10 Jaw-Dropping Underwater Hotels to Start Your Day with Sharks in 2023

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Bored of ocean-view hotels? What if we recommend you staying within the ocean. Yes, this might be insane but it is not unreal. Experience the thrill of living with splendid marine creatures and delight in the underwater world. Get a sneak peek of these 10 extraordinary submerged hotels around the globe that can fulfill your dreams. These hotels provide the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in the underwater realm. For those seeking a unique experience, add this to your collection!

Top 10 Submerged Hotels Around the World

Submerged Hotels can be the ideal choice if you desire to encounter an extraordinary moment. There’s nothing more breathtaking than a once-in-a-lifetime trip to visit the most renowned submerged hotels worldwide. Imagine getting cozy in your room and witnessing the vibrant, diverse marine life just outside your window. Take a look at this compilation of all the accommodations from the most extravagant submerged hotel to the most economical submerged hotel, helping you select the best option based on your budget!

  • Utter Inn Hotel, Sweden – Where Fun And Excitement Come Together
  • Conrad, Maldives, Rangali Island – Exploring and Savoring is Pure Bliss Here
  • Per Aquum Niyama, Maldives – Live Your Dream Of Dancing With the Waves
  • Atlantis, The Palm, Dubai – Experience Marine Magic Here
  • Jules’ Undersea Lodge, Florida – Unbelievable Submerged Magic
  • The Manta Resort, Zanzibar – For a Crystal Blue Holiday
  • Poseidon Undersea Resorts, Fiji – Pristine Blue And Marine Companions
  • Lover’s Deep, Caribbean – Immerse in Deep Blue Romance
  • Water Discus Hotel, Dubai – The Future Is Here
  • Shimao Wonderland Intercontinental, China – The Eco Friendly Stay

Beautiful dining in the ocean in the underwater hotel in Maldives

1. Utter Inn Hotel, Sweden – Where Fun And Excitement Come Together

Image SourceUtter Inn is the sole submerged hotel in Sweden, situated in Lake Malaren, near Stockholm. Not as extravagant as others, but Utter Inn is a weekend getaway for absolute thrill beneath the water. This is the craziest amidst the submergedhotels in Europe and also one of the finest destinations to visit in Sweden

What’s unique: Swimming, angling, and sunbathingRate: INR 37,000 per nightWebsite | Reviews

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2. Conrad, Maldives, Rangali Island – Scuba Diving And Gourmet Dining Are Pure Bliss Here

Bar in one of the awesome underwater hotel in Maldives

Source of ImageIndulgence is the term when one thinks of a vacation at Conrad, an underwater hotel in Rangali Island, Maldives. Remarkable hospitality, supreme opulence, and first-rate facilities all combine to make the hotel stay serene, delightful, and utterly blissful. And this is precisely what distinguishes it as one of the most extraordinary underwater hotels in the world. When planning a Maldives honeymoon, definitely consider this underwater hotel to add that touch of special ambience!

What makes it special: Delight in boat services, thrilling water activities, and enjoyable experiences at the dive center.Recommended suite: The premium resort of the underwater hotel in Maldives does not offer an underwater suite/room, but it boasts the world’s very first all-glass underwater restaurant named “Ithaa”.Price: INR 38,000 per nightOfficial Website | Reviews

Water Villas In Maldives

The most beautiful underwater hotel in Dubai

3. Per Aquum Niyama, Maldives – Fulfill Your Dream Of Dancing With The Waves

Source of ImageSurfing the waves is quite common, but nobody may have attempted dancing there. Isn’t that impressive and rather amusing? Subsix is the first underwater nightclub of Niyama submerged resorts that you won’t find in any of the Maldives underwater hotels or the Maldives water villas. Not a fan of parties? Then rejuvenate yourselves at an exotic Lime Spa with eight underwater rooms and two exclusive rooms.

What’s unique: Lime Spa, water sports like scuba diving and sailing in the Indian OceanRecommended suite: Niyama resort does not have underwater rooms or suites. The nightclub known as Subsix is located underwater.Cost: INR 68,000 per nightWebsite | Reviews

4. Atlantis, The Palm, Dubai – Explore Marine Enchantment Here

Adventure in underwater hotel in USA

Image SourceYour long-awaited vacation is just around the corner. Discover one of the most elegant and fashionable underwater hotels in the world, in Atlantis which is also one of the finest hotels in Dubai. It will be a mesmerizing stay in a suite that offers a clear view of the transparent blue water of Ambassador Lagoon and countless aquatic companions.

What’s special: Swim with dolphins at Dolphin Bay, have fun at Adventure Park, and explore the lost chambers aquarium, sea lion point, aquarium dives, boat and helicopter rides among the most preferred activities in the underwater hotel in Dubai. It is also one of the most affordable underwater hotels to book from. 

Recommended suite: Poseidon and NeptuneCost: INR 74,000 per nightWebsite | Reviews | Atlantis Palm Hotel Dubai

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5. Jules’ Undersea Lodge, Florida – Unbelievable Undersea Magic

Source of the PictureLocated off the continental ledge off the coastline of Puerto Rico, Jules’ Undersea Lodge is a renowned and exciting submarine habitat in Florida. This submarine hotel in America is situated off the Key largo Undersea Park and provides 22 underwater compartments, a bar, a spa, a library, a conference room, and a wedding chapel.

What makes it distinctive: Scuba diving, submergence, angling, and swimming at one of the most daring submarine hotels in the United StatesRecommended suite: Submarine Deluxe SuitePrice: INR 75,000 per nightOfficial Website | Opinions

Planning your vacation but feeling perplexed about the destination? These travel tales assist you in discovering your ultimate journey!

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