10 Best Water Parks in Thailand for Family Fun

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With the consistent 28-degree Celsius temperature annually, Thailand has a warm tropical climate where summers are sweltering. For individuals seeking a bit of relief from the heat, these Thailand aquatic parks are the ideal getaway from the scorching temperatures and indulge in some thrilling water fun. From leisurely rivers to splash pools, water slides to tubes and toboggans, there are numerous water activities offered at these aquatic parks. Anyone on a Thailand excursion would definitely discover a variety of such parks in cities like Hua Hin, Pattaya, Bangkok, and Phuket.

The 10 Most Thrilling Aquatic Parks in Thailand

Continue reading to uncover the finest aquatic park in Thailand, including the renowned Ramayana aquatic park review and more.

Vana Nava Hua Hin Water Jungle

1. Cartoon Network Amazone Waterpark

The Cartoon Network Amazone Waterpark, with its thirty exceptional water rides and Disney-themed mascots, is a state-of-the-art water amusement area in Thailand with various food courts and entertainment shows. Separate areas for children and adults with older children are present alongside ten amusement zones filled with characters like Powerpuff Girls and Ben 10. Mega Wave and Surfarena are the two wave-generating features to create artificial waves inside the pool. 150 slides, tubes, freefalls, roller coasters, loops and the adventure zone with Banana Spin Ride are the main attractions.

Operating Hours: 10 AM – 6 PMAdmission fee: INR 2709 (adults) | INR 2079 (children)

Ramayana Water Park

2. Vana Nava Hua Hin Water Jungle

The Hua Hin Water Park is a jungle-themed water park with exciting rides such as the Abyss, Boomerango, Freefall, Master Blaster, and Super Bowl. The obstacle courses like Aqua Course, ropes course, Chang Surf course, and climbing wall will make your experience unique. If you are traveling with family, then there are attractions like the Infinity Pool, Rain Fortress, Coconut Beach, and Vana Nava Falls along with the family-friendly Wonderland.

Operating Hours: 10 AM – 6 PMAdmission fee: INR 2100 (adults) | INR 1260 (children)

Splash Jungle Water Park

3. Ramayana Water Park

The largest aquatic park in Thailand, Ramayana Water Park offers the most exhilarating and biggest rides such as The Ultimate, The Challenge, Gently Does It, and Unmissable. Play water soccer at the Activity Pool or relax on tubes at the Lazy Wavy River, swim and unwind at the Double Wave Pool and Relax Pool, and let your kids have fun at Aquasplash. Riverwalk, Lake Island, Green Maze, and Floating Market are the land attractions for you, along with Zumba, Muay Talay, water polo, and volleyball.

Timings: 10 AM – 6 PMEntry fee: Starting from INR 1869

Santorini Park Cha-am

4. Splash Jungle Water Park

The Splash Jungle Water Park is the home to twelve slides and rides as well as extensive amenities of sala rental, changing room, and more. Experience multiple twists, turns, and spirals in Aqua Tubes before landing on Whizzard loop lanes or pass through tube and full-body slides. Hop inside the tube with your kids to go for a family raft ride on the wave pool or take a twist in the vast Super Bowl. Boomerango, Lazy River, Wave Pool, Spray Park are other attractions.

Timings: 10 AM – 5:45 PMEntry fee: INR 2720 (adults) | INR 1365 (kids) | Complimentary for kids below 5 years

5. Santorini Park Cha-am

Fantasia Water Park bangkok

Supposedly the finest aqua park in Thailand that unveils the essence of a Greek Island, Santorini Park embodies vibrant windows, whitewashed buildings, cliff top views, and more. The Park Zone is equipped with rides and 7D interactive games besides the Double Decker Carousel. The coastal vibe is reflected from the Village Zone with over 140 boutiques and whitewashed buildings. Slide through the Worm or bounce with the Water Ball, let the kids enjoy with Aqua Boat, and then look for the Adventure Maze.

Timings: 9:30 AM – 6:30 PM (Monday to Friday) | 9 AM – 6:30 PM (weekends)Entry fee: INR 314

Siam Park City Bangkok

6. Fantasia Lagoon

Spread out on the rooftop of The Mall Bangkae, Fantasia Lagoon is one of the most affordable aqua parks, a miniature version of the Cartoon Network Water Park. With spacious pools, moderately sized slides, and splash features in separate areas, the park is not overly crowded. However, it offers everything from inflatable features, Lazy River, games, and various Magic and Balloon Shows. Kids can have a blast with Fantasy Fountain while adults seeking thrills would love to try the Slider Tower, Mystery Ocean, Magic Jungle, Ocean 10, and more.

Operating hours: 10:30 AM – 8:30 PMAdmission fee: INR 210


7. Siam Park City

The largest water park in Asia, Siam City is among the most soothing Thailand water parks, where the man-made Sea-Bangkok is recognized as the biggest by the Guinness Book. Enjoy the waves of the ocean water or slide down the colorful 21 meter Giant Slider. Let the children play at Chamois Lagoon while you take the thrilling slide through Super Slider or relax in the massage pool of Spa Club – there are plenty of activities!

Operating hours: 10 AM – 6 PMAdmission fee: Starting from INR 252

8. Pink Elephant, Samui Water Park

Scenical World

Surrounded by palm groves on the foothills of the lush countryside, the Pink Elephant is one of the liveliest Thailand water parks. The main attractions are the Super Bowl Slide, enclosed Spiral Slide, and the open 12 meter Speed Slide. Enjoy the jungle views from Lazy River or swim in the seawater of Wave Pool. Meanwhile, children can have fun with Crazy Race Junior slides, fountains, and the Kids Lagoons. Savor a beverage under the thatched gazebos by the turquoise water of Maenam Beach.

Operating hours: 10 AM – 6 PMAdmission fee: Starting at INR 1449

9. Scenical World

Enjoy a fun-filled day at the Black Mountain Water Park

Scenical World can easily be considered as a scaled-down version of the Ramayana Water Park Thailand. Enjoy the centrifugal force inside the Space Bowl or in the Tornado. Splash Coaster and Tantrum Alley are for thrill-seekers. Cyclone, Wave Racer, Kamikaze, and Python are the top rides, and you can try the Wave pool and Lazy River for a relaxing and aimless float. In the end, you can unwind at the shaded pavilions while your kids can play at Splash Valley and Kiddie Slide.

Operating hours: 10 AM – 6 PMAdmission fee: Starting at INR 1426

10. Black Mountain Water Park

An occurrence aqua park in Thailand, the Dark Mountain has super five pools. The Surge Pool, with its eight configurations of the waves rising up to two meters, will give you a sensation of surfing in the ocean. Spa Pool, Fountain Pool, Adventure Pool for children, and the Unlimited Pool by the beach are the other attractions of this park. The exciting slides include Unruly Wave, Dark Wave, White Circle, and Purple Velocity.

Hours: 10 AM – 5 PMAdmission fee: Starting at INR 630

We gamble your children will adore going to these Thailand aqua parks, irrespective of which period you visit in. Book your Thailand getaway without delay for the ultimate holiday experience!

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