10 Must-Know Things About Traveling to Latvia in Europe

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Ten Crucial Latvia Travel Pointers

So here are some suggestions for traveling to Latvia so you can be well-prepared for everything before visiting this small European nation.

1. Transportation in Latvia

Latvia Accommodation

When you’re in Latvia, the most optimal way to navigate and explore is by utilizing public transportation. It is reasonably priced, and trains and buses conveniently connect the major cities and towns across the country. Metropolitan areas such as Riga and Daugavpils boast a well-structured public transportation system that includes trolleybuses, trams, and buses. Taxis are also relatively inexpensive, but renting a car can be costly. However, if you do decide to rent a car, remember that local car rental companies are more affordable than international ones.

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2. Accommodation in Latvia


Among various Latvia travel pointers, accommodation is of utmost importance. Riga offers numerous hotels and other lodging options, and if you visit during the holiday season, you can find many luxurious accommodations at lower rates since business travelers tend to be absent. A room in a guest house can cost around £6, but if you are seeking more affordable options, consider staying at youth hostels that provide excellent facilities at lower costs.

3. Well-Being


Tips for traveling in Latvia generally do not include information about health, but it is important to have some knowledge in order to seek help if necessary. While traveling to Latvia, vaccinations are not required, but it is definitely recommended to have the usual ones for tetanus, hepatitis A, and diphtheria. If you plan to go camping, be aware of the risks of contracting encephalitis from ticks, especially during the months of May to September. If you are bitten by a wild animal, dog, or snake, seek medical attention as soon as possible. Snakes in Latvia are not venomous, except for the European Adder, which can be deadly if not treated within a few hours. Dogs pose a risk of rabies, but mosquitoes do not carry diseases and are mostly just bothersome.

4. Courtesy


When discussing Latvia in relation to the USSR, be cautious with native Latvians, as Latvia became a province of the USSR after World War II and any praise for the Soviet regime will not be understood or appreciated by Latvians. Additionally, avoid bringing up any issues related to language, ethnicity, or citizenship that may involve Russians or Latvians, as it is a controversial topic. Other common courtesy tips include not littering, as it is considered impolite and can result in fines.

5. Security

Visiting Bars And Restaurants

Among the things to be Aware of Before Visiting Latvia, this is crucial as it will help you navigate the roads more effectively. In terms of crime rates in Latvia, they have increased since the country’s separation from the USSR, but it remains a safe country for travelers, and solo travel is possible. It is important to always ensure that you do not leave valuables or money unattended in your hotel room and avoid flaunting them in public. Additionally, make sure to lock your bike. For further safety precautions, exercise caution on forest roads, as collisions with wild animals can easily occur. The same goes for crossing the road, as some drivers in the country can be reckless.

6. Exploring Bars And Restaurants


When you have made plans to visit any eatery or pub, then ensure to check the cost before you order and regardless of your intoxicated state, follow your expenses so that you can avoid being deceived. Be cautious of swindlers who will try to initiate conversations with you out of nowhere and will attempt to invite you to visit their preferred club or bar with them. This is a common method used to rob foreigners. Make sure you check out the website of the Latvian police, which provides detailed advice for foreigners.

7. Language

LIDO Cafeterias

The indigenous and national language in this location is known as Latvian and unlike Estonian, it is a Baltic dialect and forms a part of the two remaining Baltic dialects spoken, the other being Lithuanian. However, in the urban areas, individuals also speak English, German, and Russian. You will be at ease knowing just English in Riga since the capital city receives a large number of tourists from English-speaking countries. But as you move farther away from major cities, the number of people who can understand English will decrease, so make sure to at least learn some useful phrases in order to seek assistance if needed.

8. LIDO Cafeterias

Best Time To Visit Latvia

You will, naturally, come across establishments that serve excellent genuine cuisine of the region as well as pricey, extravagant dishes too. However, if you are searching for an affordable place to dine, then definitely give LIDO cafeterias a try. These are popular lunch and dinner spots and for as little as €7 you will have the opportunity to savor a satisfying meal that includes a main course, dessert, and beverages. It may not be fine dining, but it is cozy and, most importantly, inexpensive. It will suffice if you are in a bind.

9. Optimal Time To Visit Latvia

Food and Drink

Each Latvia Travel Guide and Travel Information fails to mention the crucial details of when to visit it. The ideal time to venture to Latvia is definitely when the temperature is moderate, which is during the months of April-June (spring) and also during September and October (autumn). If you are planning a summer excursion, then bear in mind that temperatures can rise to 30°C. As for winters, the weather can easily plummet to -20°C. The other months, such as August, are not conducive either as heavy rainfall is experienced then. Plan your travels carefully so that you can fully enjoy the place without being trapped in scorching heat or bone-chilling cold. Make sure to align your trips with the holidays celebrated in Latvia as well, so as not to miss out on the festivities. One noteworthy celebration to keep in mind is Midsummer’s day, when people revel well into the night.

10. Cuisine and Beverages

It’s always prudent to be familiar with the eating customs of the place you are visiting so that you are not inconvenienced upon arrival. In Latvia, the gastronomy consists of meat dishes along with potatoes and rye bread. However, you will also find dairy products and fish. As for beverages, there is something called Kvass, which is a nonalcoholic drink made from honey, fruits, and yeast. But there are also alcoholic options like Balzam, which is a bitter, black, and dense alcoholic liquid made from cognac, orange peel, and ginger.

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Latvia is a small nation that should not be overlooked, and these suggestions will assist you in navigating the location more effectively so that your holiday goes as smoothly as possible while spending time in Europe


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