10 mind-boggling Japanese waterfalls that will mesmerize you

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Are you pondering how you can utilize your time in Japan? What superior method to spend your time than listening to the soothing sounds of the descending waterfalls in Japan. Every cascade in Japan adds more allure to the grandeur of nature. From its astonishing locations to its unparalleled views, the waterfalls in Japan undeniably have it covered and will not disappoint you whether you visit with your significant other, pals, or even relatives!

Top 10 Japan Waterfalls

To make things, even more, simpler for you, we’ve compiled a list of the top waterfalls in Japan that you shouldn’t overlook while you’re in Japan.

1. Hagoromo Falls2. Nachi Falls3. Fukuroda Falls4. Garo Falls5. Ryusei and Ginga Falls6. Ashiribetsu Falls7. Kegon Falls8. Komadome Falls9. Matsumi Falls10. Akiu Great Falls

1. Hagoromo Falls

Nachi Falls

You can also appreciate the waterfalls from the observation platform or indulge in an exceptional picnic experience by the waterfalls. This waterfall is renowned for its picturesque views and the soothing sounds of the cascades.

The Hagoromo Waterfalls are situated in the western region of Daisetsuzan National Park, located in Tenninkyo Gorge. You can reach the falls by following the trail, which is 600 meters inland from the hot springs town in Tenninkyo.

The trail boasts a lush verdant forest and colossal basalt columns that are quite difficult to miss on the way to the waterfall. And the 20-minute stroll is absolutely worthwhile when you are captivated by the wonder of the 270-meter tall, seven-step cliff waterfall.

Location: Tenninkyo Onsen, Higashikawa-Cho, Kamikawa-gun, HokkaidoTimings: 6 AM – 10 PMHow to reach:By bus – JR Asahikawa Station – Tenninkyo OnsenBus fare – INR 5,331By train – JR Furano – Tenninkyo OnsenTrain fare – INR 280

2. Nachi Cascades

Fukuroda Falls

Nachi Cascades is among the most splendid waterfalls in Japan. It possesses a descent of 233 meters which holds the distinction of being the tallest waterfall with a single uninterrupted descent in the nation. There was also a Buddhist temple which formerly resided next to the waterfalls, but it was demolished during the late 19th century. However, you can explore the Nachi Taisha Shrine which is backed by the breathtaking vistas of Nachi Cascades and the valley.

Nachi Cascades is not just renowned for its breathtaking vistas, but also for its historical significance. In the year 1918, a Sutra mound was discovered at the base of the waterfall which contained numerous archaeological artifacts such as mirrors, altar fittings, Sutra cylinders, and statues. These mounds were believed to have been created by priests during conflicts and served the purpose of concealing their valuables. There are many activities to partake in and places of interest to explore near Nachi Cascades, such as a visit to the Myoho San Amidaji Temple, enjoying a meal in the quaint fishing village named Taiji, or indulging in a relaxing traditional Onsen experience in Seigantoji.

Location: Nachisan, Nachikatsuura, Higashimuro District, Wakayama Prefecture, JapanNachi Taisha Timings: 8 AM – 4 PMFees: INR 187How to reach:By bus – Nachi Station-Nachi CascadesBus fare – INR 300

3. Fukuroda Cascades

Garo Falls

Fukuroda Cascades is the ideal spot to witness the extravagant exhibition of colors during the autumn foliage. This waterfall is renowned for its picturesque setting which truly embodies the concept of “nature at its finest”. Fukuroda Cascades stands at a height of 120 meters, with four cascades that offer stunning views of trees adorned in deep red and orange hues during fall.

The foliage spectacle can be observed from early November until mid-November. You can also have a closer look at the cascades from the observation deck above. And if you fancy a snack, be sure to try the delectable Japanese rice dumplings available at the food stall.

Location: Ibaraki PrefectureTimings: 8 AM – 6 PMFees: INR 187How to reach:By bus – From Jr Mito Station – FukuradoBus Timings – 10:30 AM, 12:30 PM, 1:55 PM, and 2:30 PMBus fare – INR 610By train – Mito Station – FukuradoTrain fare – INR 125

4. Garo Waterfalls

The Garo Waterfalls is among the largest cascades in the Hokkaido region. It is also famously known as “The Soaring Serpent,” having derived its name from a mythical “serpent king” who guarded the Matsumae clans’ treasures. This magnificent waterfall stands at a height of 70 meters and lacks a traditional pool. Instead, the water splashes against the rocks during its descent, creating picturesque rainbows. The ideal time to visit the Garo Waterfalls is during the autumn season, when the foliage undergoes a stunning transformation. With its breathtaking beauty, Garo Waterfalls ranks among the most exquisite waterfalls in Japan, making it a must-visit destination.

Location: Shimamaki District, Hokkaido, JapanHours of Operation: Open 24 hours

5. Ryusei and Ginga Waterfalls

The Ryusei and Ginga Waterfalls are commonly referred to as the “Spousal Falls” due to their twin-like appearance. What enhances the charm of these waterfalls is the presence of two distinct cascades. These waterfalls are separated by a massive rock formation that divides them, resulting in a dual cascade effect. If you desire tranquility and solitude in a natural setting, this location is perfect for you. Ryusei and Ginga Waterfalls are counted among the most prominent waterfalls in Japan, making them a must-see attraction during your visit to the country.

Location: Kamikawa District, Sounkyo, Hokkaido, JapanHow to get there:By bus – From the Sounkyo tourist office, take a bus to Ryusei and Ginga Waterfalls.

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