10 Beautiful Lakes in San Francisco Offering a Relaxing Nature Getaway.

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Hills In And Around San Francisco

San Francisco is a mountainous city in Northern California. San Francisco is a place that possesses a small portion of most touristy things. The city is positioned alongside the ocean which grants the city a stunning backdrop. San Francisco is the birthplace of the world-famous Golden Gate Bridge. The city is abundant in history, parks, museums, and countless other enjoyable activities that you can engage in. There are numerous harbor excursions that you can embark on, or you can indulge in performing arts in the city through various music and theater programs. Aside from the attractions, there is a myriad of events that occur in San Francisco. The topography of the city is awe-inspiring and what complements its beauty are the lakes in San Francisco. San Francisco is truly an exquisite city in Northern California. It should be on the travel itinerary of all explorers!

Lakes In And Around San Francisco

Lakes augment the allure of nature and provide an excellent spot to spend some quality time in the fresh atmosphere and tranquil environment. There are numerous activities that you can partake in at a lake. While you can simply relax and admire the stunning vistas in front of you, you can also go for leisurely strolls here. Regardless of your preferred form of recreation, lakes are always a commendable choice. So, here we are enumerating some of the lakes in and around San Francisco that you can visit and savor your time there.

Lloyd Lake

1. Lake Merced Park

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Lake Merced is a freshwater lake that is situated in the southwest region of San Francisco. The location is encompassed by residential neighborhoods and three golf courses. The fascinating aspect about the lake is that its salt level perpetually fluctuates, thus the fish found here are acclimated to saltwater. Fishing is also permitted at the lake. The park is a fantastic venue to partake in outdoor activities such as walking, hiking, and biking. The view you behold here is truly spectacular.

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Spreckels Lake

2. Lloyd Lake

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The Lloyd Lake, also referred to as the mirror lake, is situated in Golden Gate Park. The park is a delight for bird watchers and enthusiasts as you will come across numerous migratory and nonmigratory birds in the vicinity of the lake. Some of the birds that can be spotted in the area around the lake include gulls, geese, ducks, and a variety of other avian species. You will even encounter a waterfall at the entrance of the lake. It is an incredibly serene and picturesque lake that warrants a visit.

Lake Merritt

3. Spreckels Lake

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The Spreckels Lake is an man-made lake that is situated behind the earthen dam and the club houses of the Golden Gate Bridge Park. The lake was initially constructed as a place for the boaters of all kinds to go operate different varieties of boats in the lake. The lake is admired as one of the most finely constructed lakes with exceptional facilities of boating that is provided here. Everyone is invited to enjoy boating at this lake. Even if you are not interested in boating, you can always sit back, relax, and appreciate the breathtaking views that you get here. You can even take a leisurely stroll here, but the winds in this area are particularly strong.

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Lake Berryessa

4. Lake Merritt

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Lake Merritt is the largest tidal lagoon that is located at the center of Oakland. The historical significance that the place holds is that it is the first wildlife refuge site of the United States which was designated in 1870. People who enjoy walking will be pleased to know that there are jogging and walking tracks that encircle its perimeter. This is an excellent place to relax in a peaceful atmosphere. You can sit under one of the many trees that are present here and observe some of the beautiful birds that reside here.

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5. Lake Berryessa

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The Lake Berryessa is the largest lake in Napa County. If you are seeking a pleasant extended day at a lake then Lake Berryessa should be at the top of your list. There are a myriad of activities that you can engage in here at Lake Berryessa. You can pack your picnic basket and go for an enjoyable picnic with your family. Or you can even go camping or fishing here. The entire ambiance that you will experience here is quite laid-back. It makes for a wonderful place to unwind and relax.

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