is also a dedicated room within the church premises known as the ordinance room, where ceremonies related to healing and endowment are conducted. Visitors may also have the opportunity to witness marriage or baptismal ceremonies taking place during the daytime.

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