10 Mesmerizing Shorelines Close to Margao That Will Ensure a Memorable Goan Vacation

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Breathtaking views? Check. Ivory and gilded sand? Check. Charming and secluded surroundings? Check. Well, coastlines near Margao have it all. A location in south Goa, renowned for its Portuguese structures and ancient cathedrals, Margao embodies tranquility and offers a plethora of experiences. If you plan to visit Goa for its beaches, then these exquisite coastlines around Margao are a must-experience. From pristine white sand to seaside shacks and from fishing to basking in the sun, these immaculate coastlines near Margao possess all that you desire and everything you seek.

Beautiful Beaches Near Margao

Top 10 Coastlines Near Margao

  • Butterfly Coastline
  • Cola Coastline
  • Colva Coastline
  • Siridao Coastline
  • Betul coastline
  • Cavelossim Coastline
  • Betalbatim Coastline
  • Sunset Coastline
  • Majorda Coastline
  • Kakolem Coastline

1. Butterfly Coastline

Butterfly Beach

One of Goa’s hidden treasures and the finest of them all, the Butterfly Coastline remains unexplored and untouched, hence radiating exceptional beauty. If you prefer seclusion over crowds and stunning and pristine over extravagant and renowned, then the Butterfly Coastline is your ideal destination. With a verdant backdrop and translucent waters, this coastline near Margao, Goa is among the top-notch ones.

Distance From Margao: 36.4 Kilometers

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2. Cola Coastline

Cola Beach

Another one of those concealed secrets of Goa, the Cola Beach is the place to be if you wish to escape reality and relieve yourself of all your concerns and tension for a while. Peaceful backdrop, encampments, gleaming sand and verdure all around is what you can anticipate discovering here. If you desire to escape and disregard everyday realities and the monotony, then Cola Beach is the optimum location to do so.

Distance From Margao: 31.1 Kilometers

Colva Beach

3. Colva Beach

Just 7 kilometers away from the exquisite Margao, Colva Beach is one of the most renowned beaches in Goa. Celebrated for its eating establishments and nightclubs, this beach is where you will have the time of your life and you can take pleasure in witnessing the sea converging with the sky. It’s awe-inspiring and you will not overcome it for an extensive period of time. Moreover, you shouldn’t neglect the eating establishments and nightclubs where you can relish delightful delicacies and distinctive cocktails.

Distance From Margao: 7 Kilometers

Siridao Beach

4. Siridao Beach

Did we mention you will discover oyster and pearl shells here? Yes, that’s accurate. Siridao Beach is complete euphoria and a place where you will only find the best. With a stunning vista and providing you occasions to delve into water activities, the Siridao Beach is one of the premium beaches close to Margao. If you wish for a little adventure, then there are numerous fascinating enigmatic caves nearby which you can explore.

Distance From Margao: 28.6 Kilometers

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5. Betul seaside


One of the most cherished and hidden secrets of Goa, Betul Seaside is a precious stone and one of the beaches near Margao that you should visit. Commonly known as the fishing beach of Goa, the Betul Seaside enjoys an immaculate environment and actually pretty much resembles a fishing village. If you only knew about golden, white and pink sand beaches, then add silver to the list for Betul Seaside actually had silver sand.

Betul beach

Distance From Margao: 21.5 Kilometres

6. Cavelossim Seaside

Between the River Sal mouth and the Indian Ocean, the Cavelossim Seaside is somewhere you should visit for bird and dolphin watching, boat trips and diving. With many incredible cafes and restaurants around the beach where you can try some delectable dishes while enjoying stunning views. What’s more is you can even take a boat trip and watch dolphins at one of the finest beaches near Margao.

Beach View

Distance From Margao: 18.2 Kilometers

7. Betalbatim Beach

It’s impossible that if you inquired someone about the finest coastlines near Margao in Goa and they wouldn’t mention Betalbatim Beach. One of the neatest and the most beautiful beaches near Margao this beach is adored by tourists and if you are someone who adores sunset sights, then you simply cannot overlook this beach. You can also taste authentic Goan dishes at the seashore eateries.

View Of Betalbatim Beach

Distance From Margao: 10.8 Kilometers

8. Twilight Beach

We believe the name is indicative adequately. The Twilight Beach is one of the most exquisite coastlines near Margao and provides breathtaking panoramas of sunsets. If you prefer secluded and immaculate yet well-liked and stunning beaches then the Twilight Beach is where you ought to be. You can simply amble along the beach and have fun or you can sunbathe and relish the views, the choice is yours.

Sunset View

Distance From Margao: 10.9 Kilometers

9. Majorda Beach

Regarded as one of the largest beaches near Margao, Majorda Beach is serene and truly beautiful. Extended over a span of 30 kilometers and surrounded by towering palm trees and offering scenic views, this beach is nothing short of enchanting. Beautiful azure lagoons and golden sand epitomize Majorda Beach. Furthermore, there are numerous fantastic restaurants, bars, and cafes lining the beach where you can indulge in delectable delicacies.

Majorda Beach

Distance From Margao: 11.6 Kilometers

10. Kakolem Beach

Famously known as Tiger Beach, Kakolem Beach is as incredible as it gets. When it comes to mesmerizing beaches around Margao, Kakolem Beach stands out. Breathtaking environs, magical vistas, and pristine shores are the highlights of Kakolem Beach and are simply unmissable. Another fascinating feature is the presence of a spring near the beach that descends from a hill and merges into the river.

Kakolem Beach

Distance From Margao: 29 Kilometers

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These beaches near Margao are a delight, offering numerous exciting options to enjoy the views, savor Goan cuisine, and try signature cocktails. Living life without regrets is wonderful, but missing out on these beaches would be regrettable for the unique experiences they offer. So, if you are already excited for your vacation in Goa, make sure not to miss out on the best.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Beaches Near Margao

How to arrive at Margao from Goa?

Margao is an exquisite Goan village that attracts tourists consistently. To travel to Margao, you can drive from Goa. The distance is 26 km 366 meters. It will take approximately 30 minutes by road.

What are the stunning beaches in close proximity to Margao?

If one is heading towards Margao, they have the opportunity to explore the most breathtaking beaches in this Goan village. Some of the most exclusive beaches near Margao include Benaulim Beach, Zalor Beach, Betabatim Beach, Colva Beach, Sernabatim Beach, and so forth.

What are the activities available to engage in at the beaches near Margao?

Some of the exhilarating activities that you can partake in at the beaches near Margao are dolphin watching, rowing, snorkeling, jet-skiing, speed boat riding, and much more.

When is the optimal time to visit Margao?

Margao is a Goan village that embodies the essence of the coastal region. Hence, the best time to visit this place depends on the weather. The coastal area tends to be slightly humid, so it is recommended to visit Margao during the winter season. The ideal time is from November to February.

What can be purchased in Margao?

You can discover a wide range of diverse items to purchase not only in Margao but also from any part of Goa. Enhance your trip by acquiring cashew nuts, spices, handmade craft items, painted tiles, wooden carvings, feni, and more.

What are the renowned dishes to taste at the beaches in Margao?

Margao being a Goan village, the local cuisine reflects the flavors of Goa. Once you are here, you must indulge in seafood delicacies. The popular dishes of this region include Goan fish curry, Goan pork vindaloo, shark Ambot tik, feijoada, chicken cafreal, sorpotel, sorak, and so on.

Which is the most celebrated fish in Margao/Goa?

Given that Goa and Margao are coastal cities, it is no surprise that you will come across an abundance of fish and other seafood. The most famed fish is Kingfish, which is a type of mackerel. Various preparations can be made using this fish, such as tandoori and curry.

What are the well-known beverages to savor in Goa?

Lime juice is a popular choice for refreshment here. However, you can also relish sugarcane juice, kokum juice, lassi, coconut water, feni, and more. If you enjoy alcoholic beverages, do try the special Goan beer and other local drinks.

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